Where & How to Watch MLS in India, Canada, Australia, USA, UK

Where and How to Watch MLS 2023
Where to Watch MLS in India, Canada, Australia, USA, UK, BD

MLS turns into the center of attention for football fans and especially for Leo Messi fans worldwide thanks to the US move of the GOAT. Argentina and Messi have one of the biggest fanbases in the football world if not the very biggest one. Sportsnile brings in this content to make life easy for Messi fans as it will answer everything related to Where & How to Watch MLS in India, Canada, Australia, USA, UK, and all other parts of the world. Also find MLS Free Live Stream Options and Links. Where to Watch Saudi Pro League in USA, UK, India, AUS Online.

How to Watch MLS 2023

Find where to watch Major League Soccer 2023 and all Inter Miami games live from different parts of the world.

Where to Watch MLS in USA

First of all, let’s take a look at the ON TV options. FOX Network and Fox Sports 1 will televise 34 regular season games for the 2023 campaign along with 8 more playoff games as well as the Final. The alluded channels will broadcast the coverage in the English language while Fox Deportes will provide the live coverage with Spanish commentary.

Well, are you seeking to watch every MLS game or every Inter Miami match? Well, there is only one solution. You need to subscribe to the MLS Season Pass through Apple TV and there will be every game ready to entertain you. Pricing and subscription details are mentioned in the very below phase of this content. Oh yes, all the Leagues Cup games will be available to stream with the very same MLS Season Pass.

Where to Watch MLS in Canada

In the Great White North, there are 2 ON TV broadcasters to televise the selected MLS games. TSN is to show up to 68 regular season matches with English commentary. It will also broadcast 8 playoff games. RDS will play the same role and will show the very same number of games but only in the French language.

To watch all the MLS and Inter Miami games live in Canada, one needs to subscribe to the MLS Season Pass.

Where to Watch MLS in UK

The United Kingdom has got some Major League Soccer Fans. But there will be no TV channels showing the games. However, no worry the MLS Season Pass is available to help you entertain with every Major League Soccer game action. Just subscribe and enjoy.

Where and How to Watch MLS 2023
Where to Watch MLS in India, Canada, Australia, USA, UK, BD

Where to Watch MLS in Australia

Once again the very same answer. As a worldwide broadcasting rightsholder, Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass will be available in Australia as well. So Leo Messi’s fans in the East can enjoy the Left-footed magician through the very same platform just by subscribing to this service.

Where to Watch MLS in India

Just a month ago, the football-crazy Indians had no interest in Major League Soccer. But one transfer has changed the entire scenario. Leo Messi has an enormous fanbase in India. All the sub-continental Leo Lovers are too desperate to watch the Argentine sensation live in his new club. Unfortunately, currently, no Indian TV channel is showing the MLS games live. So, they will now have to either watch via the expensive MLS Season Pass or via some 3rd-party free apps.

However, after monitoring so many searches on the search engines, we’re urging the Indian TV Broadcast Networks to go for the MLS rights and help this football and Messi-freak huge fanbase watch him at a reasonable cost. No doubt, they can still make a good profit as Leo’s fanbase would be still watching him during the early morning or dawn period.

Where to Watch MLS in Bangladesh

Another country where Messi is just treated like a Mythological-God. Leo has his craziest and biggest fanbase in this country. The people in Bangladesh just love Messi, Maradona, and Argentina. They are always ready to sacrifice their sweet sleep for this man. MLS is not broadcasted on TV as the country mainly relies on Indian TV channel networks for such actions. Messi’s PSG outings were available to watch on Rabbiteholebd but this is highly unlikely that Rabbiteholebd can afford such an expensive broadcast as the MLS. But fans are still expecting a streaming platform or TV channel will bring them a live-playing Leo for Miami at a reasonable price. However, at the moment, the only answer for the above-alluded question is, MLS Season Pass.

How to Watch MLS on Apple TV

As we’ve already mentioned, MLS Season Pass is available on the Apple TV app. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and on smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, and set-top boxes.

Android, Windows PC, and Chrome OS devices users can watch using the web at tv.apple.com/sports.

Here are the full processes to watch the MLS matches live via Season Pass.

  • Install the Apple TV app or visit tv.apple.com/sports
  • Sign in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Then move to Watch Now and scroll down to Channels, or use the Search function.
  • In the next stage, find the MLS Season Pass and select it.
  • Find the specific game you wanna see from the available options and click on Watch.

MLS Season Pass

Let’s have a detailed discuss on this pass which looks likely the only solution to watch the games live.

How much is MLS Season Pass?

Pass Type Price in US Dollars How Much is MLS Season Pass UK
Monthly Plan for Apple TV+ Subscribers 12.99 US Dollars 10.22 British Pounds
Monthly Plan for Non-Subscribers 14.99 US Dollars 11.79 British Pounds
Season Plan for Apple TV+ Subscribers 79 US Dollars 62.15 British Pounds
Season Plan for Non-Subscribers 99 US Dollars 77.89 British Pounds

How much is the MLS Season Pass in India?

Pass Type MLS Season Pass in India MLS Season Pass Price in Australia
Monthly Plan for Apple TV+ Subscribers 1065 Indian Rupees 19.46 Australian Dollars
Monthly Plan for Non-Subscribers 1230 Indian Rupees 22.45 Australian Dollars
Season Plan for Apple TV+ Subscribers 6500 Indian Rupees 118 Australian Dollars
Season Plan for Non-Subscribers 8100 Indian Rupees 148 Australian Dollars

Does MLS Season Pass include playoffs?

Yes, definitely! The MLS Season Pass includes every Major League Soccer game throughout the entire campaign including the playoffs. It also brings in matches from the Leagues Cup which features the Mexican Clubs alongside the MLS sides as well as certain MLS Next and Next Pro games.

Is MLS Season Pass worth it?

It brings in every game live. Considering people’s financial conditions in the countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, if somebody has real affection for Soccer or at least Lionel Messi, it is fair to say, the Season Pass is worth it. However, if you consider the economic condition of the general fans in countries like India, Bangladesh, or African nations, then we would never recommend subscribing to such a highly expensive platform. In these regions, a TV channel or regional stream platform should take over the duty or if not, viewers must go with the 3rd-party free apps.

MLS Live Stream Free

Major League Soccer games can be streamed live via different free 3rd-party apps and the web. We will update those platforms right here soon.

Where can I watch full MLS games?

You can watch the full MLS games live, highlights, or replay via Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass.

How can I watch MLS outside the US?

Subscribers can watch all the MLS games live via the League’s Season pass even if they travel outside the US.

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