Will Ronaldo Play Euro 2024, Next World Cup? (Retirement Plans)

Will Ronaldo Play Euro 2024
When will Ronaldo Retire? How Long will Ronaldo Play?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest 2 names in world football. No footballer except him & Leo Messi has performed at a sheer level for such a long spell. The story of greatness started in 2002 while got matured around 2006-07 & still going on. Half of the world cried when Morocco knocked Portugal out of the Qatar World Cup. Here Sportsnile will take an insight look and answer the following questions. “Will Ronaldo Play Euro 2024?” “Will Ronaldo Play Next World Cup 2026?” Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth (2023).

Will Ronaldo Play Euro, 2026 World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of 576 million followers on Instagram, the most, by any celebrity. Many of the CR7 fans have been asking whether Ronaldo will play in the 2024 Euro, the Euro qualifiers, and the 2026 FIFA World Cup or not.

Will Ronaldo Play Euro Qualifiers?

Oh, an answer in the affirmative to start with. Yes, Ronaldo will play 2024 Euro qualifier matches. Indeed he has already played 2 games for Portugal in the Euro qualifiers when this article is written. Portugal is competing for a spot in the Euro 2024 main stage from Group J. The Selecao has netted 10 times in their first 2 games against Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Cristiano appeared in both of those fixtures and scored braces in both matches. The all-time top scorer in international football took his goal tally to 122, the most by any. So, in summary, Ronaldo is playing the 2024 Euro qualifiers.

Will Ronaldo Play Euro 2024?

Well, there comes the next big question. “Will Ronaldo Play in Euro 2024?” First, let’s take a look at the scenarios.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t retired at the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup & still continuing.
  • He seems to be pretty much fit & still scoring in international & league competitions.
  • He is 38 years old but is fitter than any other guy of his age.
  • Ronaldo is taking part in the Euro qualifiers.
  • The very next mega event is the Euro 2024. It will start at the end of the next season and just has less than 14 months to go.

Will Ronaldo play in 2024 Euro?

So, if you merge all the above-mentioned facts you might reach a single point that would indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to play the Euro 2024.

  • Considering his fitness level we can say that he will be there in Euros.
  • And if you take his mental strength into consideration that will definitely make you believe that he will be there for sure.
  • Moreover, it will be a tough call for the manager to drop him off the squad as long as he wants to continue.
  • In fact, as the all-time top-scorer is still scoring goals on regular occasions the latest term shouldn’t be discussed at the moment, perhaps.

So, we do see him playing & scoring at the 2024 UEFA European Championship. Hence, the Cr7 fans, expect your idol to watch at the Euro even if in a substitute role. The only valid worldly way he can miss the tournament is if he suffers a sudden abrupt injury.

Who will hold the 2024 Euros?

It’s a relevant frequently asked question (FAQ). Find answers here.

Will Ronaldo Play UEFA Champions League?

Another relevant question. You can find Cristiano Ronaldo’s club & UCL future details right here.

Will Ronaldo Play Euro 2024
When will Ronaldo Retire? How Long will CR7 Play?

Will Ronaldo Play 2026 World Cup?

The very next edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in 2026. The USA, Canada, and Mexico will co-host the biggest competition of world football. Let’s find out whether CR7 will play the next World Cup 2026 or not.

It’s a tough call to give so early. One can’t provide you the guaranteed answers with more than 3 years to go. But we can take a look at the facts & scenarios.

Will Ronaldo Play Next World Cup?

  • Ronaldo definitely has the intention to go to North & Central America to take part in the 2026 FIFA WC.
  • As Ronaldo is revenge prone and loves to do better than Messi does, he will be desperate to match Leo’s greatness that the Argentine acquired in Doha, Qatar.
  • Cristiano is a highly fitted man and has the ability to make the impossible possible.
  • Once again, it will be so tough for the manager & the board to drop him as he has done immensely for Portuguese football.

So, if he manages somehow to stay fit, he can really make it to the next world cup with cameo roles in each game. He can be used as a substitute striker who can be fielded during the last 10-15 minutes of the game to change the scenario of the game. Yes, it all seems so much emotional but for a man like him, nothing is impossible. Because, while there is a will, there is a way, and we hope there will be! So, he can play the next world cup in cameo roles. But before that Portugal must do well with him in the UEFA Euro 2024.

Ronaldo Retirement Plans

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t revealed his retirement plans publicly yet. He is still continuing at the top level in international football. Let’s find out when Cristiano Ronaldo will retire.

How Long will Ronaldo Play?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to retire until the 2024 UEFA European Championship unless he suffers a massive injury blow. So, with such rhythm & normal scenarios, you can expect Ronaldo to play at least one more year till Euro 2k24. And if he manages to do well in Euros with Portugal he might just continue for the next years as well.

When will Ronaldo Retire?

Ronaldo will not retire before Euro 2024, as we’ve already mentioned. Cristiano Ronaldo will either after the end of the UEFA Euro 2024 or may take longer if he feels the right rhythm in his body & performance.

Will Ronaldo retire before 2026?

It’s a call we should give on percentage. Ronaldo is surely not going to put his boots off till the 2024 Euro but it will be a highly inhuman task to continue till the FIFA World Cup 2026. But one thing we can assure you, with such a mentality he will try his best to play in the next world cup in 2026.

Will Ronaldo play in the 2024 Euro? 80% Chance To Play, 20% Chance to Retire Before
Will Ronaldo Play in Next World Cup 2026? 30% Chance To Play, 70% Chance to Retire Before
How Long will Ronaldo Play? At least 1 more Year (Till July 2024), Might Play More
Ronaldo Retirement Plans At least till the Euros, Would Like to Play till the 2026 FIFA WC
Ronaldo’s Roles in the Upcoming Events Substitute Role in the Euros, Camero Last Moment Roles in the WC

Can Ronaldo win Ballon d’or 2023?

Even if you’re a diehard Cristiano Ronaldo fan, you yourself would think twice to believe that Ronaldo will win Ballon d’Or 2023! We don’t see any chance of him winning his next Ballon d’Or in 2023. So the answer is “No”. UEFA Euro 2024 Predictions, Odds, Favorites, Host Nation.

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