Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers of All Time [Updated List Revealed]

Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers of All Time SportsNile

Serie A is premier division football league of Italy. Due to sponsorship reason, it is also known as Serie A TIM. The competition started it’s journey during the ending of the 19th century, in fact in 1898. But since the 1929-30 season, the authority introduced the round-robin system. It is one of the most famous football leagues in the world. It is also one of the top 5 leagues in Europe. However, 20 teams play each season for the title. But the top of the side clinches it with the following two sides also qualifying for the UCL. The last 3 teams in the point table get relegated to the 2nd division (Serie B).

So many superstar footballers featured in this competition. Serie A has also produced many legendary footballers. Although people say, that teams love to play with defensive tactics here, but numerous deadly strikers entertained the fans with the goal floods throughout their careers. In this article, we will reveal you the list of the top 10 Serie A highest goal scorers.

Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers of All Time SportsNile

# Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers List:

Position Name Clubs (Number of Goals for Each Club) Country Goals
01 Silvio Piola 51 Pro Vercelli, 143 Lazio, 10 Juventus, 70 Novara Italy 274
02 Francesco Totti 250 Roma Italy 250
03 Gunnar Nordahi 210 Milan, 15 Roma Sweden 225
*04 Jose Altafini 120 Milan, 71 Napoli, 25 Juventus Italy, Brazil 216
*04 Giuseppe Meazza 197 Internazionale, 9 Milan, 10 Juventus Cisitalia Italy 216
06 Antonio Di Natale 18 Empoli, 191 Udinese Italy 209
07 Roberto Maggio 39 Fiorentina, 78 Juventus, 12 Milan, 22 Bologna, 9 Internazionale, 45 Brescia Italy 205
08 Kurt Hamrin 8 Juventus, 20 Padova, 150 Fiorentina, 9 Milan, 3 Napoli Sweden 190
*09 Giuseppe Signori 11 Foggia, 107 Lazio, 3 Sampdoria, 67 Bologna Italy 188
*09 Alessandro Del Piero 188 Juventus Italy 188
*09 Alberto Gilardino 3 Piacenza, 5 Hellas Verona, 50 Parma, 36 Milan, 48 Fiorentina, 19 Genoa, 13 Bologna Italy 188
12 Gabriel Batistuta 152 Fiorentina, 30 Roma, 2 Internazionale Argentina 184
13 Giampiero Boniperti 178 Juventus Italy 178
14 Amedeo Amadei 85 Roma, 42 Internazionale, 47 Napoli Italy 174
15 Luca Toni 9 Vicenza, 15 Brescia, 20 Palermo, 55 Fiorentina, 5 Roma, 3 Genoa, 2 Juventus, 48 Hellas Verona Italy 169

[Note : * expresses shared positions, unfortunately, there is no current player in this list]

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# Let’s Discuss About The Top 3 Scorers:

3) Gunnar Nordahl:

Gunnar Nordahl SportsNile

Nordahl was considered as one of the best strikers ever to play in the Serie A. Indeed, the Swedish was able to put the ball at the back of the net on 225 occasions. Moreover, he is the highest ever goalscorer in the league for AC Milan (210). He is also the highest ever Swedish scorer of the league. Finally, he also has the best goal per game average (0.77) in this list. However, following the retirement of Nordahi, Kurt Hamrin carried the Swedish flag in this league till 1971. Moreover, the Fiorentina legend ended up scoring 190 goals at the end of his Serie A career. Furthermore, another Swedish legend who kept the Swedish flag flying high was none but Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He also scored 122 goals during his time in Italy.

2) Francesco Totti:

Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers of All Time Francesco Totti SportsNile

Firstly, you simply can’t complete a majestic list of Serie-A without writing this name. The one club legend, The Roman Emperor of the modern time as well as the penalty specialist. You just can’t stop appreciating this man. Unquestionably one of the finest footballer in Italian history. Totti stands 2nd in this list with exactly 250 goals beside his name. Obviously, all those goals he scored for AS Roma only. Nevertheless, the Gladiator made his league debut in 1992. Then he featured in no less than 619 matches for the club from the Italian capital. Finally, his glorious era ended in 2017.

1) Silvio Piola:

Top 10 Serie A Highest Goal Scorers of All Time Silvio Piola SportsNile

The highest ever goalscorer in Serie-A history. In addition to this, Piola is way ahead of his other counterparts with 274 goals. Besides, it has been more than 65 years since he made the record. The Lazio legend’s record is still unbreakable. In fact, the sensational striker scored 143 goals for Lazio only. His other strikes came for Novara (70), Pro Vercelli (51) as well as Juventus (10). However, the star striker made his league debut in 1929. He appeared in as many as 537 matches before playing his last Serie A game in 1954. Moreover, he has a goal per game ratio of 0.51.

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