Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricketers 2023 (Hottest Women)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricketers
Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers in the World

Cricket used to be a men’s game but women’s cricket is gaining attention from fans worldwide and has grown popularity. Female cricketers of the modern era are much fit and skilled. However, some of them are also appreciated for their beautiful & pretty faces & outlooks. Sportsnile lists out the Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricketers in the World 2023.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricketers in the World 2023

Who is the most beautiful female cricketer in India? Who is the prettiest woman in Australian cricket? Also, Who is the most popular female cricketer? Find answers to all these questions.

Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers

Many of the fans search on Google with the above-alluded terms. However, as the cricketers are athletes, they’re very much unlike the actresses and hence most of them don’t love body-showing. Thus, we should use the term prettiest instead of hottest in the case of the respected women cricketers.

Prettiest Female Cricketers

So, find out the top 10 beautiful women cricket players here.

10) Yastika Bhatia

The Indian wicket-keeper batsman ages just 23 as of November 2023 and is one of the promising female cricketers in the country. She has made her debut in the Women’s Tests while also playing around 20 games so far in both WODIs and WT20s. The Baroda (now Vadodara), Gujarat-born girl has a pretty face that makes guys fall in love with her.

9) Jahanara Alam

The Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team Pace Bowler Jahanara is a popular figure mostly due to her outlook and smart dress sense. The lady from Khulna has featured in 49 WODIs and 75 WT20s so far. She has been linked with some controversial incidents. A few fans also trolled her for her hair color as it is not common in the country’s culture. But no doubt, Jahanara is the prettiest female cricketer so far to play for Bangladesh in the international arena.

8) Kainat Imtiaz

Another beautiful sub-continental face in the field of cricket. Many of the fans may make the mistake of considering her rather as an actress or heroine instead of a cricketer. Kainat is 31 at the moment and is from Karachi. She is a Right-handed batter as well as a Right-arm medium-fast bowler. The daughter of Saleema Imtiaz has the cutest face among the Pakistani female cricketers. Best ODI Cricket Matches of the 21st Century (Most Thrilling).

7) Holly Ferling

Another model look-alike cricketer. The Right-arm fast-medium bowler is soon to be 28 in the upcoming December. She made her WTest, WODI, and WT20I debut all in 2013 but hasn’t been selected for her national side since November 2016. However, she still plays in the domestic cricket and women’s BBL. Ferling’s nickname is Bambi. As we’ve mentioned she has a model-like face and it has helped her gain popularity she has the privilege to work in the media as a presenter or host.

Ferling played the role of a guest presenter on Channel Seven’s coverage of the Fourth Test between Aus vs Ind at the Gabba in January 2021. it was because the regular commentary team was unable to be present on the field due to Covid-19. Her work attracted the viewers and she had a new opportunity to make something new in her career.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricketers
Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers in the World

6) Harleen Deol

Harleen is one of the most popular cricketers in India. The Indian Women’s Cricket Team’s White Ball regular star ages 25 in 2023. Deol is a batting all-rounder who is handy with the ball in hand as well with her leg-spin. Deol has a pretty face and her expressions and smile would definitely have your attention. Harleen is pretty much active on social media platforms and often seen uploading dance move videos.

5) Smriti Mandhana

Here comes the face of the women’s cricket in India. Although we rank her 5th in our list, many fans may come with an argument that she should deserve a higher rank. In fact, many sites may end up placing in the 1st place in such a list. With the most gorgeous smile among the cricketers, Smriti is a national crush in India. She is the most popular female cricketer at the moment and has been featured in a number of commercial ads. Smriti isn’t related to Rashmika, but the Mandhana duo is highly popular throughout the Indian sub-continent with one of those very innocent outlooks.

4) Elysse Perry

Another contender for the top place and is the most popular female cricketer among the non-Indians. Elysse is a highly talented & skillful athlete who has featured for her country in both Cricket and Football. She ranks 4th among the most beautiful lady cricketers on our list but is the most successful among all of these girls listed on this chart. Perry played 11 WTests, 138 WODIs, and 145 WT20s so far and has more than 6 thousand international runs and above 320 wickets.

Perry is a gorgeous woman and truly a figure any girl would dream of being like her. Perry turns 33 in November 2023.

3) Lauren Bell

Lauren Katie Bell is an English Female Cricket Team Pace Bowler. She appeared in the international cricket in 2022 and is just 22 at the moment. Bell will complete her 23 in January 2024. He is quite a new face, especially to the viewers who don’t follow women’s cricket regularly. But she has already put a place for her in the minds of the male fans who follow female cricket on regular occasions. Bell is taller than regular guys in the sub-continent as she has a body height of 6 feet!

2) Amelia Kerr

Another beauty with brilliance. Amelia is a known face in female cricket and is a regular performer for the NZ White Ferns. She is an all-rounder with sharp-turning leg-breaks. Kerr is from a cricketing family with her grandfather playing for the Blackcaps and her father & sister featuring in the domestic cricket of NZ. Amelia turned 23 in November 2023 and this Wellington-born girl is not only a good cricketer but also a tremendous-looking woman who can steal men’s hearts.

Who is the Most Beautiful Woman Cricketer?

Choices may vary from man to man. But in the eyes of our experts and according to our survey reports, the most beautiful female or woman cricketer in the world in 2023 is the girl mentioned below.

Who is the Most Beautiful Female Cricketer 2023?

A bit of hint is given to guess:

  • The girl is from Derby, Derbyshire, England.
  • She made her international debut in 2019 and is 24 years old.
  • She is a leggie.

Can you guess? If you follow female cricket regularly, then you surely can.

Our survey reports suggest that the Most Beautiful Woman Cricketer in 2023 is England’s Sarah Glenn. Haven’t you seen this beauty before? If you haven’t then you’d surely love to have a go at her profile. With blonde hair, squinting eyes, well-shaped nose & teeth, as well as a gorgeous smile, she looks like a princess.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cricket Players

Player Role Country
Sarah Glenn (1st) Spin Bowler England
Amelia Kerr (2nd) All-Rounder New Zealand
Lauren Bell (3rd) Pace Bowler England
Elysse Perry (4th) All-Rounder Australia
Smriti Mandhana (5th) Batsman India
Harleen Deol (6th) All-Rounder India
Holly Ferling (7th) Pace Bowler Australia
Kainat Imtiaz (8th) All-Rounder Pakistan
Jahanara Alam (9th) Pace Bowler Bangladesh
Yastika Bhatia (10th) Wicket-Keeper Batsman India

Who is the most beautiful female cricketer in India?

It has to be Smriti Mandhana for sure. She is followed by the likes of Harleen Deol and Yastika Bhatia.

Who is the prettiest woman in Australian cricket?

Elysse Perry is the prettiest woman in Australian cricket with Holly Ferling too finding a place among the top 10 most beautiful women cricketers. Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators in the World 2023.

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