Most Expensive Trophies in Sports (20+)

Most Expensive Trophies in Sports
World Cup Value

This content will reveal the 20+ most expensive trophies in sports. Each and every sport is played not only for pride but also for trophies. Sportspersons fight with their hearts out to gift their teams or nations a trophy. The number of trophies or titles in a team’s cabinet has always been the determinant of their success in history. Every sport has its iconic trophies. Here, we will discuss the most expensive trophies in the sports world. The estimation will be done mainly based on those trophies’ overall pricing or values. Major Sporting Events in 2022.

Most Expensive Trophies in Sports (2022)

The following list will present more than 20 most expensive trophies in the sporting world. Let’s see, which trophies are considered the world’s most expensive ones.

#1. FIFA World Cup Trophy (Association Football, $20 Million)

In terms of popularity and appeal, the FIFA World Cup is second to nothing. It’s definitely the most popular and watched competition not only in sports but also among any kind of programs or events. According to FIFA’s official website, A combined 3.572 billion viewers – more than half of the global population aged four and over had watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The stat proves how popular this competition is.

Just like the competition, the FIFA WC trophy also doesn’t have any close rivals in terms of valuation. The FIFA World Cup trophy has an estimated pricing of 20 million US Dollars. Interestingly, the number is at least 8 times more than the 2nd placed trophy on this list! The trophy is made of 18-carat gold with 2 layers of semi-precious malachite. It has a height of 36.5 cm while having a weight of 6.175 KG. Top 10 Football Managers in the World.

Competition: FIFA World Cup

Height: 36.5 cm

Weight: 6.175 KG

Material: 18-carat gold with 2 layers of semi-precious malachite

Year of Creation: 1974

Current Holders: Argentina National Football Team.

Most Expensive Trophies in Sports
World Cup Value

#2. Woodlawn Vase or Preakness Stakes Trophy (Horse Riding, $2.5 Million)

The Preakness Stakes is an American thoroughbred horse race. The competition takes place every year on the third Saturday in May. Tiffany and Co. were the designers of this trophy. They designed it in 1860 while displaying it for the first time in 1861. During the American Civil War, the authority had to bury this trophy! It has a height of 91cm and a weight of 13.6 Kg. Although the actual cost of the original version of the trophy is around 6.7k USD, the overall pricing is around 2.5m USD or no lesser than $2m.

Competition: Preakness Stakes

Height: 91 cm

Weight: 13.6 KG

Material: Solid Silver

Year of Creation: 1860

#3. Borg-Warner Trophy or Indianapolis 500 (Motorsport, $1.3 million)

The Indianapolis 500, which is formally known as the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, or simply the Indy 500. It is a yearly automobile race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, US. The trophy was created in 1936 and its thenceforth pricing was just 10k USD. However, the current valuation of this trophy is around $1.3m. In British currency, it’s around a million GBP. It’s a very high and heavy trophy with a height of 1.63 meters and a gigantic weight of 153 pounds (69 kg).

Competition: Indianapolis 500

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 69 KG

Material: Sterling Silver

Year of Creation: 1936

#4. BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy (Former Women’s Tennis Trophy, $1.3 Million)

The Diamond Games was a professional women’s tennis tournament. It used to take place in February at Antwerp, Belgium. However, the competition doesn’t run anymore and the last time took place in 2015. Any female player who had the privilege to win the singles tournament three times in the span of five years used to receive this trophy. Amélie Mauresmo was the last woman to win it. The trophy is made of gold and unbelievably more than 1700 diamonds encrust it! With that magnificent build-up, it’s definitely one of the truly most expensive trophies in sports. However, the recreated version of the trophy had a total of 2008 diamonds!

Competition: Diamond Games

Weight: 4.5 KG

Material: Gold and Diamond

#5. Stanley Cup Trophy (NHL, $650k)

The trophy is presented to the National Hockey League playoff champion side. It’s a pretty big trophy with a height of 89.5 cm and a weight of 15.6 Kg. The silver-made trophy was created in 1892. The pricing of the raw materials of this trophy stands at $23,500 (£18,000). Meanwhile, the overall valuation of this trophy is as high as 650k US Dollars and is one of the 5 most expensive trophies in sports.

