Titanic Ship Accident Reason, Real Picture, Date, History, Location

Titanic Ship Accident
What caused the Titanic ship to sink?

Titanic fulfills the 111th anniversary of its maiden voyage as well as the sinking. The ship which is now located miles beneath the North Atlantic surface has become the most famous ship of all time. Tributing its 111th-anniversary Sportsnile has brought in a guest post dedicated to the RMS Titanic. Find RMS Titanic Ship Accident History Real Picture along with Location, Cost, Captain, and more. Famous Footballers Birthday List (Month by Month Basis).

Titanic Ship History

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that suffered an ill-fated maiden voyage that sunk it into the deep North Atlantic. It was the thenceforth biggest and most luxurious ship the world ever had. Even after 111 years of sinking, it’s the most famous ship in history. White Star Line used to operate this shi[ which was registered in Liverpool, UK.

RMS Titanic

Find the RMS Titanic Ship’s compressed details.

Name RMS Titanic
Owner J.P. Morgan (White Star Line)
Operator White Star Line
Port of Registry Liverpool, England
Route Southampton to New York City
Builder Harland and Wolff, Belfast
Ordered 17th September 1908
Cost £1.5 million (£150 million in 2019)
Laid down 31st March 1909
Launched 31st May 1911
Completed 2nd April 1912
Maiden voyage 10th April 1912
In service 1912
Yard number & Way number 401 & 400
Speed Cruising: 21 kn (39 km/h; 24 mph). Max: 23 kn (43 km/h; 26 mph)
Out of service 15th April 1912
Status Wreck
Length 882 ft 9 in (269.1 m) overall, 852 ft 6 in (259.8 m) registered
Beam 92 ft 6 in (28.2 m)
Height 175 ft (53.3 m) (keel to the top of funnels)
Draught 34 ft 7 in (10.5 m)
Depth 64 ft 6 in (19.7 m)
Decks 9 (A-G)
Capacity Passengers: 2,453, crew: 874. Total: 3,327 (or 3,547 according to other sources)

Titanic Ship Length

Titanic was thenceforth the biggest ship the world had ever witnessed. It was 882 feet 9 inches in length or in the meters as much as 269.1m. Although modern ships are bigger than the most famous ship in history, she was surely the biggest and most luxurious of her time.

Titanic Ship Cost

Titanic ship cost a massive 1.5 million British Pounds in the making in the early 1910s! The sum is equivalent to the modern day’s 150 million British Pounds (as of 2019).

Titanic Ship Captain

Edward John Smith was the captain of the RMS Titanic. He was a British Naval Officer and served as the master of numerous White Star Line vessels. Smith was a highly experienced sea captain who had almost 26 years of experience when he sailed with the Titanic. As the captain, he is blamed as responsible for the ship’s sinking but this experienced campaigner died a hero rather than trying to save himself.

Full Name Edward John Smith
Date of Birth 27th January 1850
Place of Birth Hanley, Staffordshire, England
Profession Sea Captain
Known For Captain of RMS Titanic
Spouse Sarah E. Pennington ​(m. 1887)​
Date of Death 15th April 1912 (Aged 62)
Place of Death North Atlantic Ocean (400 n.mi or 750 km east of Newfoundland)

Titanic Ship Real Picture

See the RMS Titanic ship Real Pic here.

Titanic Ship Real Picture
Titanic Ship Accident Date and Time

Titanic Ship Accident

Lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an iceberg right ahead of the Titanic at 11:40 pm ship’s time on the 14th of April night. He alerted the bridge and first officer Murdoch ordered the ship to be steered around and the engines to be reversed. But they barely had time and in just over a minute time the Titanic struck the iceberg. That huge hill of ice created a series of holes below the waterline. The hull’s seams buckled & separated and ocean water rushed in. 5 out of the ship’s 16 watertight compartments were breached. Even with 4 compartments breached, she could have survived, but Thomas Andrews made sure that with 5 being breached she wouldn’t survive long and will sink within 1 or 2 hours. The ship started sinking bow first. The Ashes 2023 TV Coverage in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India.

