Semi Final Match Schedule World Cup 2022 (Time, Fixture, Venue)

Semi Final Match Schedule FIFA
Semi Final Match Date Time

The biggest sports event on the planet is just 4 matches away from signing off for the next 4 years. The grandest football carnival reaches its semifinal stage with just 4 teams remaining and battling for the 18-Caret gold piece. “Which 4 teams are in the semi-final?” “Which teams are qualified for semi-final 2022?” know everything you need to know about the FIFA World Cup semifinals 2022. Here is the complete Semi Final Match Schedule for the World Cup 2022. World Cup Winner Prediction (Who will win FIFA World Cup 2022?)

Semi Final Match Schedule

Find the 4 participating teams, match dates, times, venues, and more about the FIFA World Cup Semi Final match schedule 2022.

How many teams are in the semi-final of World Cup 2022?

4 teams have qualified for the World Cup semis. The semifinal features only 4 teams just like all other competitions’ semifinals. No exception in the case of the FIFA World Cup as well. The semifinal always features 4 teams and the final features 2 teams. That’s why it’s called the “Round Of 4”.

Which 4 Teams are in Semi-Final?

The following sides have made it to the FIFA WC “Round of 4” 2022.

  • Argentina
  • Croatia
  • France &
  • Morocco
Semi Final Match Schedule FIFA
Which teams qualified for semifinals?

Which Teams are Qualified for Semi-Final 2022?

Team Name (Confederation) Qualification Date How Did They Qualify?
Argentina (CONMEBOL) Friday, December 9th Beating the Netherlands in the Penalty Shoot-Out (2-2 Draw)
Croatia (UEFA) Friday, December 9th Beating Brazil in the Penalty Shoot-Out (1-1 Draw)
France (UEFA) Saturday, December 10th Beating Portugal by 1-0 in 90-Minute
Morocco (CAF) Saturday, December 10th Beating France by 2-1 in 90-Minute

Semi Final Schedule World Cup 2022:

Semifinal will feature just 2 games. Both winners will progress to the final. And the losers will have to take place in the 3rd Place Play-Off.

Semi Final Schedule Date of Play Time (Local or Venue Time)
1st Semi Final (ARG vs CRO) Tuesday, December 13th 9 pm AST
2nd Semi Final (FRA vs MAR) Wednesday, December 14th 9 pm AST
  • AST is the abbreviation of Arabian Standard Time. This time zone is used in World Cup 2022 host nation Qatar.

Semi Final Match Date Time India:

India poses a massive fanbase for football. The South Asian giant nation has one of the biggest population in the world and a big portion of this population are fond of football and FIFA World Cup. The Indian Standard Time is 2 and a half hours ahead of the Arabian time and hence the 10 pm local time semifinal games will be kicked off at 12:30 am Indian time. And you have to add a day on the calendar in your scheduling if you’re watching from India due to the midnight mark crossing.

Fixture Match Start Time India Venue
Wednesday, December 14th
Croatia vs Argentina 12:30 am Indian Standard Time Lusail Iconic Stadium
Thursday, December 15th
Morocco vs France 12:30 am Indian Standard Time Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor

Semi Final Match Schedule Bangladesh Time:

Fans are crazy in Bangladesh. If you get the chance to have a look at the BD people gathering together you might get confused thinking that their nation is playing in the FIFA World Cup. But despite their national team never even qualifying for the World Cup, the people in the streets of Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, or Rangpur have sensational affections for football. Lacs of people gather together and cheer for Argentina, Brazil, France, England, Germany, and other nations. Well, as the BD time is 3 hours ahead of the Qatar time, both semifinals will be played during late nights in Bangladesh. In fact, the calendar will show December 14 during the 1st semi and December 15 during the last semi because the clock will already go past the midnight mark. FIFA World Cup 2022 Golden Boot List (Winner Prediction).

Date (BD) Match Start Time in BD Fixtures
Wednesday, December 14th 1 am BD Time Argentina – Croatia (Messi & Modric)
Thursday, December 15th 1 am BD Time France – Morocco (Mbappe & Ziyech)


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