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UEFA European Football Championship is the biggest international football competition of Europe. It is also the most viewed int. football event after the FIFA World Cup. The upcoming UEFA Euro will take place in June and July of the next year. It will be the 16th edition in the tournament history. In addition to this, it will be a special edition as well. 12 different venues from 12 different cities of 12 different countries will host the matches. In this article, we will reveal the 2021 UEFA Euro Fixtures.


# 2021 UEFA Euro Fixtures:

Date Time (GMT) Match Between
12th June              Vs

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Firstly, let’s discuss about the qualifying stage. Total 55 nations are currently competing in this stage. Besides, there is a total of 10 groups in this phase. However, the first 5 groups contain 5 teams meanwhile the rest 5 contain 6 teams. In addition to this, 4 UEFA Nations’ League semifinalists have been drawn in the 4 out of the 5 (5 teams) group. Another side to get a place in a 5 teams’ group is world cup finalist Croatia. There was a total of 6 pots. The UNL pot contained the 4 UNL semifinalists and the pot 1 sides including Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia as well as Poland all were drawn in different groups. From each qualifying groups, the top two teams will qualify for the main stage of the competition. The other 4 teams will get their places through the playoff system.

Total 24 teams will play in the main stage. There will be a total of 6 groups. Besides, each group will contain 4 sides. So every team will take part in 3 group stage fixtures. 2 top sides from each group will go through to the next round. However, the 4 top 3rd placed teams from 4 out of 6 groups will also get their places in the round of 16 as well. Now the qualified 16 sides will play in the 2nd round and 8 winners will qualify for the quarter-finals. And with the very same processes, 4 winners from the quarter-finals will qualify for the semis. Meanwhile, the winners of the two semifinals will reach the final and will fight for the trophy.

Coming to the dates, match day 01 will take place between 12th to 16th June. Then the match day 02 will follow it to take place between 17th to 20th June. Meanwhile, the match day 03 of the group stage will be played between 21st to 24th June. After a break of 2 days’ round of 16 will start on 27th June and will last till 30th June. Another little break will see the arrival of quarter-finals on 3rd July and this round will finish on the very next day. So there will be 2 matches per day for the upper mentioned rounds. The semifinals will take place on 7th and 8th of the July. Eventually, the final will be held on the 12th of July when the tournament will say it’s goodbye.

As I have mentioned it earlier, 12 different venues will arrange the matches. Rome and Baku will host the group A match meanwhile Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen will host the Group B fixtures. In addition to this, Amsterdam along with Bucharest will arrange the group C games with Glasgow and London to host the group D clashes. Moreover, Bilbao and Dublin will have their chances to hold the group E encounters. Munich as well Budapest will host the group F matches. Eventually, the Wembley Stadium of England will have the privilege to host the semifinals and the final.

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