Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo? A Detailed Physical and Technical Comparison

Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo
Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo?

It is near impossible to choose who is better, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Rolando. You will find mixed opinions from football lovers. However, the big question remained unanswered: Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo? To simplify things and complexity, we tried our best to analyze some physical and technical qualities and categories to conclude better positioned between them. The comparison will remain unbiased, and try to choose a winner based on the categories that we compare. Both Messi and Ronaldo fans will indeed disagree with our comparison and statements. We respect your sentiments and believe in true sportsmanship.

Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo?

Here are some major categories of the two legends.

1. Strength – Who is Stronger?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s height is 1.85 meters and weighs 85 Kg, but he prefers not to create direct contact with opposing defenders. It limits his physical qualities. However, he is very much capable of holding the ball with his back towards the goal.

Lionel Messi

Messi holds an excellent strength that can easily beat an individual with 1.70 meters height. He can effectively puzzle his opponents and hold back the ball towards the goal.

He excels with his legs and effectively manages complex slides without losing balance.

Who is Stronger? – Tie

After comparing the technicalities, they both are more or less offers similar aggression to their respective rival’s defences. Messi sometimes overperforms, and Ronaldo underperforms. So, the strength ends with a big tie.

2. Passing skills and consistency

Cristiano Ronaldo

The playing technique of Ronaldo is different, which includes minimum passing tricks. He possesses some excellent skills and superior vision qualities to pass the ball to his teammates.

However, the playing genre showcases that he doesn’t want to share the ball with anyone. He always tries to finish the play alone with his feet.

Lionel Messi

Well, Messi is also not an excellent ball passer-by the way. But for the last few years, he is working on its passing capabilities and being a consistent passer and assister.

The main reason for changing its method of playing because it is an active player in Barcelona’s play creation. However, he gets greedy and doesn’t pass the ball to his fellow mates and tries to finish the play.

Who Excels in passing abilities? – Messi

Comparing passing skills, I would like to give Messi a shoutout because he is least selfish when compared with Ronaldo.

3. Speed and Acceleration Performance

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a sprinter and falls in the zone of fasted players in the world. Even you can’t underestimate his acceleration as be is very quick in picking up speed.

As per his past plays, you will notice that is it very difficult to catch him when he gains speed. However, opponents find it easy to stop him when he is in a standing posture.

Lionel Messi

Messi is not as fast to achieve the overpowering top speed. Moreover, it is challenging for players to beat Messi in short space acceleration and compete with his agility strengths.

Messi stands out as one of the best players in picking up quick speed as per players review and experience. It’s nearly impossible to chase him from behind.

Who is the fastest? – Tie

Both Messi and Ronaldo offer the best speed to defend their opponents. Messi delivers the best short space acceleration, whereas Ronaldo excels in top speed. Well, again, we ended with a tie.

4. Crossing Skills

 Cristiano Ronaldo

 Ronaldo enhances his crossing techniques and skills during his time in England. He never takes corner kicks as he is one of the best players with heading skills. He is very famous for his long passing and good cross kicks.

However, sometimes he makes the wrong decision to kick the ball at an odd angle instead of performing a cross ball trick.

Lionel Messi

 Messi is a player with worse crossing techniques. In his winger career, he never outperforms at crossing the ball.

Sometimes at Barcelona, he loves to take corner kicks, but the proficiency is missing while taking long kicks. That is the reason Barcelona always prefer taking short corners.

Who is best in crossing? – Ronaldo

 We would love to go with Ronaldo’s crossing techniques. He is the one who can add a cross-kick advantage into the game.

5. Playing Techniques

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a player filled with rich techniques for a player of height 1.85 meters. He loves and excels in tricking and flicking the ball.

Moreover, when he gets the ball in his feet, he can perform a variety of moves. He is very efficient, creating a sense of confusion in the opponent’s mind.

Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the top technicians in the world and can perform every single move with zero error.

Messi does possess an extraordinary ability to control the ball in every scenario.  He is effective in all situation and uses all legitimate body part to control the ball.

Who is more technically sound? – Messi

 Messi excels in techniques just with his single foot. The method of Messi is far better than Ronaldo’s.

The contest is very close, but we love the techniques of Messi’s over Ronaldo’s.

6. Shooting Capabilities

 Cristiano Ronaldo

 Ronaldo is love to launch powerful shots on the goal in every game. He is known for launching one of the world’s deadliest and powerful shots. He is equally efficient by both legs.

 His shots are indeed fantastic, but most of them end up ways from the target. Ronaldo needs to work a lot to improve his shooting accuracy and gain consistency.

Lionel Messi

Messi is capable of taking overpowering shots. However, he hardly takes powerful shots on a goal. Extra powerful shots are not his genre of game.

Messi is best known for his accurate shooting with perfect precision. He is one of the finest shooters globally, and it is very rare to find him shooting off the target.

Who is best at Shooting? – Ronaldo

Ronaldo is deadliest is delivering rocket shots which makes him unstoppable if he places it accurately. In the case of Messi, he is the best inaccuracy, but there is always a chance to stop the ball from reaching the goal.

So, we would love to give Ronaldo a leading edge over Messi in power shooting.

7. Finishing Moves

 Cristiano Ronaldo

 Ronaldo is an excellent player in positioning and creating a variety of scoring opportunities. However, the power he delivers with his legs doesn’t serve well when he approached near to a goal.

When he is in front of the keeper with a clear scoring chance, Ronaldo muffles with his placement accuracy.

Lionel Messi

Messi is a lethal hitter in some specific regions and roles. He serves best finishing moves with his balanced one-touch strike.  He believes in give finishing opportunities to his fellow mates, especially Xavi, Pedro, Villa and Iniesta.

Sometimes a play demands a fine and perfect finishing. In that scenario, Messi takes responsibility and place the ball precisely into the goal.

Who is the better finisher? – Tie

When they are in the area with the ball, they are well skilled to place it perfectly. However, comparing the finishing moves and accuracy levels, Messi is far more ahead of Ronaldo. But the hitting power of Ronaldo is lethal and unstoppable.

Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo: The Final Say

To offer our readers an unbiased comparison, we finished with a tie. It is tough to pick above others as they serve equal importance in a play.

In this blog, we tried to present that they are both excellent. If you are a football lover, then it’s entirely your decision to pick the best as per your likings.

We never want to cheat our readers with a poor biased article. So, what you think? Which one is the best from your perspective? Please share your thoughts and opinions, which will help us to serve you better.

Keep Scoring!

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