Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019

Athletes are the stars of the sky to their fans and supporters. Athletes are generally considered as famous according to their search score, endorsement as well as social media followers. These 3 factors are the main basis of tagging them as the most famous athletes on the planet. ESPN has recently published the list of the 20 most famous athletes of 2019. In this article, we will inform you about the top 10 most popular athletes in the Wold.

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019

# Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World:


10) Tiger Woods:

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019 Tiger Woods SportsNile

Firstly, we will reveal you the player on the number 10 spot. American golfer Tiger Woods occupies the 10th place in this list. The popular golf star does have a search score of 20 as well as 42 million USD endorsements and also 6.4 million social media followers.

9) Stephen Curry:

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019 Stephen Curry SportsNile

One of the most popular Basketball players in the world at the moment. The 3 times NBA champion sits on the 9th position. He has a search score of 12, $42 million endorsements. Besides, social media following of 23 million.

8) Rafael Nadal:

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019 Rafael Nadal SportsNile

Next comes the Spanish Tennis star Rafael Nadal. The 18 times Grand Slam winner occupies the 8th spot. He has a search score of 40. Moreover, his endorsements read 29.3 million USD. He also has 15.6 m followers on social media. The number 2 ranked Tennis sensation has won the French Open title record 11 times.

7) Virat Kohli:

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019 Virat Kohli SportsNile

The most popular cricketer in the world. The Indian skipper is a chase master. He is only the star on the field but also off the field. Furthermore, the number one batsman in ODI has featured in numerous TV advertisements. Virat has a search score of 25 along with $20 m endorsements and 37.1 m followers.

6) Roger Federer:

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes in the World 2019 Roger Federer SportsNile

He is the most popular Tennis player in the world. The record 20 times Grand Slam winner sits on the 6th place. Firstly, the Swiss sensation has a search score of 23. In addition to this, he has endorsements of 41.5 m and 14.5 m followers. The Switzerland national is already 38 but still playing like a young boy. He is such an inspiration for future generations.

5) Conor McGregor:

Conor McGregor SportsNile

This man is such an advertisement for his game. More importantly, He is just like a brand. Indeed, the only boxer cum mixed martial artist to make a place in this chart. The Irish man does have a search score of 100! Besides, he has endorsements of 15 m USD along with 30 m followers.

4) Neymar:

Neymar SportsNile

The Brazilian Soccer sensation holds the 4th spot on the list of top 10 most popular athletes in the World. Despite having a comparatively lower search score of 55, he is one of the 3 athletes to have more than 100 million social followers. He is the record holder of the most expensive transfer ever in football history. He has endorsements of 19 m USD.

3) Leo Messi:

Leo Messi SportsNile

You may not have expected him that much early in this list. But somehow the FC Barcelona sensation hasn’t managed to place himself higher than the number 3 spot. The Argentina National Football Team captain has a search score of 54! It seems too low accordant to his fame and reputation. The left-footed magician has an endorsement of $28 million. Meanwhile, the number of social media followers reads 128 million.

2) LeBron James:

LeBron James SportsNile

Undoubtedly the most famous Basketball player on the planet. The 4th all-time scorer in the NBA does have a search score of 47. He has more than 50 million followers on social media. But the thing which keeps him ahead is the endorsements. The tall and dark superstar has endorsements of 52 m USD!

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1) Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo SportsNile

The Portuguese sensation tops another list. With the endorsements of 37 million, a very high search score of 100 as well as almost 180 million social media followers, the stylish Soccer forward occupies the first place of this chart. So, according to ESPN, CR7 is the most popular athlete in the world right now.

# Moreover, the other players on the list are:

  • Kevin Durant
  • Paul Pogba
  • MS Dhoni
  • Kylian Mbappe
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • Serena Williams
  • Yuvraj Singh
  • Mesut Ozil and
  • Novak Djokovic


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