How to Watch UFC Live

How to Watch UFC Live
How to Watch UFC PPVs

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a very popular MMA competition in the United States. Shortly, the fans know it as the UFC. It attracts more than a million viewers. In recent years, the competition has also caught attractions from viewers outside the US. Well, one of the most breathtaking MMA fighting competitions UFC is watchable quite easily. Here we’ve brought in all the guidelines to catch the UFC Fight Night as well as the PPV events. From the below phase, viewers will be clarified on how to watch and enjoy the UFC live on TV, through online streaming in and outside the USA. Best El Clasico Matches of the 21st Century.

How to Watch UFC Live (UFC Live Streaming Tonight)

Find compact discussion to catch all UFC events live both on TV and through online streaming in the USA, UK, India, and more.

What Channel is UFC on Tonight?

Well, if you are currently living inside the United States and are searching for options to catch UFC fightings tonight then you just need to keep 2 things in mind. UFC Fightings are brought in on Sundays. UFC Fight Night coverages are available right on US TV even without a paid streaming subscription. ESPN’s family of networks owns the exclusive UFC broadcasting rights inside the US territory. “UFC Fight Night” actions are watchable on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNEWS. However, the PPV events are not available on live TV. In that case, you’ll have to go for a paid streaming platform.

How to Watch UFC Live
How to Watch UFC PPVs

How to Watch UFC PPVs (pay-per-view)?

In this phase, we will answer how to watch the UFC PPVs live in America. We’ve already informed you that, UFC PPVs are not available on TV. ESPN’s Paid streaming service ESPN+ streams each and every UFC PPV event live. While it also streams selected UFC Fight Night Coverage as well. One may ask how to watch UFC pay-per-view for free. Well, unfortunately, it’s currently not possible in the US, if you consider the legal options.

To catch UFC PPV events, you just need to subscribe to ESPN+. And the streaming service will bring in all the PPVs along with selected Fight Night coverages without any cable connection. It’s definitely the best option to watch UFC events in America.

How much does a UFC PPV Fight Cost?

UFC PPV is only watchable on a subscription basis. But it’s really cheap comparing the entertainment and thrills it provides. As ESPN+ is the exclusive rightsholder for the UFC PPVs inside the US, one must subscribe to this platform to watch UFC PPV fights live legally. The service is available for as less as 9.99 US Dollars per month. On the other hand, if you’re a watcher throughout the season then the annual plan should be your pick which makes you pay just 99.99 US Dollars for the 12-month service. Oh, ESPN+ is also available as a part of a bundle along with Disney+ and Hulu. The whole bundle is available at just 13.99 US Dollars per month with ads. But if you have wishes to remove the ads as well, then pick the 19.99 USD per month package.

If you’re really not willing to pay a penny to catch just UFC PPVs then we must give you a bit greed if you have interests in other sports as well. ESPN+ doesn’t only bring in the UFC PPVs, it is actually the US home for a big list of sporting events.

Apart from the alluded exclusive UFC events, programming on ESPN+ includes, more than 75 exclusive and 1000 out-of-market NHL games per season, college sports (including football, basketball, and nearly a dozen other sports from 20 conferences). It’s the US broadcasting home for top domestic and international soccer (LaLiga, Bundesliga, FA Cup, MLS, Copa Del Rey, EFL Championship, Carabao Cup, and more). Subscribers can also catch Golf Top Rank Boxing, Grand Slam tennis, MLB games, international cricket, exclusive ESPN+ Original series, as well as studio shows. Do you still think that the 9.99 USD per month with so many conveniences ain’t worth your penny for a subscription?

UFC Live Stream Tonight for Free:

Although the UFC PPVs are not available for free, in this case you’ve some good news. You can stream UFC Fight Night and catch actions live for free. However, the process isn’t completely free at all. All you need to have to enjoy this convenience is that you must have a cable TV subscription and your channel lineup must include the ESPN family of networks. Is that heartbreaking? We don’t hope so. Because actually nothing comes completely free.

If you are a cable TV subscription holder, enjoy UFC Fight Night through online streaming for free. Go to the Watch ESPN site or use the ESPN App. Put in your credential and the password and log in. That’ll do enough for you to catch the UFC Fightings live. No extra fees are required and no more complications when you’re out of the home. But the only drawback is that the PPVs aren’t available through this process.

Where to watch UFC in the UK?

Oh, it’s all simple here in the UK. Viewers can catch all the UFC events including the UFC Fight Night as well as the UFC PPV events in one single platform. If you are directly a TV user and have a cable connection, then simply turn your TV on, switch to BT Sport channels on Sunday nights, and watch the UFC events live regardless of which event it is. Viewers can also use the BT Sport site or app to stream BT’s coverage as well.

UFC Live Streaming is also available via the BT Sport Monthly Pass. This Pass comes without any cable connection and is contract free as well. The auto-renewal is applicable but users can cancel whenever they want. The BT Sport Monthly pass costs a straight £25 for 30 days. Alluded BT Sport Monthly pass gives you access to the full pack of BT Sport channels. That’s BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport 4, plus any live events on BT Sport Ultimate and BT Sport Extra.

Where can I watch UFC fights in India?

UFC and MMA lovers inside the India and Indian sub-continent can enjoy UFC events live both on TV and through online streaming. Sony Sports Network holds the exclusive Indian sub-continental rights for the UFC events. The popular TV network which also broadcasts WWE in the region, televises the UFC coverages live on Sony Sports Network 2, 3, or 4 in different languages. Live streaming will be available via the network’s subscription-based streaming platform Sony LIV. The SonyLiv Premium charges INR 299, INR 699, and INR 999 for monthly, half-yearly, and yearly packages respectively.

Upcoming UFC Fights

Date & Time Event Where to Watch
November 13 (6 pm Eastern) UFC 281: Adesanya vs. Pereira (PPV) ESPN+, ESPNEWS; BT Sport Channel and Monthly Pass; Sony Sports Network & Sony LIV
November 20 (4 pm Eastern) UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivac ESPN+; BT Sport Channel and Monthly Pass; Sony Sports Network & Sony LIV
December 4 (7 pm Eastern) UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland ESPN; BT Sport Channel and Monthly Pass; Sony Sports Network & Sony LIV
December 11 (6 pm Eastern) UFC 282: Procházka vs. Teixeira 2 (PPV) ESPN+, ESPN2; BT Sport Channel and Monthly Pass; Sony Sports Network & Sony LIV
December 18 (4 pm Eastern) UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Strickland ESPN+; BT Sport Channel and Monthly Pass; Sony Sports Network & Sony LIV

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