Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide [2022 Updated]

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 SportsNile

Sports got attached to humans thousands of years ago. People used to play for keeping themselves fit and also as a hobby. But in the last one-century sports got related to us as the profession for so many people and became a crucial part of our life. A big number of people love to watch various kind of sports. It has become the biggest option for recreation throughout the world. In this article we will inform you about the 10 maximum followed sports worldwide.

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 SportsNile

# Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports:

10) Golf (450 million):

Golf SportsNile

Golf has an estimated following of more than 450 million fans worldwide. It has gained huge popularity especially in North America, Western Europe as well as East Asia. Scottish people introduced this game and spread it to the rest of the world.

9) Rugby (480 million):

Rugby SportsNile

Rugby has an estimated following of 480 million so far. The game is highly popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the other Commonwealth countries. The game also considered as one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.

8) Baseball (500 million):

Baseball SportsNile

This outrageous sport has an estimated following of almost 500 million. Baseball is most popular in the United States of America, the Caribbean as well as in Japan.

7) Basketball (850 million):

Basketball SportsNile

Dr James Naismith an American, invented this fantastic game. It is very much popular in the United States of America. NBA is one of the most-watched sports competition in the USA. The game has almost 850 fans around the globe.

6) Table Tennis (880 million):

Table Tennis SportsNile

Introduced as the miniature version of Lawn Tennis in the 19th century. The sport also referred to as the Ping Pong. It has gained enormous popularity in East Asian country China, South Korea along with Sweden. Table Tennis has almost 880 million watchers in the world.

5) Volleyball (900 million):

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 Volleyball SportsNile

This game earned vogue throughout the planet. But mostly watched as well as played in Western Europe and North America. Volleyball has almost 900 million viewers worldwide.

4) Tennis (1 Billion):

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 Tennis SportsNile

One of the only 4 sports to have more than 1 billion followers. It is the most popular single-player game. It was played first in France and since there it was spread all over. The 4 grand slams mainly arranged in USA, England, France as well as Australia. The speciality of this game is, even the other sports stars love to watch Tennis games. The likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are one of the most popular athletes. Women’s Tennis also earned a huge reputation in the last half a century.

3) Field Hockey (2 Billion):

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 Field Hockey SportsNile

Field Hockey mostly watched in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The sport is widely played in subcontinental country India and Pakistan. Apart from this, Australian people play it extensively. This sport has got almost 2 billion fans and stands 3rd in the list of most popular games.

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2) Cricket (2.5 Billion):

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 Cricket SportsNile

Although cricket is not that much popular in all the regions, it still occupies the 2nd spot in this list. The huge number of Indian spectators put it ahead of the other games. Cricket has almost 2.5 billion fans worldwide. Despite being an England derived game, 2 billion spectators belong to the subcontinent. More specifically, more than 1 billion Indians watch this game on a regular basis. Outside of the subcontinent, it is also popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Caribbean.

1) Football / Soccer (4 Billion+):

Top 10 Maximum Followed Sports Worldwide 2019 Football SportsNile

Unquestionably, Soccer is the most followed sport in the world. That’s why they call it the most beautiful game on the planet. This game has unmatched popularity throughout the globe. People from every part of the earth, widely play this game. With more than 4 billion fans, it is way ahead of the other sports. The game’s greatest carnival FIFA World Cup is the most-watched event in the world at this moment.

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