Inter Miami Players Salary Per Week 2023, Annual Wages

Inter Miami Players Salary 2023
Inter Miami Players Salary Per Week 2023 and Annual Wages

Inter Miami CF is a Major League Soccer club that came into the limelight after signing the great Lionel Messi. Within a short period of time, the club has caught the attention of the global media as well as an enormous fanbase of this beautiful game. Here we will take a look at the Inter Miami CF Players Salary cap for 2023. Find out the Inter Miami Players Weekly Salary and Yearly Wages Chart. Al Nassr Players Salary Cap 2023 (Weekly, Yearly).

Inter Miami Players Salary 2023

How much do the Inter Miami players earn per week and per year? Who is the top earner in Inter Miami? How much is Inter Miami paying Messi? Find all these answers.

Inter Miami Players Salary Per Week

Here is the complete chart of Inter Miami CF Players’ Weekly Salary for the 2023 campaign.

Player Name Country Salary Per Week
Lionel Messi Argentina 1.04 Million US Dollars
Sergio Busquets Spain 192k US Dollars
Joseph Martinez Venezuela 77k US Dollars
Rodolfo Pizarro Mexico 58.7k US Dollars
Jordi Alba Spain 30k US Dollars
DeAndre Yedlin United States of America 15.9k US Dollars
Jean Mota Brazil 14.4k US Dollars
Gregore Brazil 14k US Dollars
Corentin Jean France 13.8k US Dollars
Serhii Kryvstov Ukraine 10.7k US Dollars
Leonardo Campana Ecuador 10.6k US Dollars
Nick Marsman Netherlands 9.1k US Dollars
Nicolas Stefanelli Argentina 7.7k US Dollars
Kamal Miller Canada 7.2k US Dollars
Drake Callendar United States of America 5.8k US Dollars
Robert Taylor Finland 5.3k US Dollars
Victor Ulloa Mexico 4.8k US Dollars
Franco Negri Argentina 4.3k US Dollars
Cristopher McVey Sweden 4.2k US Dollars
Robbie Robinson United States of America 3.8k US Dollars
Dixon Arroyo Ecuador 2.9k US Dollars
Ian Frey Jamaica 2.1k US Dollars
Edison Azcona Dominican Republic 1.7k US Dollars
Jake LaCava United States of America 1.6k US Dollars
Ryan Sailor United States of America 1.6k US Dollars
Noah Allen United States of America 1.3k US Dollars
CJ Dos Santos United States of America 1.3k US Dollars
Benja Cremaschi United States of America 1.3k US Dollars
Shanyder Borgelin Haiti 1.3k US Dollars
Harvey Neville Ireland 1.3k US Dollars
Lawson Sunderland United States of America N/A
David Ruiz Honduras N/A
Israel Boatwright Dominican Republic N/A
Tyler Hall United States of America N/A

How much money do Inter Miami players make?

The answer is in detail in the below charts.

Inter Miami Players Salary 2023
Inter Miami Players Salary Per Week 2023 and Annual Wages

Inter Miami Players Wages

Now let’s see how much wages the Inter Miami CF players earn per year.

Player Name Position Annual or Yearly Wages
Lionel Messi Right Winger 54 Million US Dollars
Sergio Busquets Defensive Midfielder 10 Million US Dollars
Josef Martinez Center Forward 4 Million US Dollars
Rodolfo Pizarro Attacking Midfielder 3.05 Million US Dollars
Jordi Alba Left Back 1.56 Million US Dollars
DeAndre Yedlin Right Back 825k US Dollars
Jean Mota Central Midfielder 750k US Dollars
Gregore Defensive Midfielder 725k US Dollars
Corentin Jean Center Forward 720k US Dollars
Serhii Kryvstov Center Back 555k US Dollars
Leonardo Campana Center Forward 550k US Dollars
Nick Marsman Goalkeeper 475k US Dollars
Nicolas Stefanelli Center Forward 400k US Dollars
Kamal Miller Center Back 375k US Dollars
Drake Callendar Goalkeeper 300k US Dollars
Robert Taylor Left Winger 276k US Dollars
Victor Ulloa Defensive Midfielder 250k US Dollars
Franco Negri Left Back 225k US Dollars
Cristopher McVey Center Back 220k US Dollars
Robbie Robinson Left Winger 200k US Dollars
Dixon Arroyo Defensive Midfielder 150k US Dollars
Ian Fray Defensive Midfielder 110k US Dollars
Edison Azcona Left Winger 90k US Dollars
Jake LaCava Right Winger 85k US Dollars
Ryan Sailor Center Back 85k US Dollars
Noah Allen Left Back 67k US Dollars
CJ Dos Santos Goalkeeper 67k US Dollars
Benja Cremaschi Central Midfielder 67k US Dollars
Shanyder Borgelin Center Forward 67k US Dollars
Harvey Neville Right Back 67k US Dollars
Lawson Sunderland Central Midfielder N/A
David Ruiz Defensive Midfielder N/A
Israel Boatwright Right Back N/A
Tyler Hall Center Back N/A

Highest Paid Inter Miami Player

Who are the top 5 highest-earners at Inter Miami CF in 2023? Here we will find out the highest-paid or top-earning players in Inter Miami.

Jordi Alba

The Spanish left-back has followed the footprints of his former clubmates Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets. He has made his debut against Orlando City in the Leagues Cup RO32 fixture and this sideback became one of the 5 top-earning stars at the Miami, Florida-based club. His weekly salary at his new side will be 30k US Dollars while he will make just a bit less than 1.6 million US Dollars per season at Miami.

Rodolfo Pizarro

The Mexican also sits among the club’s 5 top-earning players in 2023. The attacking midfielder grabs 58.65k US Dollars every 7 days which makes his annual pocketing as much as 3.05 million US Dollars.

Josef Martinez

The Colombian has been a great server for the club and he is continuing now alongside the Great Lionel Messi while making a very good relationship with the GOAT. The striker is among the club’s top 5 highest-paid players as he receives a weekly wage fee of 77k USD. The forward’s overall yearly income from the club contract is 4 million US Dollars.

Sergio Busquets

He is currently the 2nd highest-earning player at Inter Miami CF. The former Barca captain has been a crucial signing for the MLS side and has already started showing his class and worth. Busquets will be bagging a whopping 10 million US Dollars per season for his new club as he takes 192k US Dollars per week for the services he provides.

Who is the top earner in Inter Miami?

It’s a question that has only one reliable and solid answer. No doubt it’s Lionel Messi who is the highest-paid or top earner in Inter Miami CF. In fact, he is the highest-paid soccer player ever in the MLS or US Soccer history.

How much is Inter Miami paying Messi?

Inter Miami is paying Messi a gigantic 1.04 Million US Dollars every week. This sum is multiple times of what most of the Inter Miami players earn throughout the campaign!

How much will Inter Miami pay Messi?

Leo Messi will bag around 54 million US Dollars per campaign at Inter Miami. So, Miami has been paying Leo an enormous sum of money and no doubt the Argentine deserves every single penny of this deal.

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