NBA Commentators Salary 2023 (Highest-Paid NBA Announcers)

NBA Commentators Salary
Highest-Paid NBA Commentators 2023

NBA is the 2nd most popular sport in the United States following the NFL. People know almost everything about the likes of Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, etc the famous NBA players including their stats, salaries, & history. Now it’s time to know about the announcers who are the “voice of the game of the NBA”. Find out the NBA Commentators’ Salary in 2023. Check out the list of the Highest-Paid NBA Commentators or Announcers. NBA League Pass New Price for 2023.

NBA Commentators Salary 2023

Get to know “How much do NBA commentators get paid?” “How much do NBA commentators make a year?” The salary sum is based on experience and quality. Generally, the best and the most experienced commentators bag in millions while the average commentators gather thousands throughout the year.

How much do NBA commentators get paid?

Standard or Quality Weekly Salary Salary per Month Annual Wage Fee
Average 1.5k to 2k US Dollars 6k to 8k US Dollars 80k-100k+ US Dollars
Experienced or Well Established 20k to 60k US Dollars 80k to 250k US Dollars 1-3 Million US Dollars
Elite or Best 100k to 200k US Dollars 400k to 800k US Dollars 5-10 Million US Dollars

How much do NBA commentators make a year

The NBA commentators don’t get anything gigantic like the players but still, they manage to pocket a healthy sum each year. An average NBA commentator with less experience gathers around 80 Thousand to 100 Thousand US Dollars per year. Then comes the well-established kind of announcers who do have more than 2 years experience, would take more than a million to 3m US Dollars per year. While the bests in the business or the elite panel announcers generally make around 5-10 million US Dollars each year.

Standard Experience Level Yearly or Annual Salary
Average Less than 2 Years 80 Thousand to 100 Thousand US Dollars
Experienced More than 2 Years 1 Million to 3 Million US Dollars
Elite More than 5 Years 5 Million to 10 Million US Dollars

How much do NBA commentators make per Game

The NBA commentators generally make a good sum of money per game. Announcing every game would make them pocket from as less as 1.5k US Dollars to as healthy as 200k US Dollars based on their quality.

Quality Salary Per Game
The New Faces 1.5k US Dollars
Below Average 2k US Dollars
A Bit Experienced At Least 20k US Dollars
Above Average Up to 60k US Dollars
Very Good At Least 100k US Dollars
The Bests Up to 200k US Dollars

Highest-Paid NBA Commentators  2023

Now let’s take a look at the highest-paid NBA Commentators’ salary chart as of 2023.

Commentator Name Annual Salary or Earnings Major Role Channels (Worked On)
Stephen A. Smith 10 Million US Dollars Commentator and Analyst ESPN
Bob Costas 7 Million US Dollars Play-by-Play Commentator and Host WGN-TV, CBS, NBC Sports
Mike Greenberg 6.5 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN, ABC
Michael Wilbon 6 Million US Dollars Studio Analyst ESPN
Tony Kornheiser 6 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN
Skip Bayless 6 Million US Dollars Sports Writer and Analyst ESPN
Al Michaels 6 Million US Dollars Commentator NBC Sports, ABC
Dan Patrick 5 Million US Dollars Analyst ESPN, NBC Sports
Charles Barkley 5 Million US Dollars Commentator and Analyst TNT, CBS
Michelle Beadle 5 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN
Linda Cohn 3 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN
Jalen Rose 3 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN
Marv Albert 2 Million US Dollars Play-by-Play Commentator TNT
Grant Hill 2 Million US Dollars Commentator NBA TV
Jay Bilas 2 Million US Dollars Commentator CBS, ESPN
Rachel Nichols 1.5 Million US Dollars Studio Host ESPN
Kevin Harlan 1 Million US Dollars Broadcaster TNT
Dan Shulman 1 Million US Dollars Commentator ESPN
Ian Eagle 400k US Dollars Play-by-Play Commentator TNT
Rebecca Haarlow 50k US Dollars Sideline Reporter TNT

Top 10 NBA Commentators 2023

Here are the top 10 NBA Commentators in 2023 based on salary or wage fee. The list includes Play-by-Play Commentator, Analyst, Host, Studio Host, Studio Analyst, Sports Writer cum Analyst, etc.

