Top 10 La Liga Highest Paid Football Players

Top 10 La Liga Highest Paid Football Players Lionel Messi SportsNile

La Liga is the premier division of professional football in Spain. The league has got very high popularity all over the world. In addition to this, it is one of the most-watched league’s in the planet. So many superstar footballers played in this competition and some of them are still playing. The likes of Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Maradona, Di Stefano, Raul appeared in this league. They also earned a massive amount of money by playing on this Spanish top flight. In this article, we will reveal the list of the top 10 La Liga highest-paid football players. Let’s check the list below.


# The chart of the top 10 La Liga highest-paid football players:

Position Name Club Country Yearly Salary and Bonus (USD)
1st Leo Messi FC Barcelona Argentina $92 Million
2nd Eden Hazard Real Madrid Belgium $30 Million
3rd Antoine Griezmann FC Barcelona France $23.2 Million
4th Gareth Bale Real Madrid Wales $20.6 Million
5th Luis Suarez FC Barcelona Uruguay $20.1 Million
6th James Rodriguez Real Madrid Colombia $16.3 Million
7th Sergio Ramos Real Madrid Spain $19.9 Million
8th Gerard Pique FC Barcelona Spain $17.7 Million
9th Toni Kroos Real Madrid Germany $15 Million
10th Luka Modric Real Madrid Croatia $14 Million
11th Diego Costa Atletico Madrid Spain $13 Million
12th Karim Benzema Real Madrid France $11 Million
13th Joao Felix Atletico Madrid Portugal $10 Million


# Now, let’s discuss broadly about the top 5 of them :

#Leo Messi:

Top 10 La Liga Highest Paid Football Players Leo Messi SportsNile

The FC Barcelona sensation has to top the list for sure. He is the 5 times Ballon d’Or winner. He is also one of the greatest ever footballers to play the game of football. Although there is a doubt whether he is the best ever player in history or not. There remains no doubt that he is the best ever La Liga player in history. He tops the goal scorers list in the history and is way ahead of the nearest counterpart. So it was not surprising at all that he topped the chart. Clearly, he is the worthy one to sit at the top of this list. He has a yearly income of $127 m. $92 million of them comes as the salary as well as the bonus. Meanwhile, the rest of them came from endorsements.

#Eden Hazard:

Top 10 La Liga Highest Paid Football Players Eden Hazard SportsNile

The Belgian super star recently joined the Blancos from Chelsea. He led the Blues to the Europa League glory before departing them. The winger does have a very high reputation. Besides, he is one of the top earners. He stands 2nd in the list with a yearly earning of around 30 million USD in the form of Salary and Bonus.

#Antoine Griezmann:

Top 10 La Liga Highest Paid Football Players Antoine Griezmann SportsNile

Another man from FC Barcelona. The World Cup winner with France sits on the 3rd spot. He recently departed from the Atletico de Madrid to join the Catalans. He will earn $23.2 million per year from his new contract with the current league champions. The forward also earns $4.5 m from the endorsements as well.

#Gareth Bale:

Gareth Bale SportsNile

The Real Madrid attacker occupies the 4th spot on the chart. There were rumours that he was to leave the Spanish capital and to join a Chinese League side. If he had grabbed that offer, he would have been the highest-paid footballer in history. But Madrid didn’t agree to sell him at last and kept the Welshman. The former Tottenham sensation earns $20.5 m per year from his contract with the Blancos. He also earns $6.5 m more as endorsements.

#Luis Suarez:

Luis Suarez SportsNile

The Uruguayan striker stands at the 5th spot. The Barca number nine gains 20.1 million USD per annum in the form of salary as well as the bonus. But he also gets $3.5 m more from the endorsements. After joining the Catalans from Liverpool, Luis has helped them winning numerous trophies and is one of the best strikers in the league.

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