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Ever heard of The Masters?

We’re sure lovers of snooker have! Prior to THE MASTERS 2022 let’s have a look at the possible winners of this competition. Top 10 Richest Snooker Players of All Time in the World (2022).

The Masters is a professional invitation tournament. It takes place every year since 1975. It is one of the tournaments cherished by the players of snooker as it adds prestige to their names. The event has got a reputation as the sport’s biggest tournament after the World Snooker Championship. The Masters is part of the Triple Crown event consisting of The World Championship, the UK Championship, and The Masters. Despite the long ranking of players, only five players have been able to win the Triple Crown Event. They are Ronnie O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Alex Higgins, and Terry Griffiths.

It usually takes place in Alexander Palace, London (since 2012). Cash prizes for the tournament have changed over the years, increasing as the year changes.  1n 2019, a total cash prize of £600,000 was issued to the players. In fact, the winner went with £200,000. Meanwhile, in 2020, the players contested for £750,000 while the winner Stuart Bingham went home with a whopping £250,000. The cash prize for 2022 is not known yet but might be increased as well.

Who was the Masters 2021 Champion?

The champion of Masters 2021 is Yan Bingtao, a 21 yr old Chinese professional player. Bingtao made the record on the 17th of January this year and won his first triple crown event.  He is the youngest champion since Ronnie O’ Sullivan who won The Masters in 1995 at age 19. Ronnie also won in 2005 and 2007. It should be noted that Ronnie won against John Higgins twice in the 1996 and 2005 tournaments as John Higgins was the second runner-up.

Over the years, he has made quite some achievements as he is the youngest player to win the Amateur World Snooker Championship after defeating Pakistan’s player Muhammad Sajjad 8–7 in 2014 when he was only 14. Currently, he is among the top 16.

Just a month to another season of The Masters, predictions are rolling in already as Legends like Ronnie O’ Sullivan would be up against Jack Lisowski and Yan Bingtao plays against Mark Williams

If you’re sports betting fan, see some banker bets to predict the turnout of the next games in the world championship – you might be lucky about who gets to shoot first, who knows. 

Here is the list of The Master’s Draw:

  • Yan Bingtao v Mark Williams.
  • John Higgins v Zhao Xintong.
  • Neil Robertson v Anthony McGill.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan v Jack Lisowski.
  • Judd Trump v Mark Allen.
  • Kyren Wilson v Stuart Bingham.
  • Shaun Murphy v Barry Hawkins.
  • Mark Selby v Stephen Maguire.

This tournament would take place at its usual location at the Alexander Palace London as it was held in Milton Keynes this year due to the Covid-19 protocols held in the city.

The tournament set would kick off on the 9th – 16th of January 2022 and yet another winner would emerge.

The current champion who won the UK Championship on the 5th of Dec, Zhoa Xintong became qualified for the set as he won UK Championship against Luca Brecel.  Winner of the 2021 world championship, Mark Selby is also in for the tournament. 

Tip: Ronnie O’ Sullivan shared that Zhoa Xintong’s win inspired him in the UK championship. He also revealed that he’s keen on bagging an 8th masters title.

See Ranking of Snooker top 16 players of The MASTERS 2022

Have a look at the top 16 snooker players for THE MASTERS 2022.

Live position      Player          Live Point 

1                     Mark Selby            1,025,000

2                    Judd Trump             982,000

3                    Ronnie Sullivan       854,500

4                     Neil Robertson       810,500

5                     Kyren Wilson          604,500

6                     Shaun Murphy        408,500

7                     John Higgins          389,000

8                     Mark Williams        330,000

9                     Zhao Xintong          313,500

10                  Barry Hawkins         289,500

11                  Mark Allen                269,500

12                 Stephen Maguire     265,000

13                 Jack Lisowski            264,000        

14                 Stuart Bingham        260,000

15                  Anthony McGrill      249,500

16                  Yan Bingtao              238,000


Note that this data is prone to changes.

Detailed View:

Irrespective of the ranking, none of the players has won the championship subsequently at a roll over the years. Hence, this inconsistency makes it more difficult to predict the next champion of the tournament even with the high rankings of the players. 

Stuart Bingham the champion of The Masters 2020 & 2015 world Snooker would be up against Kyren Wilson. He is pretty keen to take up the crown again. While three-time World Champion, winning 2000, 2003, and 2018, Mark Williams withdrew from European Masters as well as the English Open. It’s because of a result of Covid-19 complications and has shown clumsiness in his last match played against Anthony Hamilton as he fell asleep while in play. It would be challenging for Williams as he is still struggling with Covid complications and would be playing on the 9th of January 2022 against UK Champion, Yan Bingtao and current champion of the masters 2021. Regardless of this, every one of the players is putting in their best to ensure that they take the crown. And of course, Mark Williams is not left behind!


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