WWE Wrestlers Salaries 2021 [Yearly Bills & Contracts Revealed]

WWE Wrestlers Salaries SportsNile

WWE is the abbreviation of the World Wrestling Entertainment. It is an American integrated media as well as an entertainment company. People mostly know this company due to it’s professional wrestling. But outside of wrestling, WWE has also branched out in the fields including movies, real estate and various business ventures. The company initially started it’s journey in 1952. During that time, it was known as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation Limited. However, in 1980 it changed the name as Titan Sports. McMahon family has a great contribution to the foundation and development of this company for sure. Here we are talking about the WWE Wrestlers salaries details. Let’s see the complete table below.

WWE Wrestlers Salaries SportsNile

# WWE Wrestlers Salaries Chart:

Wrestler’s Name Annual Salary
Brock Lesnar 10 Million USD
John Cena 8.5 Million USD
Roman Reigns 5 Million USD
Randy Orton 4.5 Million USD
Seth Rollins 3 Million USD
The Miz 2.5 Million USD
AJ Styles 2 Million USD
Dean Ambrose 2 Million USD
Dolph Ziggler 1.4 Million USD
Sheamus 1 Million USD
Jeff Hardy 1 Million USD
Jinder Mahal 9 Lac USD
The Big Show 8.5 Lac USD
Goldust 4 Lac USD
Titus O’Neil 3 Lac USD
Sin Cara 7 Lac USD
Chris Jericho 7.5 Lac USD
Luke Harper 5.5 Lac USD
Rusev 6 Lac USD
Erick Rowan 5.5 Lac USD
Bo Dallas 3 Lac USD
Braun Strowman 3 Lac USD
Bray Wyatt 1 Million USD
Triple H 2.5 Lac USD
Apollo 3 Lac USD
Matt Hardy 6.5 Lac USD
Samoa Joe 8 Lac USD
Scott Dawson 2.5 Lac USD
The Undertaker 2 Million USD
Kane 9 Lac USD
Cesaro 5 Lac USD
Liuke Gallows 2.5 Lac USD
Kalisto 3.5 Lac USD
Big Cass 2.5 Lac USD
Heath Slater 4 Lac USD
Curtis Axel 2.5 Lac USD
Curt Hawkins 2 Lac USD
Big E 5 Lac USD
Fandango 4 Lac USD
Epico Colon 2 Lac USD
Kevin Owens 7.5 Lac USD
Tyler Breeze Starting Package
Muke Kanellis 2 Lac USD
Jey Uso 2.5 Lac USD
Jimmy Uso 2.5 Lac USD
Kofi Kingston 5 Lac USD
R Truth 5.5 Lac USD
Rhyno 5 Lac USD
Shinsuke Nakamura 4 Lac USD
Xavier Woods 3.5 Lac USD
Jack Ryder 4 Lac USD
Viktor 2.5 Lac USD

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# WWE Wrestlers Contract Details:

During the ending of the 20th century, or more clearly in 1998, the company changed it’s name to World Wrestling Federation (WWF). But that name lasted no more than 4 years as they once again changed it’s name. In the year of 2002, the authority named it as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Vince McMahon is the current chairman as well as the CEO of the WWE. Mr McMahon also owns the 42% of the company. Almost 850 people work here as employees.

WWE is a very popular TV show. People of more than 180 countries watch it on a regular basis. However, it is very much popular in more than 150 countries all over the world. In addition to this, it sits in the top 10 among the most popular sports in the United States of America. Moreover, it’s not only highly popular in the USA but also in the rest of North America, Latin, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia. It is broadcast through various TV channels in various regions. Thus, it has got millions of viewers across the planet.

So many Superstars and Divas feature in WWE. The list includes the likes of The Rock, The Undertaker, The Big Show, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels etc. Among the current superstars John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins are the most favourite among the fans. They are the iconic character for the fitness lovers and dream men for the children. WWE has got a huge amount of revenue in recent years. Thus the stars, as well as the divas, are receiving an enormous amount of money nowadays. Brock Lesnar earns the most among the stars. The Beast receives $10 million per year. John Cena follows him as the former Face of the WWE stands in the 2nd spot with $8.5 million.  From the above-listed statistics, you can find the details of the WWE wrestlers salaries.

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