2022 FIFA World Cup Fixture

2022 FIFA World Cup Fixture Sportsnile

FIFA World Cup, the most-watched sports event in the world is very much popular all over the world. The 22nd edition of this tournament will start on 21st November 2022. Conversely, the month-long competition will say goodbye on the 18th December of that very same year. Middle East country Qatar will host it’s very first FIFA tournament. That means, the FIFA WC is coming back to Asia after 20 years. Japan, as well as Korea, were the last Asian countries to arrange this tournament’s 17th edition back in 2002. Here we are talking about the 2022 FIFA World Cup Fixture details.

32 teams from 6 continents (5 on some occasions) will participate in this high profile tournament. FIFA is currently thinking of increasing the number of nations from the next edition in 2026. Then 48 countries will take part in this worldly carnival of football. FIFA WC always brings fever among the all kind of people from children to elderly people and from women to men.


2022 FIFA World Cup Fixture:

Date Time (GMT) Match Between
21st November                vs

[As soon as the Fixture will be revealed, we will update here.]

Let’s discuss about the qualification system of this tournament. Qatar is the only side to qualify as the host nation. Meanwhile, the other 31 teams have to qualify with the worth of their performances in the qualifying stage. The most number of the nation will qualify from Europe. 13 European nations will get their chances to play in this fest. Among the 9 qualifying groups of Europe, 9 group champions will qualify directly. In addition to this 4 more nations will join them as the best runners-up. The five African nations will also come to this party through the same process but all as the group champions of their own group.

4 Asian country will qualify directly meanwhile the 5th one will have to play against the 4th CONCACAF side. 3 more sides from the North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, will join the party too. In addition to this, 4 Latin American countries will qualify directly among the 10 nations who will participate in the qualifiers. The 5th one will also have a chance as they will go head to head against an Oceanian counterpart to make their place settled.

Now let’s move to the seeding system. There will be 4 pots. Each pot will contain 8 countries. The very first post will contain the top 8 ranked nations among the qualified contenders. The 2nd pot will contain the next 8 ranked side and the same system will be applicable for the other two pots too. The heavyweights like Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany will be placed at the 1st pot. It will contain the most possible winners of this upcoming edition. The 2nd pot will contain the likes of Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands etc. The 4th pot usually contains the weakest sides of the competition and will apprehend mostly the Asian as well as the African contenders.

There will be a total of 64 matches. 48 of them will be the group stage match. Each team will play 3 games at the group stage. Two teams from each group will move to the round of 16. In the pre-quarterfinal, 8 matches will be played. Then the 8 qualified sides will play in 4 quarterfinals. Then the 4 winners of those quarter-finals will play in 2 semifinals. And finally, the winners of the two semifinals will compete in the final for the glory.

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