Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers in the World 2022

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Manuel Neuer Sportsnile

Fans generally don’t have the affection for the goalkeepers as much as they have for the outfield players. But without any doubt, they occupy the most crucial position on a soccer field. It’s impossible to play without a keeper. A good gloveman is a base for a team’s success. In this article, we will inform you about the top 10 richest soccer goalkeepers in the World. Have a look at the list of Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers in the world in 2022.

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers:

1) David De Gea (49 million US Dollars):

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers David De Gea Sportsnile

Man Utd gloveman David De Gea is the richest soccer goalkeeper in the world. He is also the highest-paid keeper at this moment. He has been the lone savior for the Red Devils from 2013 to 2018. The Spaniard didn’t have a good WC experience in Russia but he is still one of the best keepers on the planet. He won the EPL Golden Glove award for keeping 18 clean sheets in the 2017-18 season.

2) Manuel Neuer (45 million US Dollars):

Manuel Neuer Sportsnile

The Germany international is currently playing for the German Bundesliga side FC Bayern Munich. He helped Germany winning the FIFA WC 2014 and also won the UCL with the Bavarians back in 2013. He owns 45 million USD at this moment. Leo Messi Net Worth 2022.

3) Iker Casillas (40 million US Dollars):

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Iker Casillas Sportsnile

You will get to see a few people who don’t have any haters. The former Real Madrid captain would be an ideal example of that. The Spanish legend has won FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro as well as the UCL titles in his inspirational career. He is obviously among the best 10 goalkeepers of all time. His net worth is 40 million USD.

4) Hugo Lloris (30 million US Dollars):

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Hugo Lloris Sportsnile

The World Cup-winning skipper of France has a net worth of 30 million USD. He is playing for English club Tottenham at this time and in the 2017-18 season he led them to the UCL final.

5) Thibaut Courtois (25 million US Dollars):


Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois Sportsnile

Talking about the Golden Glove winner of the FIFA WC 2018. The 6 feet 6-inch tall stopper acts as a wall in between the sticks. Although he was sent on a loan to La Liga club Atletico Madrid, the Blues soon realized his value and brought him back from the loan. Then the Galacticos targeted him and currently, he is playing for the Blancos. He has a net worth of around 25 million USD.

6) Petr Cech (22 million US Dollars):

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Petr Cech Sportsnile

The Czech Republican legend retired from this beautiful game at the end of the last season. He has won numerous trophies with Chelsea. The veteran suffered a serious injury while playing. However, the brave man still continued his career and used to wear a mask during his outings. Petr had a long successful career and thus the 4 time EPL golden glove winner has 22 million USD in his saving.

7) Gianluigi Buffon (20 million US Dollars):

Top 10 Richest Soccer Goalkeepers Gianluigi Buffon Sportsnile

The legendary footballer was the former number one GK in the world. He won the FIFA World Cup 2006 with Italy. If you want to know a basketball black mamba player Kobe Bryant who’s birth place is Italy, you will also be his fan if know him(It seemed I should go through). He plays for Serie-A club Juventus in the club level. GG is the owner of 20 million USD.

8) Salvatore Sirigu (19 million US Dollars):

Salvatore Sirigu Sportsnile

The Italian’s net worth is 19 million USD. He had a tremendous career for the French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain and that helped him earn a lot. He joined Torino in 2017 and currently playing for this Turin based club.

9) Marc Andre Ter Stegen (15 million US Dollars):

Marc Andre Ter Stegen Sportsnile

The Germany international rarely got his chances for his country’s national team. But still, he is one of the best glove men on the planet. He joined Spanish giant FC Barcelona from Borussia Monchengladbach. Since then he has won numerous La Liga and Copa Del Rey titles along with a UCL trophy. He owns 15 million USD at this moment.

10) Keylor Navas (13 million US Dollars):

Keylor Navas Sportsnile

The 32 years old shot-stopper is a pride for Costa Rica. Despite coming from a country which isn’t that much successful in football, this guy is playing in a top club like Real Madrid. He joined the Blancos from Levante in 2014. Since then he has helped them winning 4 UCL titles! His net worth is no less than 13 million USD. Cr7 Net Worth 2022.


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