Competition: National Hockey League (NHL) Playoff

Height: 89.5 cm

Weight: 15.6 KG

Material: Silver

Year of Creation: 1892

#6. Ballon d’Or Trophy (Association Football, $600k)

Although soccer is a team game, this trophy is actually an individual award. Every year the best men’s and women’s soccer players receive this award. French news magazine France Football presents this award during the latest months of the year. This award is actually one of the oldest and most prestigious individual awards in football. Leo Messi is the highest time winner of it with 7 clinching. The estimated value of the Ballon d’Or Trophy is around $600k. Messi Net Worth (2022).

Competition: Year’s Best Male and Female Footballer (Based on selected Journalists’ Vote)

Height: 28 cm

Diameter: 22 cm

Weight: 12 Kg

Material: Brass, Melted Gold

#7. America’s Cup Trophy (Sailing, $250k)

America’s Cup, also informally known as the Auld Mug. It is the oldest international competition among the running events of any sport. The winner of America’s Cup match races between two sailing yachts receives the trophy. The 1948-created trophy is in 7th place among the most expensive trophies in sports. It has a valuation of 250k US Dollars.

Competiton: America’s Cup

Height: 110 cm

Weight: 14 Kg

Material: Silver

Created: 1948

#8. Africa Cup of Nations Trophy (Association Football, $150k)

AFCON is the biggest soccer competition in the African continent featuring the national teams. The AFCON trophy has had 3 versions throughout its history. Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem Trophy was named after CAF’s inaugural president and was made of Silver. However, the third and the current version of the trophy is a gold-plated cup. The authority unveiled the trophy in 2001 which is an Italian designed and manufactured trophy. Senegal is the current holder of it after clinching the 2021 edition of AFCON held in 2022 in Cameroon. Its valuation is around 150k USD. It’s one of the 10 most expensive trophies in the sports world.

Competition: Africa Cup of Nations

Material: Gold Plating

Year of Creation: 2001

#9. DFB-Pokal (Association Football, $108k)

A bit surprisingly, the trophy of the biggest cup competition of German football, ranks 9th among the most expensive trophies. According to most of the sources, it is worth more than the Bundesliga league trophy. It’s a Gold plated Sterling Silver-made trophy. The trophy is 54 centimeters tall and weighs 6.25 kilograms. The creators have also used 210 grams of pure gold as well as 12 tourmalines, 12 rock crystals, along 18 nephrites. Its current valuation is at $108k.

Competition: DFB-Pokal (German Cup)

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 6.25 Kg

Material: Gold Plating, Sterling Silver

#10. Serie A Trophy (Association Football, $66k)

Serie A Trophy is one of the most historic trophies in European soccer. The winner of the Italian highest tier soccer league competition receives this trophy. The Sodalite and Gold-made trophy started the journey with a 1960 creation. It’s 58 cm in height and weighs around 8 Kg.

Competition: Italian Serie A

Height: 58 cm

Weight: 8 Kg

Material: Sodalite and Gold

Year of Creation: 1960

#11. Bundesliga Trophy or Meisterschale (Association Football, $54k)

Bundesliga is the biggest soccer competition in Germany. The winner of the German Bundesliga gets the Meisterschale at the end of the season. Bayern Munich is the current winner as well as the most successful side to lift this trophy. The trophy consists of 71.98-carat tourmaline, silver, and gold. It has a diameter of 59 cm and weighs around 11 Kg.

Competition: German Bundesliga

Diameter: 59 cm

Weight: 11 Kg

Material: 71.98-carat Tourmaline, Silver, and Gold

#12. The Super Bowl Trophy or Vince Lombardi Trophy (NFL, $50k)

The winner of the NFL Championship takes home the Super Bowl Trophy or the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event in the US. Hence, the Americans have a special affection for this trophy. Interestingly, each year the authority creates a new Vince Lombardi Trophy and hence the NFL champions get to keep it permanently. The Sterling Silver-made trophy weighs 3.2 Kg and is 56 cm tall. It stands 12th among the most expensive trophies with a valuation of 50k US Dollars.

Competition: NFL Super Bowl

Height: 56 Cm

Weight: 3.2 Kg

Material: Sterling Silver

Year of Creation: 1967

#13. ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy (Cricket, $30k)

Three silver columns support a gold-made globe. The 3 silver columns represent batting, bowling, as well as fielding. While the gold-made glove represents cricket and also the world. The latest version of the CWC trophy is given from 1999. Since then, Australia has won the title on 4 occasions (a total of 5 with 1987 glory). Its weight and height are 11 kg and 60 cm respectively. The trophy of the biggest event of cricket is currently estimated at $30k or 23.5k GBP. Most Thrilling ODI Cricket Matches of the 21st Century.

