Messi News: Why the Argentine Football Star Struggling in Ligue 1

Lionel Messi is one of the 2 most popular football players in the world and one of the greatest in history. This content will reveal you Messi news which will mainly discuss and analyze why the Argentine football Star struggling in Ligue 1. The highest-time Ballon d’Or winner has made a headline move to French giants Paris Saint-Germain after making a shocking departure from FC Barcelona. But since his move to the French top flight, he hasn’t found his best rhythm yet. Here we will discuss the major reasons behind Messi’s lesser number of goals in the Ligue Un. You can check Who Is Better Messi Or Ronaldo? A Detailed Physical and Technical Comparison.

Why is the Argentine Football Star Struggling in Ligue 1?

The left-footed magician has won the iconic “Pichichi” award a record 8 times which is at least 2 more than any other player in history. Meanwhile, the FC Barcelona legend has also bagged the “European Golden Shoe” a record 6 times! Apart from him, nobody has won it more than 4 times. These stats show how sensational and consistent Leo has been during his Barca days. And more surprisingly he was featured in the league which is considered as much more competitive than Ligue 1. Hence, all of his fans expected plenty of goals in comparatively lesser competitive Ligue 1. But surprisingly Leo has only scored a solitary goal in his first 12 Ligue Un appearances! Let’s see what our analysts have pointed out as the main reasons behind Leo Messi’s struggling in Ligue 1.

Early Days at a New Team:

Although he is a great player and can play top-class football with literally anybody in his team, it’s still too early to judge him! Leo has just joined a new team and that too his first-ever club transfer in the entire professional career. Thus it’s not abnormal to take some time. He is really one of the greatest in the history of the game but he’s a human being after all. Hence, he also requires time to settle with his new teammates. The analysts have pointed it as a very crucial reason and also believe, soon he will come up with loads of goals.

New Atmosphere:

Since his boyhood, the Argentine has grown up at his beloved Camp Nou Stadium. He knew every piece of grass of this stadium. His heart has a special bonding with this club and all its parts. He had familiar people surrounding him. Leo also has his loving home situated in this city. But with the change of the club, he and his family had to change the familiar place. They are required to get used to the new style of living in a fully new place. Although Leo is very much professional nobody is beyond his human attributes and so is this soccer sensation. Thus it’s really normal to take some time to adapt to this new atmosphere, new place, the new style of living, new stadium, new teammates, and a new set of fans.

Focusing Mainly on the UCL:

To be honest, Messi’s biggest objective in PSG is to help his new club win their first-ever UCL title. And that’s what Khelaifi also wants him to do. PSG definitely has been the most probable winner of the Ligue 1 on most occasions throughout the last decade. But they still haven’t been successful to lift the desired UCL trophy. And they have brought in Leo to help them fulfill that dream. And there you can see, Leo has already got 5 goals besides his name after the Champions League group stage while he doesn’t have more than 1 goal besides his name in the French top flight.

The manager also used Messi safely in the league and it’s really understandable with the side being more than 10 points clear at the top. Thus it’s another reason, why the Argentine national team skipper has a lesser number of league goals besides his legendary name this season.

Much More Physical League:

Yes, Ligue Un is definitely less competitive than Spanish La Liga. But one thing, you can’t deny is that it’s certainly much more physical than the Spanish highest-tier soccer competition. In fact, it’s the most physical league among the top 5 European leagues. Messi is 34 now and should aim to have an injury-free career-ending phase. Hence, it may work as a big factor behind his lesser number of goals. And the 7 times Ballon d’Or winner has already mentioned it, claiming the Ligue 1 as more physical.

To Stay Injury Free Before the FIFA World Cup:

It’s the year of the FIFA World Cup. And there is no doubt that, at this point of his career, when he has won and achieved almost everything except the most prestigious soccer title, Leo’s first and foremost priority at the moment is to win the FIFA WC. The competition is less than a year away and Leo is looking at the title. Hence, he will be pretty keen to stay injury-free. In many of the league games, he was seen to play safe football. And yes it might be a reason why he has got a lesser number of league goals.

Playing in Deeper Role:

Messi who used to be a genuine forward during the early days of his career has appeared to play a deeper role during his last few seasons. And after joining the Parc Des Princes-based club, with the likes of Neymar and Mbapee in front, Messi seemed to play the much deeper role. And it has been another reason why Leo has got more assists than goals in the league this season so far.

Not Being the Primary Penalty Taker of the Team:

In FC Barcelona, he was the main penalty taker of the side. He used to take all the penalties during his days at Camp Nou. But in PSG, although he is rightfully the main primary free-kick taker of the side, he has removed himself as the primary penalty taker for Les Parisiens. In fact, he hasn’t taken any penalty in the Ligue 1 so far in his first few months. Hence, the number of goals got affected by this role as well.

Luck Factor:

Even the true Messi haters can’t deny this fact. The Argentine got obstructed by a number of woodworks. A number of his free-kicks and attempted shots came back off the posts and the bar. Otherwise, he really could have at least 3 or 4 Ligue Un goals besides his name.

Missing a Number of Games:

Among the first 22 league games of PSG, Messi has taken part in just 12! He has missed a number of games due to various reasons. His late transfer, absentee due to international duty, injury, and also Covid-19 made him miss at least 10 league games so far. And it’s one of the facts why Leo might have got just a league goal thus far.


Last but not the least, it’s another reason behind Leo’s lesser number of scores. And it’s the reason which has been impacting his goal stats since the last couple of seasons. Most often it seems, he doesn’t urge him to score and prioritize the team’s victory above everything. And this humbleness might cost him a number of goals. However, this might sound illogical to his haters but to be honest, nobody can deny it completely.

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