What Channel can I watch FA Cup on?

What Channel can I watch FA Cup on?
FA Cup Broadcasting TV Channels

FA Cup is widely recognized as the most prestigious soccer cup competition in the UK. With millions of viewers across the globe, FA Cup is certainly the most popular domestic cup competition ahead of the likes of Copa Del Rey, Coppa Italia, or DFB Pokal. In fact, it’s a must-win trophy for an English side to complete the treble. If you are a soccer enthusiast and searching for where to watch FA Cup on TV or online streaming, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll answer your question, “What channel can I watch FA Cup on?” or “Where can I Watch FA Cup 2022-23?” It will also reveal to you the FA Cup 2022-23 broadcasters in various countries. You may also find, “Where to watch FA Cup live streaming?” What channel is EFL Cup on?

What Channel can I watch FA Cup on?

Find the channel where you can watch FA Cup live in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and more countries.

Where to Stream FA Cup in the USA?

Starting with a simple answer, “Who has US TV rights to FA Cup?” It’s ESPN. The world’s highest-earning sports broadcasting network holds the US broadcasting rights of the FA Cup. But the matches are not available on its linear TV channels. Then how to watch the FA Cup live in the US! Yes, it’s as simple as you guess. FA Cup matches are streamed live in the US through ESPN+. Just to ensure, ESPN+ is the subscription-based streaming platform of ESPN. The alluded platform shows every single FA Cup fixture from the 3rd round onwards. So one can catch every FA Cup match live from the 3rd round till the grand finale.

ESPN+ brings you the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup actions live. It is also the US broadcasting home to the Spanish La Liga, Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, German Bundesliga, German Super Cup, Indian Cricket Team matches, IPL, and many more. Its current monthly pricing stands at 6.99 US Dollars. But if you tend to use it season-long then the annual plan should be your pick which is available at 69.99 USD for the 12-months period.

What Channel can I watch FA Cup on?
FA Cup Broadcasting TV Channels

What Channel is the FA Cup on in the UK?

BBC Sport and ITV Sport share the broadcasting rights of the FA Cup fixture in the UK until the 2024-25 campaign. So the FA Cup 2022-23 fixtures will be continued to be shown on these 2 networks. BBC Sport will televise 18 Live matches per season. On the other hand, IT Sport has the privilege to broadcast at least 20 live matches per season. The Final is shown on both of these networks though. However, the other fixtures are exclusively broadcast on either BBC or ITV network channels.

Viewers in the UK can stream the matches live both on TV and through online streaming. To stream FA Cup live online in the UK, a viewer just requires a TV license. If someone has a TV license, he can use the BBC Web or BBC iPlayer to catch the BBC network coverage while the ITV broadcasted matches are streamable via ITV Hub. No extra fee is required to be paid to catch the live streaming for the license holders. ITV coverages are available on STV Scotland within the Scottish territory. The Scottish fans can stream those games live via the STV Player.

Who is showing FA Cup games in Canada?

Sportsnet holds the exclusive Canadian broadcasting rights of the FA Cup. Matches are shown on the network’s channels and also through online streaming. Online streaming via Sportsnet Now or Sportsnet Now Plus is the best possible option to watch the FA Cup actions live in Canada. SN Now Premium brings the Canucks an enormous live coverage of 50+ FA Cup games live throughout the campaign. While the Standard package may stream up to 10 games but might not show a single game as well.

SN NOW Premium subscription is available at 34.99 Canadian Dollars for a month. But if you are a regular user and a diehard NHL fan then the annual plan is for you to grab. The annual plan currently charges CA$249.99 for a massive 12-month lengthy service. So SN NOW Premium is showing the FA Cup games in Canada or the Great White North.

Does DAZN show the FA Cup in Canada?

Unfortunately for the DAZN Canada users, the answer is “No”. In fact, DAZN Canada shows the Carabao Cup or EFL Cup matches live in Canada. DAZN also holds the FA Cup broadcasting rights as well but that’s in various European countries and Japan but not in Canada. So, it might be disappointing to hear, but DAZN doesn’t show FA Cup in Canada.

How can I watch the FA Cup in Australia 2022-23?

You can watch FA Cup 2022-23 live in Australia on 2 ways. First of all, the matches prior to the quarterfinal stages include crucial 3rd, 4th, and 5th round games featuring the heavyweights like Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and other EPL sides are shown completely free on 10Play. So, the answer for “How can I watch the FA Cup for free in Australia?” is “10Play” but only up to the 5th round fixtures.

On the other hand, every match from the quarter-finals onwards is streamed live and exclusively via Paramount Plus. So Paramount Plus is the original platform that will bring you the crucial FA Cup games live from the quarter, semis, and final. However, you can’t watch these business end games for free. The streaming service is still pretty much new in Australia but should be worth paying for. The subscription fee begins from AU$8.99 a month or 89.99 Australian Dollars for a full year.

Which Channel is FA Cup on in India?

The answer should be pretty much well-known the Indian soccer crazy fans. FA Cup 2022-23 will be shown on Indian television on Sony Sports Network. Viewers can enjoy the live coverage on television through Sony Ten 2, Sony SIX, Sony Ten 1, and Sony Ten 3. In fact, the coverage will not only available in India but also in other sub-continental countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

If you want flexibility and even more live coverage then SonyLIV should be your pick. SonyLIV is the paid-only streaming platform of the Sony Network. The service is available with various subscription plans. In India, currently, 3 plans are available. The monthly plan comes at IR 299 while the half-yearly and the yearly subscriptions will make the users pay INR 699 and INR 999 respectively. The alluded streaming platform is available in other sub-continental countries as well but the fee may vary from country to country. Answer to your other question, “Can I watch FA Cup on JioTV?” The answer is Yes.

Can you watch FA Cup on DAZN?

Yes, definitely, DAZN has the FA Cup broadcasting rights in a number of countries. The list includes Andorra, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Spain, as well as Switzerland. But, as we’ve mentioned earlier, DAZN doesn’t stream FA Cup in Canada. However, in those above-listed countries, you can simply watch FA Cup on DAZN. The subscription fee may vary from country to country. For example, DAZN currently charges 29.99 euros (US$33.82) for the monthly plan or €274.99 (US$310.12) for the annual plan in Germany. Where to Watch Soccer Live on US TV.

Who is Broadcasting the FA Cup?

Country/Region Broadcasting TV Channel or Streaming Platform
UK BBC Sport, ITV Sport, STV Scotland
Australia 10Play (Before Quarterfinals), Paramout+ (from Quarterfinal onwards)
Canada Sportsnet, SN NOW, SN NOW Plus
India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka Sony Sports Network, SonyLIV, JioTV
Andorra, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland DAZN

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