Liverpool Players Salaries 2020-21 [Contract & Weekly Wages]

Liverpool Players Salaries SportsNile

Liverpool FC is an English Premier League club based in Liverpool, England. They are the most successful English club in the European arena. The All Reds have clinched 6 UEFA Champions League titles, the most by any English side. However, they are also the unluckiest giants in England. Among the top 5 EPL giants, they remained the only club who had never won the EPL title. They were too close on the latest occasion. However, they fell behind Man City for just one point. But Klopp’s side went on to win the UCL and are the current holders of the most prestigious club football title of Europe. The article will reveal you the Liverpool players salaries list.

Liverpool Players Salaries SportsNile

# The chart of Liverpool FC Players Salaries in 2020-21 season:

Player’s Name Country Position Weekly Salary Yearly Salary Contract Remained
M Salah Egypt RW 200 Thousand GBP 10.4 Million GBP 4 Years
R Firmino Brazil CF 180 Thousand GBP 9.4 Million GBP 4 Years
V Van Dijk Netherlands CB 180 Thousand GBP 9.4 Million GBP 4 Years
J Milner England CM 140 Thousand GBP 7.3 Million GBP 1 Year
J Henderson England CM 140 Thousand GBP 7.3 Million GBP 4 Years
A Oxlade Chamberlain England CM 120 Thousand GBP 6.2 Million GBP 3 Years
N Keita Guinea CM 120 Thousand GBP 6.2 Million GBP 4 Years
A Lallana England AM 110 Thousand GBP 5.7 Million GBP 1 Year
D Lovren Croatia CB 100 Thousand GBP 5.2 Million GBP 2 Years
Fabinho Brazil DM 100 Thousand GBP 5.2 Million GBP 4 Years
J Matip Cameroon CB 100 Thousand GBP 5.2 Million GBP 1 Year
S Mane Senegal LW 100 Thousand GBP 5.2 Million GBP 4 Years
Alisson Becker Brazil GK 90 Thousand GBP 4.7 Million GBP 5 Years
X Shaqiri Switzerland RW 80 Thousand GBP 4.2 Million GBP 4 Years
G Wijnaldum Netherlands CM 75 Thousand GBP 3.9 Million GBP 2 Years
N Clyne England RB 75 Thousand GBP 3.9 Million GBP 1 Year
S Mignolet Belgium GK 60 Thousand GBP 3.1 Million GBP 2 Years
A Robertson Scotland LB 50 Thousand GBP 2.6 Million GBP 5 Years
D Origi Belgium CF 45 Thousand GBP 2.3 Million GBP 1 Year
T Alexander Arnold England RB 40 Thousand GBP 2.0 Million GBP 5 Years
J Gomez England CB 28 Thousand GBP 1.5 Million GBP 5 Years
H Wilson Wales RW N/A N/A 4 Years

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# Total Spending:

Despite massive success in recent years, the All Reds do have comparatively cheaper expenses than the other European giants. According to Liverpool players salaries 2019-20, their current squad costs only 2.13 million GBP per week. Their yearly wage fee reads only 110.92 million GBP. Less than 1/3 of Barca or Real Madrid’s wage fee. Moreover, the wage fee is much lower than the ones of the Manchester giants.


# New Signings:

A lot of success with the current squad ensured that Klopp didn’t have the necessity to bring in any new superstar. They have signed young defender Sepp Van den Berg for only 1.3 m GBP. They also brought in experienced EPL goal stopper Adrian. The Spaniard cost them nothing as it was a free move.


# Contract Negotiation:

Adam Lallana, James Milner, Joel Matip, Nathaniel Clyne as well as Divock Origi’s contracts are running out. Soon decisions will be made regarding their contracts. Some of them (if not all) will be offered new contracts as well.


# Highest Earning Players:

Egyptian winger M Salah is the highest-earning player of Liverpool. The attacker earns 2 hundred thousands GBP per week as his weekly salary. Thus he bags more than 10 million GBP per year. Brazilian centre forward Roberto Firmino and Dutch centre back Virgil Van Djik shares the 2nd spot with the weekly salary of 180 thousand GBP. They pocket 9.36 million GBP per year as their basic salaries.


# Loan Deals:

Like other football clubs, the Merseyside Reds too have sent some of their young as well as reserved players out on loan deals. The list includes the likes of Allan, Marko Grujic, Ben Woodburn, Nathaniel Philipps. Thus the club doesn’t have to pay their wage fees.

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