Then each watertight compartment was flooded one by one as the water kept submerging the previous compartment and passing to the next one. The bow part kept going down full of water and the ship took an angular shape where it seemed like it was standing on its bow. Eventually, the ship got broken into 2 parts & the bow part got drowned first, and then the stern part drowned.

Why did Titanic break in half?

They examined rivets brought up from the wreck. A high concentration of “slag,” was found. It is indeed a smelting residue that can make metal split apart. This might have weakened the part of the Titanic’s hull that hit the iceberg, causing it to break apart upon impact. Moreover, as the bow part was sinking first and the compartments were being flooded one by one, the front part got heavy with water and couldn’t resist such mass and hence broke in half.

What caused the Titanic ship to sink?

It was the Iceberg that sank the ship but there were people attached to the ship, who were the main culprits behind the sinking of the ship.

What are 10 reasons that the Titanic sank?

These are the reasons which led to the sinking of the Titanic.

  • Dismissal of iceberg warnings
  • High speed of the ship
  • Problems with the materials used for shipbuilding
  • A wrong turn to avoid the iceberg
  • Lookouts had no binoculars

Moreover, less number of lifeboats made the scenario much worse.

Titanic Ship Accident
What caused the Titanic ship to sink?

Who was responsible for the Titanic sinking?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, being the captain, Edward John Smith is blamed to be responsible for the Titanic sinking. But some passengers revealed that they heard Bruce Ismay, one of the onboard passengers and the Head of White Star Line, pressurize the captain to sail fast and at full speed. The captain died a hero and is recognized as a hero although he should have slowed the ship down. But J Bruce Ismay, who escaped the scene keeping hundreds of victims behind, is seen as a villain or the biggest responsible for the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic Ship Accident Date and Time

The Titanic ship struck the iceberg (suffered the accident) at around 11:40 pm on the 14th of April 1912. The time mentioned is the ship’s time.

Titanic’s Iceberg Struck Date & Time 11:40 pm, 14th April 1912
Time to Sink 2 Hours and 40 Minutes
Titanic Sinking Time 2:20 am. 15th April 1912

How fast did Titanic sink?

The famous passenger liner took less than 3 hours to sink completely beneath the Atlantic. More accurately, it took around 155 to 160 minutes to sink. From its hit to the iceberg, it took around 2 hours and 40 minutes and got sunk approximately at 2:20 am on the first hours of the 15th of April.

Titanic Ship Accident Date in Tamil

It was one of the searched topics or questions on the internet and that’s why we felt that we should answer this question. Tamil Nadu or India is 8 hours ahead of the zone where the Titanic sank forever. So, according to the Indian time, the Titanic hit the iceberg on 15th April at 7:40 am and sank at 10:20 am.

Titanic Ship Accident Location

The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s the northern part of the Atlantic, which is the 2nd-largest of 5 oceans in the world. The exact location where the ship struck the iceberg and sank was 370 miles (600 km) southeast of Newfoundland. The coordinate of the sinking location is 41°43′32″N 49°56′49″W.

Titanic Shipwreck

Titanic’s current status is Wreck. The wreck of the Titanic lies at a depth of about 12,500 feet (3,800 meters; 2,100 fathoms). As we’ve mentioned earlier, the wreck locates beneath the North Atlantic about 370 nautical miles (690 kilometers) south-southeast of the coast of Newfoundland. The wreck is divided into 2 main parts and the bow & stern are 600 meters apart beneath the ocean. However, the wreck of this famous ocean liner was found on 1st September 1985, 37 years ago from now.

The bow faced deterioration and damage sustained hitting the sea floor but still is pretty much a recognizable shape with many preserved interiors. By the way, the stern is completely ruined, unfortunately.

Where is the Titanic ship now?

Location 370 n.mi (690 km) south-southeast of Newfoundland, North Atlantic Ocean
Co-Ordinate 41°43′32″N 49°56′49″W
Depth 12,500 feet (3.8 km)
Distance between Bow & Stern 2,000 feet (600 meters)

How deep is the Titanic in KM?