Competition: ICC Cricket World Cup

Height: 60 Cm

Weight: 11 Kg

Material: Gold and Silver

Year of Creation: 1999

#14. Commissioner’s Trophy (MLB, $20k)

The champion team of the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series lifts the Commissioner’s Trophy. It was awarded for the very first time in 1967. The 61 cm tall and 14 Kg weighed trophy had its creation time valuation of $2.5k. However, its current estimation stands at $20k, 8 times more than what it used to cost during its initial days. The trophy consists of sterling silver along with 30 gold-plated flags on it. The MLB has 30 teams and each gold-plated flag represents an MLB side. A 24-carat vermeil stitched Silver baseball sits in the center.

Competition: Major League Baseball World Series

Height: 61 Cm

Weight: 14 Kg

Material: Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Year of Creation: 1967

#15. CONMEBOL Copa America Trophy (Association Football, $16k)

Copa America is a very historic tournament. In fact, it’s the oldest running international soccer competition. The tournament featured so many Latin legends and has its special appeal among the fans. The Copa America trophy ranks among the 15 most expensive trophies in sports with a worth of 16k USD. It is 9 kg (20 lb) weighed and 77 cm (30 in) tall. Moreover, it’s a silver ornament, with a 3-level wooden base which contains several plaques. Those plaques are engraved with every winner of the competition, while the current edition’s winner also gets added there. However, for the 2016 Copa America Centenario, the authority built a 61 cm (24 in) tall with a weight of 7.1 kg (16 lb), covered by a 24-carat gold trophy that didn’t have any base.

Competition: CONMEBOL Copa America

Height: 77 Cm (61 cm for 2016 edition)

Weight: 9 Kg (7.1 kg for 2016 edition)

Material: Silver (24-caret Gold for 2016 edition)

#16. UEFA European Championship Trophy or Henri Delaunay Trophy (Association Football, $15k)

It’s the most prestigious international soccer competition in Europe. The European countries fight for the continental soccer crown and the winner takes home this trophy. Although the original trophy was created in 1960, the current version was redesigned in 2008. It is 61 cm in height and has a weight of 8 Kg. It consists of Sterling Silver. With a valuation of 15k USD, it ranks 16th among the most expensive trophies in any sport.

Competition: UEFA European Football Championship

Height: 61 Cm

Weight: 8 Kg

Material: Sterling Silver

Year of Creation: 2008

#17. UEFA Champions League Trophy (Association Football, $15k)

It’s the biggest club soccer competition in Europe. This tournament takes place every year. The current version of the trophy is the 5th iteration of this design and took 340 hours in production. UEFA ordered and purchased it from a Swiss jeweler for approximately 8k GBP or 10k Swiss Francs. Its current valuation is 15k US Dollars. Hence, the 73.5cm tall and 7.5 kg weighted trophy gets its place among the 20 most expensive trophies in sports. CR7 Net Worth (2022).

Competition: UEFA Champions League

Height: 73.5 Cm

Weight: 7.5 Kg (although mentioned 11 kg in Wikipedia)

Material: Sterling Silver

#18. Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy or NBA trophy (NBA, $13.5k)

It’s the trophy awarded to the winner side of the NBA Finals. The trophy has a basketball alike design with a hoop and basket. It started the journey in 1977 when Tiffany and co. produced it. USA Today has estimated this 61 cm tall and 6.6 kg heavy trophy as 13.5k USD worthy. In British currency, its worth is around 10k GBP. The trophy is made of Sterling silver and vermeil with a 24 karat gold overlay.

Competition: NBA Finals

Height: 61 Cm

Weight: 6.6 Kg

Material: Sterling silver and vermeil with a 24 karat gold overlay

Year of Creation: 1977

#19. English Premier League Trophy (Association Football, $10k)

One of the most iconic trophies in club football. No domestic club competition has that much appeal as the EPL has across the globe. It is based upon the famous 3-Lions design and made of Silver, silver-gilt, and malachite. The trophy is a bit taller than a meter (104 cm) and is 61 cm in width. While it has a weight of 25.4 Kg. It’s definitely one of the 20 most expensive trophies in sports with the current valuation of $20k.

