Who are the Most Popular Athletes of the Modern Era?

The celebration of athleticism and fitness is nothing new. Since the days of Ancient Greece, people have celebrated the pinnacle of physical, as well as, mental conditioning. In Ancient Greece, they had the Olympics, in Rome it was gladiatorial matches. All throughout history, humanity has had some form of competition, in which emphasis is placed on physicality and athleticism. 

That has not changed in the modern era. If anything, due to the wider spread of information (thanks to technology), the phenomenon has only intensified. The truly popular athletes of the 20th and 21st century are much more celebrated than any past athletes, and many of them are globally famous. In many ways, athletes of the modern era are treated akin to celebrities. 

This is in large part due to the increased popularity of sports as a whole. Football, for example, has reached a record of viewers globally, with the number of fans exceeding 3 billion. On top of that, betting has become all the more popular. By clicking this link, you will find the best online betting websites available on the internet right now. This surge in popularity has contributed to the way we look at, and think of, our athletes. 

But who are the biggest athletes of the 20th and 21st century? In this article, we are going to take a look at the most famous sports stars of the modern era. To see tallest athletes of all time click here.

Michael Jordan (Basketball)

Often accredited with the popularization of the National Basketball Association on a global level, Michael Jordan is considered widely as the best basketball player of all time. Jordan spent 15 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, winning six championships, and earning the NBA Finals MVP Award six times, a feat achieved only by 4 other players. While retired, Michael Jordan is still involved with the game of basketball, acting as owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team. 

Muhammad Ali (Boxing)

Few athletes could be said to have both the flair for the dramatic and the raw athleticism to back it up. However, even among the few that do, Muhammad Ali stands out as unique. During his lifetime, he drew the ire of many due to his out-of-the-mainstream political beliefs. Still, despite all that, nobody could deny the charisma that Ali brought to all of his fights. 

Frequently ranked among the best (if not the best) heavyweight fighter, Muhammad Ali was known for his intense out-boxing, powerful K.O.s and his dramatic tendency to call the round in which he will win. His career saw him go up against some of the greatest boxers of his era, though the most remembered bout had him square off against long-time rival George Foreman, in what was known as “The Rumble in the Jungle”.  

Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/Soccer)

When speaking about the most popular athletes working today, we can’t go without mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo. His career started in 2003, with Manchester United, and after a brief time playing for Real Madrid and Juventus, he has now returned to his original team. 

Frequently ranked in the Forbes’ Most Paid Athletes of the Year list, and starring in numerous commercials for all sorts of products, Ronaldo is certainly one of the most popular sports stars today. Visit this link to check Ronaldo Net Worth.

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