Where to watch EPL in USA?

Where to watch EPL in USA
EPL Broadcasting Schedule and Channels List

English Premier League is labeled as the most popular domestic soccer competition in the world. Why wouldn’t it be? Apart from featuring the most intense rivalry in club football, it brings you the world’s best stars, clubs, the cleanest broadcasting feed, and a galore of dramatic soccer performances and outcomes.  Just like in Europe and Asia, it’s also the most popular European domestic soccer competition in the United States. Here we’ve brought in the answer to the question, “Where to watch EPL in the USA?” Let’s take a look at the on-TV broadcasters, streaming platforms, as well as cord-cutting services where you can catch the English Premier League live. Where to Watch Soccer Live on US TV.

Where to watch EPL in the USA?

Here we’ll provide you with the full list of EPL broadcasting TV channels, online streaming platforms, and cord-cutting sources.

How to Watch EPL Live on US TV?

First of all, let’s find out the on-TV broadcasters or the linear TV channels through which you can watch the Premier League matches live. Meanwhile, there are 2 types of broadcasters, one airs the games with English commentary, and on the other hand, the other televises with Spanish commentary.

English Language Broadcasters of EPL:

NBCUniversal has exclusive broadcasting rights for the Premier League matches. The network shows the matches either through its linear TV channels or via its streaming platforms. Well, the later-mentioned will be discussed a bit later. Generally, the matches are shown on USA Network and NBC. CNBC and SYFY also come with a few actions occasionally.

USA Network most often provides live coverage of the Friday night fixture, Monday night fixture, early Saturday clash, a selected Saturday afternoon match, as well as the late-Sunday blockbuster. It’s the major broadcaster among the linear channels in the US. The flagship NBC generally airs the late Saturday fixture. During the midweek windows, USA Network shows the selected games, generally, 1 per day, and NBC shows on a few occasions as well.

Apart from these, during the special game weeks when a huge number of matches take place at the very same time which generally comes during the festive or the very last game week of the season. On those occasions, the likes of CNBC and SYFY also televise selected games.

Spanish Language Broadcasters of EPL:

The answer for “Where to watch EPL in the USA in Spanish” is Universo and Telemundo. Universo and Telemundo air the Spanish language coverage of the English top flight in the US. Universo shows 4-5 games during the normal windows. It airs on Friday night, Monday night, Saturday early, late, and a selected afternoon game. Telemundo has the privilege to televise 2 of the Sunday clashes live.

EPL Live Online Streaming in the US:

NBC’s subscription-based online streaming platform Peacock Premium broadcasts the most number of games live. The cheap and worthy streaming platform delivers 5-7 matches per window. It mainly streams the Saturday afternoon fixtures except for the televised ones. The late Saturday encounter is also streamed most often along with 1 or 2 Sunday blockbusters. So if you are to catch all the games of a game week, you must subscribe to Peacock Premium even if you have linear TV connections at home.

Peacock Premium offers 2 plans. Peacock Premium Plan charges 4.99 USD for a month’s service or one may grab it for a year for 49.99 USD. The only drawback of this plan is that it features ads. On the other hand, Peacock Premium Plus is free from the bothering ads but makes the users pay an additional $5 for a month. In fact, it charges 9.99 US Dollars for a month or $99.99 for the entire year. And yes, the service also offers a 7-day free trial. So don’t forget to enjoy this facility if you are a new user.

Where to watch EPL in USA
EPL Broadcasting Schedule and Channels List

How Can I Catch EPL Actions Live Online If I have a TV Subscription?

If you have linear TV subscriptions at home, then you can stream the matches live through the broadcaster’s sites and apps. English-language televised coverages are available through nbcsports.com and NBC Sports App. On the other hand, Spanish-language televised coverages are streamable via Universo Now and Telemundo Deportes En Vivo. The biggest facility of these sources is the service and streaming is free for TV subscription holders which means the users with TV subscriptions won’t have to pay any additional fee. So one can stream the televised EPL actions live from anywhere in the US through these platforms.

How to watch EPL without cable in the USA?

Oh, are you a cord-cutter? Don’t you have a cable TV subscription? Are you worried about streaming the English Premier League matches live? Well, you have nothing to worry about at all. Plenty of well-reputed cord-cutting services are available in the country. Just subscribe to any of those services and you can stream the televised EPL actions live. The most popular cord-cutting services in the country are YouTube TV, fuboTV, Hulu+ Live TV, Sling TV, and DTV Stream.

YouTube TV contains NBC, USA Network, CNBC, Universo, and Telemundo; and guarantees you every second of televised fixtures live. A very similar story goes with the fuboTV as it also ensures you all the required channels to enjoy the Premier League online without cable. Sling TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and DTV Stream also contain most of those channels but add-ons might be required for Hulu+ and Sling for some of those channels. DTV Stream may ask for a higher price package for the Spanish broadcasting channels. So considering all the factors, price, and channel availability, fuboTV, and YouTube TV are the 2 best possible options.

However, the only setback of these sources is that these services can’t provide you the Peacock Premium streamed coverage. Because those fixtures are exclusively available on Peacock.

Cord-Cutting Service Subscription Fee per Month Available Channels
fuboTV 69.99 US Dollars Per Month NBC, USA Network, CNBC, Universo, Telemundo
YouTube TV 64.99 US Dollars Per Month NBC, USA Network, CNBC, Universo, Telemundo
Hulu+ Live TV 69.99 US Dollars Per Month, ($6 Español Add-on) NBC, USA Network, CNBC, Universo (add-on), Telemundo
Sling TV $35/Month (Blue), $50/Month (Combined), ($6 for Spanish TV add-on) USA Network, CNBC, Universo (add-on)
DTV Stream 69.99 US Dollars Per Month, 104.99 USD per Month (Ultimate) NBC, USA Network, CNBC, Universo (Ultimate Package), Telemundo

English Premier League Broadcasting Schedule in the US

You’ve already got the answer for Where to watch EPL in the USA, now know when to Watch EPL live in the US. Highest-Paid Premier League Managers in 2022-23.

Date Kick-Off Time/Match Window Broadcaster
Weekend Match Days
Friday Late Evening (UK), Afternoon (USA) USA Network, Universo
Saturday Lunch Time (UK), Early Morning (USA) USA Network, Universo
Saturday Afternoon (UK), Morning (USA) Peacock Premium (All Matches Except 1)
Saturday Afternoon (UK), Morning (USA) USA Network, Universo (Selected 1 Match)
Saturday Evening (UK), Lunch Time (USA) NBC, Peacock Premium, Universo
Sunday Afternoon (UK), Morning (USA) USA Network (None or 1), Telemundo (1), Peacock Premium (1 or 2)
Sunday Evening (UK), Lunch Time (USA) USA Network, Telemundo
Monday Late Evening (UK), Afternoon (USA) USA Network, Universo
Mid-Week Match Days
Tuesday Late Evening (UK), Afternoon (USA) USA Network (selected 1 or None), Universo (Occasionally), Peacock Premium (1/2/3)
Wednesday Late Evening (UK), Afternoon (USA) USA Network (selected 1 or None), Universo (Occasionally), Peacock Premium (1/2/3)
Thursday Late Evening (UK), Afternoon (USA) USA Network (selected 1 or None), Universo (Occasionally), Peacock Premium (1/2/3)


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