Competition: English Premier League

Height: 104 Cm

Width: 61 cm

Weight: 25.4 Kg

Material: Silver, Silver-gilt, and Malachite.

#20. CONCACAF Gold Cup (Association Football, $9k)

This competition is the North and Central American version of the UEFA Euro or Copa America. The CONCACAF Gold Cup features USMNT along with Mexico and the Canadian national soccer team. The Gold Cup trophy’s design has been changed a number of times. Those changes include scaling down the size and also replacing the original flat rectangular base with an elevated round pedestal. Branding firm M Style Marketing designed the current version of the trophy which is currently valued at 9k US Dollars. Moreover, the newest version of the trophy is 66 cm (26 inches) high and weighs 9 kg (20 pounds). It is made of gold-plated metal. Note: The worth is a speculative one and the actual worth of this trophy is not confirmed, so it might be more.

Competition: CONCACAF Gold Cup

Height: 66 Cm

Weight: 9 Kg

Material: Gold Plated Metal.

Some More Mention Worthy Expensive Trophies in Sports:

Here we will present you with a few more trophies that are ranked just outside the top 20 in this list.

#21. Spanish La Liga Trophy (Association Football, $9k)

La Liga is the highest tier soccer competition in Spain and the winning trophy has a current overall valuation of something around 9k USD. Although some sources claimed it may value around 29k but the 9k term seems much more acceptable for this silverware.

#22. French Ligue 1 Trophy (Association Football, $7.2k)

The French top-tier domestic soccer competition’s trophy has an overall estimation of 7.2k USD. The trophy which is renowned as the L’Hexagoal was developed by the Ligue de Football Professionnel. Meanwhile, Pablo Reinoso designed and created it. Olympique Lyonnais had the honor to lift this for the first time.

#23. FA Cup Trophy (Association Football, $6k)

The Football Association Challenge Cup Trophy or simply the FA Cup trophy is 6k USD worthy. It’s lifted by the winner of the most prestigious soccer cup competition in England, the FA Cup. The valuation of 6k made you confused, right? Well, many of the sites have claimed that this trophy worth more than a million. But that much amount is completely unacceptable with the EPL trophy valuing around 10k USD! Hence, we’ve obtained the other reliable data according to which it costs around 6k USD. The trophy is 61.5 cm tall, 6.3 Kg weighed. Meanwhile, the trophy is made of Sterling Silver.

Competition: The Football Association Challenge Cup or FA Cup

Height: 61.5 Cm

Weight: 6.3 Kg

Material: Sterling Silver

Top 20 Most Expensive Trophies in the World

Trophy Name Sports Value in Dollars
FIFA World Cup Trophy Association Football 20 Million US Dollars
Woodlawn Vase or Preakness Stakes Trophy Horse Riding 2.5 Million US Dollars
Borg-Warner Trophy or Indianapolis 500 Motorsport 1.3 Million US Dollars
BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy Former Women’s Tennis Trophy 1.3 Million US Dollars
Stanley Cup Trophy NHL 650k US Dollars
Ballon d’Or Trophy Association Football 600k US Dollars
America’s Cup Trophy Sailing 250k US Dollars
Africa Cup of Nations Trophy Association Football 150k US Dollars
DFB-Pokal Association Football 108k US Dollars
Serie A Trophy Association Football 66k US Dollars
Bundesliga Trophy or Meisterschale Association Football 54k US Dollars
The Super Bowl Trophy or Vince Lombardi Trophy NFL 50k US Dollars
ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Cricket 30k US Dollars
Commissioner’s Trophy MLB 20k US Dollars
CONMEBOL Copa America Trophy Association Football 16k US Dollars
UEFA European Championship Trophy Association Football 15k US Dollars
UEFA Champions League Trophy Association Football 15k US Dollars
Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy or NBA trophy NBA 13.5k US Dollars
English Premier League Trophy Association Football 10k US Dollars
CONCACAF Gold Cup Association Football 9k US Dollars
Spanish La Liga Trophy Association Football 9k US Dollars
French Ligue 1 Trophy Association Football 7.2k US Dollars
FA Cup Trophy Association Football 6k US Dollars

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