Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World 2020 [List Updated]

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World SportsNile

There remains an argument about the most difficult sports in the world. One may say, that we get hit harder and that’s why our game is the most difficult. But that can’t be the only attribute to describe a game as the toughest one. We examined some more attributes as well to identify the toughest sports on the planet. Those attributes included: Endurance, Speed, Strength, Agility, Skill as well as Physicality. The more the aggregate of the rating of those attributes, the more difficult the sport. So let’s discuss about the 10 most difficult sports in the world.

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World SportsNile

# Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World:

10) Gaelic Football:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Gaelic Football SportsNile

Generally played in Ireland. It is the part of the Gaelic games arranged in the Irish territory. Actually the game is an amateur sport. It is a hybrid between Rugby and Soccer. Players can use either their feet or hands to pass the ball. In addition to this, the game needs lots of stamina as it lasts 70 minutes. It gained 32 points on the toughness scale.

9) Gymnastics:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Gymnastics SportsNile

Are you surprised? It may seem quite easy for you. But this game needs a lot of skills. If you are not ready to believe then you should try it once. I’m warning you, it won’t be easy at all. Gymnastics earned just a point more than the previously mentioned one.

8) Basketball:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Basketball SportsNile

With 35 points on the scale, Basketball sits on the 8th spot. This game needs speed, rhythm, accuracy as well as skill. Oh, another condition for this game is, you need to be tall too.

7) Hurling:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Hurling SportsNile

Another Irish sport, another Garlic Games event. Hurling does have similarity with Gaelic Football but needs a Baseball type ball and also long sticks. The game managed to gather 37 points on the scale to stand 7th in the list.

6) American Football:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World American Football SportsNile

You need to be physically 100 per cent to play this game. It is not for weak persons. The game earned 10 on 10 in physicality attribute on the toughness scale. With a point more than the Hurling, it occupies the 6th spot. But the endurance and skill rating is not that much higher in this game as the rating on those attributes reads only 3 and 4 respectively out of 10.

5) Ice Hockey:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Ice Hockey SportsNile

Imagine sixty minutes racing around the ice chasing a small-sized ball with large sticks! This amazing sport earned 39 points to stand 5th on the chart. The game needs good speed as well as physicality.

4) Rugby:

Rugby SportsNile

An expected name for sure. Another entry with top-class physicality. It seems something like playing football without pads and more importantly, no stoppage during the tackles. Rugby earned a total of 40 points to sit in the 4th position.

3) Boxing:

Boxing SportsNile

It just needed time to come to this inevitable name. Tying with Rugby with the same amount of points, Boxing is placed at number 3. Two players take on each other inside a ring and one tries to hit another with sheer power so that his counterpart falls to the floor. Yeah, you can imagine. It is never easy.

2) Aussie Rules:

Aussie Rules SportsNile

Quite an unfamiliar name outside of Australia. Also known as the Footy in native countries. Played with a football-shaped ball in a huge oval-shaped field. Teams try to score by getting the ball through a set of posts. The posts are set up at the two opposing ends of the field. Aussie Rules gained 41 points on the scale.

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1) Water Polo:

Top 10 Most Difficult Sports In The World Water Polo SportsNile

Officially, the most difficult sport in the world. It does have a resemblance with handball. But handball is a land-based game meanwhile Water Polo is a water-based game. The game earned 44 points on the toughness scale, the most by any sport. It needs a high level of endurance.

# Special Mentions:

  • Tennis (32 points)
  • Soccer (32 points)
  • Ironman Triathlon (26 points)

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