How to Bet on Football in Canada

How to Bet on Football in Canada

Soccer, known as football in the UK, is the most popular sport in the world. It’s played in just about every country and is enjoyed by billions of people. As an example of just how popular it is, the 2018 World Cup was watched by 3.5 billion people. Not only is it popular to play and watch, but it’s also very popular to bet on. Top soccer leagues such as the Premier League have huge sums of money bet on every game, and all major sportsbooks offer soccer betting.

One advantage of soccer over other sports when it comes to betting is that there are so many games. Because it’s played all over the world, there are hundreds of leagues and thousands of matches taking place each week. This means bettors have lots of opportunities to win money, provided their bets are successful.

Canada now allows single-game betting as of August 2021. Although not all provinces have introduced legal sports betting yet, it is still growing. Bettors in Ontario, Canada, can make the most of Ontario sports betting bonuses to bet on soccer, and other provinces have legal betting too. If you’d like to start betting on soccer in Canada, just follow this short guide.

Choose a Good Sportsbook

Before you place any bets, you’re going to need to good a good sportsbook. If you’re betting online, make sure you’re in a province with legal single-game wagering first. Then, you’ll want to find a licensed sportsbook. There are some state-operated sports betting platforms, but offshore sites can also offer a great betting experience.

When choosing a site, make sure it’s licensed, has great odds, and is simple to use. A lot of online sportsbooks will provide mobile apps, and they should always offer secure and fast payments. Check that Interac and Instadebit are supported if you want to find a site that accepts Canadian players and is easy to use.

Make the Most of the Offers

Online sportsbooks always provide users with bonuses when they first sign up. In many cases, these are simple to claim and provide an easy way to make some early profit without risking your own money. Be sure to always check on the bonus offered by a sportsbook and read through the terms carefully.
You can compare different sites and find those that offer the best odds and best bonuses. Don’t forget you can also sign up to multiple sites, although it’s best to start off with just one. Common types of bonuses include matched deposit offers, risk-free bets, and free bets. You’ll be able to use these to make the most of your soccer bets and have more fun.

Place Your Bets

After joining, making a deposit, and ensuring you claim the offer, you can start betting. You’ll find soccer on the front page or by using the sports categories to look for soccer/football. Most sites will have an extensive list of upcoming games, and if it’s the right time, you’ll also find live games available to bet on.
You can browse through these games to find one you like and select one of the main markets. Alternatively, you can also open up the game details to see stats as well as additional markets. The markets available will depend on the game and how popular it is. Big competitions such as the Premier League and Champions League will offer more options than smaller ones.
When betting, you can select your stake and confirm the bet after adding it to your bet slip. Form here, you can check it once the event is complete, and some games will also give you the option of cashing out early. This is where you protect your stake or take profits before the game is complete, with the site paying out at the current odds.

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