Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History

Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Gogea Mitu SportsNile

Height is a special attribute of a person. But when you are an athlete it will provide you with some extra benefits. Certainly, it will help you take down your opponents. On some occasions, it will create an obstruction in your movement but most often you will receive some serious advantages due to it. There were lots of athletes in history with strange heights and as you guess, most of them were Basketball players. In this article, we will inform you about the top 10 tallest athletes of all time in history.

Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Gogea Mitu SportsNile

# Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time:

10) Margo Dydek:

Margo Dydek SportsNile

A surprising name to start the list. This Polish woman occupies the 10th position in the chart. She is the only women to make the cut. It means obviously she was the tallest ever women athlete in history. In addition to this, the 7 feet 2 inch tall former Poland international was a basketball player. She used to play for the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA.

9) Giant Silva:

Giant Silva SportsNile

Another Basketball player to feature in the chart. Paulo Cesar de Silva was a Brazilian basketball star. The 7 feet 2 inch tall South American was also a Martial Artist as well as a Wrestler. Moreover, he represented Brazil in the Olympic Games.

8) Hasheem Thabeet:

Hasheem Thabeet SportsNile

Thabeet is a Tanzanian professional Basketball player. The African is 7 feet 3 inch tall. Meanwhile, he is the tallest active NBA player. He plays for Oklahoma City Thunder.

7) Yao Ming:

Yao Ming SportsNile

Obviously one of those famous names in this list. You must have heard of him. The former Chinese Olympic star featured for his country in the 2008 Olympic. More importantly, he carried the proud of his country in that Olympic held in Beijing! He sits on the 7th place with 7 ft 6 elevation.

6) Manute Bol:

Manute Bol SportsNile

Bol is the second-ever tallest African athlete. The Sudanese used to play in the National Basketball Association. He holds the 6th spot for his massive 7 ft 7 size.

5) Gheorghe Muresan:

Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Gheorghe Muresan SportsNile

Muresan also had the same height as Manute Bol. The Romanian was one of the tallest ever NBA players in history. However, the 7’7″ former Washington Bullets man was injury prone and thus couldn’t be that much successful in his career.

4) Sun Mingming:

Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Sun Mingming SportsNile

Sun Mingming is the highest ever Asian athlete in history. The former China international stands 4th in the chart for his massive size of 7 ft 9. Sun also appears in the movies as an actor. He was not only tall but also heavy as the Chinese weighed no less than 168 kg.

3) Gogea Mitu:


Gogea Mitu SportsNile

The only boxer to take place on this list. He is the tallest ever European athlete. Moreover, the 7 ft 9 sized boxing player was also the tallest ever Romanian in history. He had a weight of 183 kg and foot size of 38 centimetres! Isn’t it ridiculous? Obviously, it is. Just check your feet size, you will realize how odd that was.

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2) Suleiman Ali Nashnush:

Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Suleiman Ali Nashnush SportsNile

With an enormous 8 feet height, he occupies the 2nd place in this chart. The strange Libyan was a Basketball player as well as an actor. Nevertheless, in 1960, he underwent surgery to correct his abnormal growth.

1) Edouard Beaupre:


Top 10 Tallest Athletes Of All Time In History Edouard Beaupre SportsNile

Edouard Beaupre is the tallest every athlete in the world. The Canadian was Wrestler in the profession. He had a majestic height of 8 feet 3 inch! By the age of just 9, he was 6 feet tall. In addition to this, at the age of 17, he surpassed the 7 feet boundary. The massively sized North American also too heavy as he weighed almost 400 pounds (180 KGs).

Another interesting fact I must add, even if you are a 6 feet high bloke, if you dare to stand beside the mentioned persons, you will certainly look like a baby for sure.

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