NBA League Pass New Price for 2022-23

NBA League Pass New Price for 2022-23
Does NBA League Pass Worth it?

The new NBA season is knocking at the door and is just a few days away. And here we’ve brought in a piece of exciting news for NBA lovers. Making the speculated terms true, we can ensure that the NBA League Pass pricing is going to be decreased by a good number of sums. Many of you asked How much is League Pass right now? Does NBA League Pass price go down? How much a month is NBA League Pass? We’ll answer all these questions and will provide you with the original info and amounts required to subscribe to NBA League Pass for the 2022-23 season. Where can I Watch NBA on TV and Live Streaming?

NBA League Pass New Price for 2022-23

Know how much the NBA League Pass new price is and know the prices for the standard, premium, as well as monthly packages.

Does NBA League Pass Price Go Down?

Yes, the NBA League Pass price will go down for the 2022-23 campaign. We can ensure that the speculated term is true as a reliable league source confirmed it. And more excitingly the percentage of decrease is no less than 50% than the price of the previous campaign and that will make the price much more budget-friendly.

NBA League Pass New Price for 2022-23
Does NBA League Pass Worth it?

How much is League Pass Right Now?

Right now means for the 2022-23 campaign. The NBA League Pass right now for 2022-23 will be available at a much cheaper rate. Here we will reveal prices for different packages and will compare the previous and current rates of the NBA League Pass.

Standard Package:

The Standard package used to charge 230 US Dollars for the season. And now with more than a 56% price discount, the standard package will be available just at 100 US Dollars for the entire season. Moreover, it will also provide NBA TV coverage via this package as well.

Premium Package:

The Premium plan offers multiple streams and doesn’t include commercials. It used to charge a massive 280 US Dollars but now in the 2022-23 campaign, viewers can ensure the season-long premium service for just US$130. Yes, that’s less than 50% of the previous price.

One Team Pass:

One Team Pass is also set to decrease. The previous pricing was no less than 119.99 USD for the season. But according to speculation, it might be somewhere between 49.99 to 69.99 USD for the season.

How much a Month is NBA League Pass?

NBA lovers can subscribe to the NBA League Pass with a monthly subscription plan. It previously used to charge 28.99 USD per month and now will be available at just US$15 for a month.

NBA League Pass New and Old Price Comparison:

Package Old Price New Price
Standard (for the Season) 230 US Dollars 100 US Dollars
Premium (for the Season) 280 US Dollars 130 US Dollars
Monthly Pass 29 US Dollars 15 US Dollars
One Team Pass 120 US Dollars 50-70 US Dollars (TBC)

Is the League Pass worth it?

Another crucial question to answer. If you ask, “Is the NBA League Pass worth it?” We’ll tell, “Yes, it does worth being subscribed”. Why not? It brings live coverage from every nationally non-exclusive as well as regionally non-blacked-out game to the users. Moreover, it also places those non-live games in its archive within a few hours or a few days. So literally every NBA regular season game is available through this service. So the NBA League Pass definitely worth it. Moreover, it comes with various plans and gives the users flexibility to choose a suitable plan.


However, if you’re just a follower of your home-region team and often stay within your favorite club’s designated home territory, then, in that case, you shouldn’t go with the NBA League Pass and should try the regional cable TV subscriptions instead.

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