Serie A Fantasy Tips (How to Play, Rules and Prizes for 2022-23)

Serie A Fantasy Tips
Serie A Fantasy Rules and Prizes

Serie A Fantasy is pretty much a new competition for the fantasy lovers. It is the competition which hasn’t got much popularity like the Fantasy Premier League yet but it’s definitely an exciting platform for the fantasy loving people. To be honest, the biggest advantage of participating in the Serie A Fantasy is that, it’s comparatively lesser competitive due to participation of less number of contestants. Well, here we will provide you tips for the Serie A Fantasy. Our experts will discuss about the process of playing, rules and prizes. We will also help you choosing your best options for each position. FIFA World Cup Most Valuable Squads 2022.

Serie A Fantasy Tips (How to Play, Rules & Prizes for 2022)

Let’s have look at the sign up procedure, team selection, rules, prizes and other important info.

How to Sign Up for Serie A Fantasy:

At first, you need to sign up to participate in the Serie A Fantasy. Go to the and make your 15-men team using the 100 million budget allocated for you. Your team must include 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. You can make the team by pressing the “random team” option or manually. A fantasy lover certainly picks his best players by himself. And, choose the captain carefully, because the captain’s point on a game week gets doubled. After choosing the 15-men team provide your personal details: first name, last name, country, password and email. Then confirm your email and make yourself a part of this incredible fantasy.

What to Do after Completing the Sign Up?

After completing the sign up, sign in or log in to your account. In your home page, you can find out common leagues, current round results, season results, top teams, and ongoing round’s fixtures and results. By signing up you become a member of the common leagues which features: Season competition, Round competition, Quad competition (consisting of every 4 game week) as well as your Country’s league or competition. The home page will also let you see the round based and seasonal dream team featuring 11 players who provided the most number of points. As the league doesn’t have any good quality app yet, the league web which is accessible through various browser is still the best option for the contestants.

Serie A Fantasy Tips
Serie A Fantasy Rules and Prizes

Construction of Team and Transfer:

You can check out your team on the team page and make changes for the next round. The previous and ongoing round’s points can be also seen there. Well, from the 15-men squad make your best 11 players to feature in the first team and keep other 4 on the bench. You can use various formations but your playing xi must include at least 1 GK, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 forward. Choose your formation wisely. Make your playing xi ready for every game week and you must keep knowledge from various sites about your players’ availability in the upcoming rounds. If any of your player doesn’t play a single minute on the field, a player from the very same position off the bench will replace him. Note to remember, one can’t choose more than 2 players from a single Serie A side!

And as we have mentioned it earlier, the points from your captain will get doubled so choose the captain wisely. You can change your skipper every game week. The contestants get 1 free transfer for every match week. But if someone doesn’t make any transfer on a specific GW, he will get an extra transfer next GW. In this way one can accumulate as many as 4 transfers. On the contrary, if someone’s number of transfer on a GW exceeds his limited quota he will get (-5) hit for every extra move. One may ask, if there will be any changes in a player’s transfer fee throughout the season and the answer is “No”.

How to Create or Join Private Leagues?

Signing up will make the contestants part of the common leagues. But the participants can also take part in private leagues. One can go to the option: leagues and there he can create a private league if he wants to. He can share the code with his friends and make a private platform for themselves. Similarly, players can collect codes of different private leagues and join there by submitting the codes. Many of the private leagues offer prizes but those prizes are awarded by the league authority and not by the Serie A Fantasy authority.

Ways to Check Schedule and Results:

One can check the schedules and results for different rounds by clicking in the “Schedule & Results” options. Apart from these, various soccer apps and sites also provide this information. For example: Goal, SofaScore etc. You can also check players performances and contributions there.

What are the Prizes for Serie A Fantasy?

Serie A authority currently offers 2 types of prizes. First of all, it gives prizes to 3 winners for every Quad Round (every 4 game week ex: 1-4, 5-8). The first place holder after every quad round, will receive his favorite Serie A Club Jersey. While the 2nd and 3rd place holders will get their favorite Serie A Club Scurf and Football/Cup respectively. On the other hand, there will be 3 final winners at the end of the season. The seasonal champion will bag a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition! While the 1st and 2nd Runners-Up will get IPAD 8th Generation (32GB, Wi-Fi) and AirPods Pro respectively.

Serie A Fantasy 2022-23
Serie A Fantasy Prizes

Special Notes to Remember for the Serie A Fantasy:

  • A player’s transfer fee is fixed for the entire campaign.
  • Transfer deadline ends just 1 hour before the round’s very first fixture.
  • A player can make unlimited transfer without any mynas hit just before his very first deadline (his first round deadline) and when activates wildcard.
  • A contestant can use his wild card just once in a campaign which allows him to make unlimited transfer without any point deduction.
  • According to the Serie A Fantasy site, if a football player’s transfer from one Serie A club to another Serie A club results in exceeding the quota of 2 players per a single club rule, then the team owner will be required to comply with this rule in the next transfer usage.
  • After the end of the game week, if any player from the first team doesn’t play a single minute, a player from the same position will replace him. Hence if one, selects all his 5 defenders or 5 midfielders or 3 forwards and any one of them doesn’t play then he won’t get any point from the bench for that position. When there are 2 auto-sub options from the very same position for any non-played player, the player with higher priority will replace the non-player first team player.

Performance Data or Points for Performances:

  • A player will provide 1 point for featuring in every 30 minutes (1-30, 31-60, 61-90). Hence, you can get a maximum of 3 points from a player if he plays more than 60 minutes or the entire game.
  • Points for an open play goal varies based on different positions. GK, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards will give 8, 7, 6 and 5 respectively for an open play netting. But the point from a successful penalty kick is equal for all (4).
  • If a GK provides an assist, you will get 6 while assists from an outfield player will make you earn 4 points.
  • Earning a penalty will give the player’s owner 3 points.
  • Defenders and goal keeper will provide 3 points for clean sheet in every half while midfielders will give 1. However, the players require to play all the minutes during a half to ensure the clean sheet points.
  • Every 3 shots on target; every 3 blocks, tackles, interceptions will provide 1 point.
  • 2 saves from the open play (by a GK) will help getting 1 while a save from the penalty will help bagging 6 points.
  • In addition to these, there are some negative marking as well. Every goal conceded by the keeper and defender will deduct 1 point. Own goals will deduct 5 while missed penalties will reduce 3 points. Similarly, yellow and red card will make you lose 1 and 3 points respectively.


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