Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players 2021 [Salary & Match Fee Revealed]

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players SportsNile

Half of the world’s population are women. Women were way back than the men in each and every sector. They were also behind in the sector of sports. But in the 21st century, the women’s game started becoming popular and so many spectators and fans watch the women football regularly now. Recently the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France had a record number of viewers. The girls also involved themselves playing for various famous club’s women side. However, their salary is still too much lower compared with the men’s. In this article, we will reveal you the list of the top 10 highest paid women football players.

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players SportsNile

# Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players:

10) Eugenie Le Sommer ($380,000):

Eugenie Le Sommer SportsNile

The France international plays for Ligue 1 side Olympic Lyon. The attacking midfielder has a monthly earning of $300,000. So she earns 360,000 USD per year. Moreover, she has a match fee of around 30 thousand USD. She also plays as a second striker for her national side.

9) Amy Rodriguez ($380,000):

Amy Rodriguez SportsNile

Amy also does earn as same as Eugenie per month. Her yearly income also reads 380,000 USD. But the FC Kansas City player has a slightly higher match fee of 35 thousand USD. Teammates call this forward “A-Rod” due to her strength as well as fit body.

8) Sydney Leroux ($400,000):

Sydney Leroux SportsNile

The America national team footballer has a yearly earning of $400,000. The FC Kansas City player also earns 40,000 USD as her match fee. Moreover, she is also an Olympic Gold medalist.

7) Carli Lloyd ($400,000):

Carli Lloyd SportsNile

One of the most talented as well as successful female soccer players of modern time. The retiring US international has a yearly income of $400,000. She also has a match fee of 40,000 USD. Carli is two times Olympic Gold medalist. She also won the FIFA World Cup more than once. Moreover, she won the FIFA Best Women Footballer award in 2015 and 2016.

6) Jodie Taylor ($420,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Jodie Taylor SportsNile

The England international has a salary of $420,000 per annum. She plays for the Arsenal Football Club’s ladies’ side. The striker also earns 40,000 USD fee per match. Jodie won the Golden Shoe award in Euro 2017 as she scored 5 goals in her 4 appearances in that tournament.

5) Samantha Kerr ($450,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Samantha Kerr SportsNile

The Australian earns 450,000 USD per year as the salary. Besides, she also takes $40,000 per match as her match fee. The attacker is currently playing for the Sky Blue FC in the club level.

4) Amandine Henry ($500,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Amandine Henry SportsNile

Another France international to make into this list. Henry stands in the 4th position on the chart for her yearly income of $500,000. She also has a match fee of 50 thousand USD. In the club level, she is currently playing for the American NWSL side Portland Thorns. She plays as a midfielder.

3) Ada Hegerberg ($500,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Ada Hegerberg SportsNile

The current FIFA Women’s Best Footballer in the planet. Ada plays for the women’s Ligue 1 side Olympique Lyon. She earns $500,000 per year as her salary. She also plays for the Norway national women football side as well. The striker just turned 24 this July and is an absolute treat to watch. Since joining Lyon in 2014, she has netted on 130 occasions for them only in 105 appearances! The 5 feet 11 inch tall forward wears the number 14 jersey in her club.

2) Marta Vieira ($600,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Marta Vieira SportsNile

Marta is one of the best ever female soccer footballers in history. She is a Brazilian forward. The striker holds the record of the most goals in a FIFA World Cup tournaments as she netted on 17 occasions in just a single edition. In addition to this, she sits on the 2nd place in this list as she earns $600,000 per year. Marta also receives a match fee of 60 thousand USD.

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1) Alex Morgan ($650,000):

Top 10 Highest Paid Women Football Players Alex Morgan SportsNile

The name you were searching for sure! Weren’t You? The most beautiful female soccer footballer in the world also occupies the first spot in this list. The US national team captain earns $650,000 per year. Besides, the FIFA World Cup-winning skipper receives 70 thousand USD per match as her match fee.

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