The wreck of the Titanic lies at a depth of about 12,500 feet (3.8 km) beneath the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the top 10 ships (8th) to be lied at the deepest seafloor. So the Titanic is 3800 meters or 3.8 kilometers (almost 4 km) under the sea surface.

Titanic Ship Real Photo

See Titanic Ship Real Photo or picture here.

Titanic Shipwreck Real Photo
How deep is the Titanic in KM?

How many died on the Titanic ship?

Among 2240 onboard passengers & crews, only 705 managed to survive. And more than 1500 people drowned in the intolerably cold Atlantic. The precise number is between 1490-1635.

Titanic Ship Facts

Find answers about faqs on the Titanic and know interesting facts.

What did the owner of the Titanic say about God?

According to the owners of the ship, the ship was unsinkable. They said, “Even God himself couldn’t sink this ship.”

It’s a pity they talked such nonsense. The ocean is enormous and limitless and shows how mighty creation the creator has created. A ship is really a small object in comparison to the oceans. It’s made of iron and is definitely sinkable.

Does the Titanic iceberg still exist?

The average lifespan of an iceberg in the North Atlantic typically is 2-3 years (Calving to melting). That famous iceberg is thought to be broke off from Greenland in 1910 or 1911. So, according to scientific theories, it should be gone at the end of 1912 or anytime in 1913.

Who is the real Jack and Rose in Titanic?

Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater, both are fictional characters used for James Cameron’s famous movie “Titanic (1997)”. So, in real life, these characters didn’t actually exist at all. However, there was a crew named Jack Dawson onboard and he died during the tragedy. Later his grave became famous but he was actually not a special anyone. Jack Dawson played by Leo DiCaprio didn’t directly represent anybody onboard.

Who was the owner of the Titanic?

The White Star Line was the owner company of the Titanic. More specifically, American tycoon, John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan was the owner of the Titanic while J Bruce Ismay served as the chairman of the White Star Line.

Was the captain of the Titanic found?

No, Captain John Edward Smith’s body was never recovered since the tragedy. Different sources revealed different things but the most reliable outcome is that he was last seen at the Bridge and since then was never seen again.

How long did it take Titanic to hit the ocean floor?

The Titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink after the ship suffered that accident. However, the original question is, How long approximately did it take the Titanic to reach the ocean bottom after submerging? Then the answer is: the ship took approximately 5-10 minutes to hit the ocean floor after submerging.

How long will Titanic last?

The Titanic will be gone forever by 2030. The reasons are expeditions to its site, pollution, and especially a special kind of bacteria breaking up its debris. Henrietta Mann, who discovered the bacteria, has estimated that the Titanic will completely collapse possibly as soon as 2030.

How many children died on Titanic?

There were a total of 109 children on the Titanic. Among them, 53 died. So almost 50% of the children suffered death in this maritime disaster.

How long was Titanic at sea?

The ocean liner started its maiden voyage on 10 April 1912. Just 4 days later it struck an iceberg on April 14th and submerged in the early hours of the 15th of April. So, officially, the ship was just 4 days at sea excluding her trial period.

How many dead bodies recovered from Titanic?

Only 337 dead bodies were recovered out of more than 1500 people who died that night.

Titanic Ticket Prices

Titanic tickets were divided into different class categories. The first-class suits cost thenceforth 4350 US Dollars and the elegant community enjoyed this privilege. It was followed by the 1st class berths available at thenceforth 150 US Dollars. While the 2nd class and 3rd class accommodations came at 60 and 35 US Dollars respectively.

Class Price in 1912 Price Today
First Class Suite 4350 US Dollars (870 British Pounds) 133k US Dollars (106k British Pounds)
First Class Berth 150 US Dollars (30 British Pounds) 4.5k US Dollars (3.7k British Pounds)
Second Class 60 US Dollars (12 British Pounds) 1.8k US Dollars (1.46k British Pounds)
Third Class 35 US Dollars (7 British Pounds) 1.07k US Dollars (852 British Pounds)

How much does it cost to visit Titanic?

It would make you pay 125k US Dollars to visit the Titanic wreck. Famous Footballers Favorite Foods.

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