[Updated] Formula 1 Drivers Salaries 2021 [Annual Income Leaked]

Formula 1 Drivers Salaries SportsNile

Formula One is the highest class of single-seater auto racing. People also know it as Formula 1 or F1. Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) sanctions this competition. However, Formula One Group owns it. I must mention that the word “formula” in the name refers to the set of rules to which all participants’ cars must conform. Moreover, a Formula One season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix. It is actually a French word which means Great Prizes or Grand Prizes in English. The results of each race are assessed using a points system to decide two annual World Championships. Between these two championships, one is for the drivers meanwhile the other is for the constructors. Here we are talking about the Formula 1 Drivers salaries details

Formula 1 Drivers Salaries SportsNile

# Chart of the Formula 1 Drivers Salaries:

Ranking Driver’s Name Team Annual Salary
1st Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 57 Million USD
2nd Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 45 Million USD
3rd Daniel Ricciardo Renault 40 Million USD
4th Max Verstappen Red Bull 13.5 Million USD
5th Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 8.5 Million USD
6th Kimi Raikkonen Sauber 4.5 Million USD
7th Nico Hulkenberg Renault 4.5 Million USD
8th Carlos Sainz McLaren 4 Million USD
9th Charles Leclerc Ferrari 3.5 Million USD
10th Sergio Perez Racing Point 3.5 Million USD
11th Romain Grosjean Haas 1.8 Million USD
12th Pierre Gasly Red Bull 1.4 Million USD
13th Lance Stroll Racing Point 1.2 Million USD
14th Kevin Magnussen Haas 1.2 Million USD
15th Robert Kubica Williams 0.57 Million USD
16th Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 0.3 Million USD
17th Lando Norris  McLaren 0.26 Million USD
18th Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber 0.23 Million USD
19th George Russell Williams 0.18 Million USD
20th Alexander Albon Toro Rosso 0.17 Million USD

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The competition started it’s a journey in the middle of the 20th century. More clearly, the inaugural edition took place in 1950. It is a very popular sporting event in the world. Actually, it occupies the 10th spot among the most popular sporting events on the planet. The cars look gorgeous and spectators always dream to drive those cars as well. Apart from this, Formula One cars are the fastest regulated road course racing cars in the world. F1 Drivers are also very much popular to the fans. They earn a healthy amount of money every year. In the above-listed table, we have revealed you the Formula 1 Drivers salaries.

# Now Let’s Discuss About the Top 5 Highest Paid Formula 1 Driver From the List of Formula 1 Drivers Salaries:

5) Valtteri Bottas:

Valtteri Bottas SportsNile

Bottas occupies the 5th spot with his yearly income of 8.5 m USD. He is one of the few F1 drivers to earn more than 8 million as the basic salary per year. The Finnish (from Finland) currently driving for the team Mercedes after departing the team Williams.

4) Max Verstappen:

Max Verstappen SportsNile

The Belgian-Dutch driver sits on the 4th place with his massive earning of $13.5 m per year. He is one of the very few F1 racers to grab more than 10 million a year. He drives for team Red Bull. His first entrance was in 2015 Australian Grand Prix and won his first title next year in the Spanish Grand Prix.

3) Daniel Ricciardo:

Formula 1 Drivers Salaries Daniel Ricciardo SportsNile

The Australian racer stands in the 3rd position. He grabs a healthy salary of 40 million USD per year. He is currently racing for the team Renault. Daniel clinched his first-ever trophy in 2014 Canadian Grand Prix.

2) Sebastian Vettel:

Formula 1 Drivers Salaries Sebastian Vettel SportsNile

One of the greatest ever Formula One drivers in history. Some of you might have expected Vettel at the top. But he is actually in the 2nd spot with an enormous basic salary of 45 million USD per year. The German won the competition on 4 occasions and races for team Ferrari.

1) Lewis Hamilton:

Formula 1 Drivers Salaries Lewis Hamilton SportsNile

If you are a regular watcher of the F1 then you won’t be surprised to watch this name topping the list. Undoubtedly, Lewis Hamilton tops the list with a massive 57 m USD salary per year. The British racer races for team Mercedes. He has won the competition on 5 occasions and is the current champion.


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