ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Umpires Name List with Photo

World Cup 2023 Umpires List
Who are the Umpires for the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023?

Umpiring is a crucial and foremost part of cricket. Without proper umpiring, the game will lose its interest among the fans. Previously some of the ICC events had some controversial umpiring decisions that forced the fans to talk. Well, ICC has already revealed the full list of the officials who will be officiating the games of the 2023 CWC. Who are the umpires for the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023? Here Sportsnile will reveal the full list of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Umpires with Photo. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Commentators List (Hindi, English, Female).

Cricket World Cup 2023 Umpires List

Before heading to the main discussion, let’s find actually who an umpire is. According to the dictionary meaning, the umpires are the officials who watch cricket a game or match closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play. Wikipedia says, “Umpires are the persons with the authority to make decisions about events on the cricket field according to the Laws of Cricket”.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Umpire Appointments

The governing body of cricket, ICC or the International Cricket Council has appointed 20 match officials for the league or the round-robin stage of the Cricket World Cup 2023. The list features umpires and match referees from 10 different countries.

World Cup 2023 Umpire Panel

The appointed list includes 16 umpires as well as 4 match referees. However, among those 16 umpires, 12 belong to the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires while the remaining four belong to the ICC Emerging Umpire Panel.

Type of Appointed Official Panel Number of Appointed Individuals
Umpire Emirates Elite Panel 12
ICC Emerging Umpire Panel 04
Match Referee Match Referee 04

Who are the umpires for the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023?

Sportsnile unfolds the full set of the names of umpires who will be officiating the matches in the 2023 CWC.

World Cup 2023 Umpires Name List

The following list features 16 umpires who will serve as the standing umpires as well as the 3rd umpire during each game. The 16 individuals belong to 9 different countries.

Name Panel Country
Marais Erasmus Emirates Elite Panel South Africa
Christopher Gaffaney Emirates Elite Panel New Zealand
Paul Reiffel Emirates Elite Panel Australia
Richard Illingworth Emirates Elite Panel England
Richard Kettleborough Emirates Elite Panel England
Michael Gough Emirates Elite Panel England
Rodney Tucker Emirates Elite Panel Australia
Joel Wilson Emirates Elite Panel West Indies
Ahsan Raza Emirates Elite Panel Pakistan
Adrian Holdstock Emirates Elite Panel South Africa
Kumar Dharmasena Emirates Elite Panel Sri Lanka
Nitin Menon Emirates Elite Panel India
Paul Wilson ICC Emerging Umpire Panel Australia
Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid Saikat ICC Emerging Umpire Panel Bangladesh
Alex Wharf ICC Emerging Umpire Panel England
Chris Brown ICC Emerging Umpire Panel New Zealand

World Cup 2023 Match Referees List

The tournament will have 4 match referees belonging to 4 different countries.

Name Role Country
Andy Pycroft Match Referee Zimbabwe
Jeff Crowe Match Referee New Zealand
Javagal Srinath Match Referee India
Richie Richardson Match Referee West Indies

ICC World Cup 2023 Umpires List India

Host nation India is the hot favorite to win the title this year. The cricket-crazy nation will also have 2 of its representatives in the umpires panel. Among the 16 umpires, there will be one Indian. Nitin Menon is the solitary member belonging to India among the umpires.

Javagal Srinath, a former Indian fast bowler, will serve as the match referee in this tournament alongside 3 other names, Jeff Crowe (New Zealand), Andy Pycroft (Zimbabwe), and Richie Richardson (West Indies). Can India Win World Cup 2023? (Astrology).

  • Nitin Menon (Umpire)
  • Javagal Srinath (Match Referee).

Who is the Bangladeshi umpire in ICC World Cup 2023?

Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid Saikat created history as he became the first-ever Bangladeshi to officiate a game in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. ICC named him among its 20 officials and he became a part of history when stood in the game between Sri Lanka vs South Africa, match number 04 of the round-robin stage.

ICC World Cup 2023 Umpires List with Photo

World Cup 2023 Umpire Panel
World Cup 2023 Umpires Name List
Who are the umpires for today’s cricket match
ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Umpires Name List with Photo

Who are the umpires for England vs New Zealand cricket?

The opening game of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 was played between last edition’s finalists England and New Zealand. Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad hosted the game. Sri Lankan Kumar Dharmasena and Indian Nitin Menon served as the field umpires for this game. Meanwhile, Paul Wilson played the role of the 3rd umpire in this match. Javagal Srinath was the match referee for this game.

Who are the umpires in India vs Pakistan World Cup?

The most heated and intense clash of this World Cup was definitely the Ind vs Pak match. The match number 12 saw these 2 neighbors taking on each other although it resulted in an easy Indian win.

English umpire Richard Illingworth and South African veteran Marais Erasmus were the 2 field umpires for this game. Another Englishman Richard Kettleborough was the 3rd umpire for the encounter while Zimbabwean Andy Pycroft served the role of the Match Referee in this fixture.

Who are the umpires for today’s cricket match?

Check out the CWC 2023 match-by-match umpires list. ICC Cricket World Cup Today Match Winning Prediction 2023 (All Games Match-By-Match).

ICC World Cup 2023 Umpires Match by Match List

Match Standing Umpires 3rd Umpire Match Referee
ENG vs NZ (M-01) Kumar Dharmasena & Nitin Menon Paul Wilson Javagal Srinath
PAK vs NED (M-02) Adrian Holdstock & Chris Brown Rod Tucker Jeff Crowe
BAN vs AFG (M-03) Joel Wilson & Kumar Dharmasena Ahsan Raza Andy Pycroft
RSA vs SRI (M-04) Richard Illingworth & Sharfuddoula Michael Gough Javagal Srinath
IND vs AUS (M-05) Chris Gaffaney & Richard Kettleborough Chris Brown Richie Richardson
NZ vs NED (M-06) Paul Reiffel & Rodney Tucker Joel Wilson Andy Pycroft
ENG vs BAN (M-07) Ahsan Raza & Paul Wilson Adrian Holdstock Javagal Srinath
PAK vs SRI (M-08) Alex Wharf & Chris Gaffaney Nitin Menon Andy Pycroft
IND vs AFG (M-09) Michael Gough & Paul Reiffel Marais Erasmus Jeff Crowe
AUS vs RSA (M-10) Joel Wilson & Richard Illingworth Richard Kettleborough Javagal Srinath
NZ vs BAN (M-11) Kumar Dharmasena & Nitin Menon Michael Gough Richie Richardson
IND vs PAK (M-12) Richard Illingworth & Marais Erasmus Richard Kettleborough Andy Pycroft
ENG vs AFG (M-13) Rod Tucker & Sharfuddoula Paul Reiffel Jeff Crowe
AUS vs SRI (M-14)
RSA vs NED (M-15)
NZ vs AFG (M-16)
IND vs BAN (M-17)
AUS vs PAK (M-18)
NED vs SRI (M-19)
ENG vs RSA (M-20)
IND vs NZ (M-21)
PAK vs AFG (M-22)
RSA vs BAN (M-23)
AUS vs NED (M-24)

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