  • Stephen A Smith
  • Bob Costas
  • Mike Greenberg
  • Tony Kornheiser
  • Michael Wilbon
  • Al Michaels
  • Skip Bayless
  • Charles Barkley
  • Michelle Beadle
  • Dan Patrick
NBA Commentators Salary
Highest-Paid NBA Commentators 2023

How much do play-by-play Announcers make

A play-by-play announcer or commentator describes the game that’s going on as it happens. They are the primary speakers. And actually valued for their articulateness and ability to describe the events of an often fast-moving contest. The play-by-play Announcers generally make from half a million to more than 5 million USD per year. Some mention-worthy play-by-play announcers’ salaries are given below:

Name Yearly or Annual Salary & Earnings
Bob Costas 7 Million US Dollars
Manv Albert 2 Million US Dollars
Ian Eagle 400k US Dollars

Who is the highest paid NBA employee?

Stephen A. Smith is the highest paid NBA employee among the commentators, hosts, & analysts. The Bronx, New York-born Commentator cum Analyst serves for the world’s highest-earning sports TV network ESPN. The 55 years old commentator pockets a bag full of dollars for the services he provides. He is the highest earner among NBA employees as the 1.85m tall man receives a gigantic 10 million US Dollars per year. The speculated overall yearly earnings of him as of 2023 are predicted to be approximately 12 million USD.

Highest-Paid NBA Commentator Stephen A. Smith
Network or Employer ESPN
Annual Earnings of Stephen A Smith 10 Million US Dollars
Salary per Month 833k US Dollars
Weekly Salary 192k US Dollars
Role Commentator and Analyst

How much does Charles Barkley make as a commentator?

Charles Wade Barkley is a former professional basketball player who is currently serving as a television analyst & commentator on TNT and CBS Sports. He has been listed among the top 10 highest-paid NBA commentators. The 60 years old Leeds, Alabama-born NBA commentator bags a massive 5 million US Dollars every year.

Commentator Charles Wade Barkley (Among Top 10 Highest-Paid NBA Commentators)
Network or Employer TNT, CBS
Role Commentator and Analyst
Annual Earnings of Charles Barkley 5 Million US Dollars
Monthly Wage Fee 416k US Dollars
Weekly Salary 96k US Dollars

Who is the most famous NBA commentator?

Martin Irving Glickman is the most famous NBA analyst. There are a few more candidates but bleacher report has ranked him as the absolute best. The man who passed away 22 years ago is still remembered for his works. He was actually famous for his broadcasts of the New York Knicks basketball games. He also used to announce the football games of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. BR urged the fans to watch HBO’s entire documentary about Marty Glickman.

Who is the best NBA analyst?

It’s a very tough call to announce the absolute best NBA analyst in the world. But TNT’s Marv Albert has established himself as a special one. The 81 years old American sportscaster has been included in the Basketball Hall of Fame for his works throughout his career.

What is the salary of NBA commentators?

NBA commentators earn quite a healthy sum depending on their quality and experience. The sum varies from 50k to even 10 million US Dollars. However, the wage fees of Basketball Commentators in the US range from $27.37k to $187.2k. The median salary of basketball announcers in the US is 65.53k Dollars.

General basketball commentators’ salary range in the country has been presented in the below chart.

Lower Limit of the Salary Range 27.37k US Dollars
Upper Limit of the Salary Range 187.2k US Dollars
Median Salary 65.53k US Dollars
Middle 50% of Basketball Commentators Earn 27.37k US Dollars
Top 75% of Basketball Commentators Earn 187.2k US Dollars


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