The ongoing La Liga season must be completed!

The ongoing La Liga season must be completed!

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The whole sports world has been stopped just because of the newborn disease Coronavirus. Due to COVID-19, the situation in Spain is not good. A big number of peoples are dying there every day. After Italy, the deadly virus is not destructing Spain. So, including the Spanish top-flight La Liga, all the sporting events have been postponed. Earlier today, the Royal Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales stated that the ongoing La Liga season must be completed!

The ongoing La Liga season must be completed!

Earlier today, the former professional footballer Luis Rubiales stated that their main target is to finish the ongoing season. They cannot just demote the lower-ranked teams right now. And also cannot give promotions to the top-ranked teams so far. More than a hundred clubs there which are waiting to finish the season perfectly. When the whole nation will get rid off the Coronavirus disease COVID-19, they will resume the season. But, yes, the ongoing La Liga season must be completed!

Because of the COVID-19, all the European League competitions have been postponed. If the situation will continue like the current, the league authorities might fear of cancelling the season. But Luis Rubiales is desperate to finish the Spanish La Liga season. At the end of the May, the final of the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League was about to take place. But the authorities have postponed them too. At the same time, the upcoming episode of the UEFA Euro Championship has been suspended for a year. Now, it will take place in the next 2021. 

In the world, the infection of Coronvirus disease is increasing every day. In the 198 countries around the world, more than five lakhs peoples have been infected by the deadly virus. Besides, more than 22 thousands peoples have lost their lives. In Spain, the 50 thousand peoples have been infected and more than 3 thousand peoples died already. So, there is only a little chance of resuming the season so soon.

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