Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players in the World 2024

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players
Top 10 Most Handsome Footballers in the World 2024

Football players are supported, loved, and admired for their skills, performances, and records. But there are some other reasons and attributes as well for which they are also liked, especially by their women fans. Among those attributes, their smartness and pretty faces are noteworthy. In this article, we will bring you the top 10 most handsome soccer players in the world.

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players of All Time

Ranking Player Name Career Status Country
1st David Beckham Retired England
2nd Cristiano Ronaldo Active Portugal
3rd Kaka Retired Brazil
4th James Rodriguez Active Colombia
5th Marco Reus Active Germany
6th Alexandre Pato Retired Brazil
7th Paulo Dybala Active Argentina
8th Olivier Giroud Active France
9th Gerard Pique Active Spain
10th Jack Grealish Active England

Top 10 Most Handsome Footballers

Here are some of the most attractive male football players or soccer stars in the world of all time as of 2024.

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players
Top 10 Most Handsome Footballers in the World 2024

Thibaut Courtois:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players Thibaut Courtois Sportsnile

The tall 6 feet 6 Belgian is known for his brilliance in between the sticks. He showed his class at Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea. Now he is playing for 13 times UCL champions Real Madrid. This guy is also loved for his innocent-looking face.


Cesc Fabregas:

Cesc Fabregas Sportsnile

The 32-year-old midfield star was a sensation at Arsenal. The former Gunners’ captain played for his childhood club Barcelona and EPL side Chelsea as well. Now he plays for Ligue 1 club Monaco. The Spanish international has a huge reputation for his pretty face.

Mario Gotze:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players Mario Gotze Sportsnile

Can you remember that historic goal in the FIFA WC Final in 2014? Of course, you can. This little man broke the 20 years’ WC drought in Germany. But football skill is not the only thing he owns, this mini-sized boy is known as the chocolate boy among the girls.


Gerard Pique:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players Gerard Pique Sportsnile

You must have a stunningly gorgeous look if you are to be loved by someone like Shakira. Colombian pop star Shakira Mebarek described this centre half as his “Dream Prince”! This tall and handsome Barca defender is also successful in his football career. He won the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro as well as the UEFA Champions League titles in his glorious career.

Olivier Giroud:

Olivier Giroud Sportsnile

The World Cup winner with the France national football team has a very good and fit physique. The 32-year-old Chelsea striker has been involved in modelling and is loved by the women.

Marco Reus:

Marco Reus Sportsnile

Borussia Dortmund captain has the best hairstyle in football. A few years back, the forward was banned from the wheels by the German authorities and German glamour model Jordan Carver got the chance to express her feelings towards this superstar. She proposed that she would drive for her if either he loved her back or he joined Bayern Munich.

James Rodriguez:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players James Rodriguez Sportsnile

Colombian girls are among the hottest women in the world. But not only are the Colombian girls known for their sensational looks, but this guy was also labeled as the sexiest male footballer back in 2014. But if you are looking for any chance to have a date with him, I must clear you that, the highest goal scorer in the FIFA WC 2014 is married to his teammate David Ospina’s sister.

Ricardo Kaka:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players Ricardo Kaka Sportsnile

The Brazilian won the FIFA Best Player’s Award in 2007 and was the very last man to win this award before the start of the Messi-Ronaldo era. The former AC Milan midfielder is followed by more than 30 millions fans on Facebook and a lot of them are certainly women.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Top 10 Most Handsome Soccer Players CR7

The 5 times FIFA Ballon d’Or winner is considered as one of the best ever footballers in history. He has won 5 UCL titles, La Liga titles, EPL Titles, FA Cup, Serie A with his clubs and also the UEFA Euro with his national team. He has more than 122 million followers on Facebook, the most by any footballer. The reason behind this huge number of fans is not only football but also his fit body, handsome look, as well as exceptional hairstyle.

Who is the most stylish footballer? Who is the most handsome soccer player of all time?

David Beckham:

David Beckham Sportsnile

“Bend it like Beckham”, this man was hugely known for his superb carving free-kick skills. But this was not his only weapon to make women fall in love with him, the former England captain has a killer look that can impress any girl at first look. In fact, the retired football sensation is 2nd to none in terms of the glamorous appearances. So, David Beckham is the most handsome footballer of all time.



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