Famous Footballers Birthday List (Month by Month Basis)

Famous Footballers Birthday
Soccer Players Birthday List

Fans often have an interest in their favorite footballer’s birthdays. Because they love to wish them as early as possible on that special day. Yes, they may not get the chance to wish their favorite stars directly but it’s still a pleasure for the fans to wish them through social media. Well, in this content we will bring you the famous footballers’ birthday list on month by month basis. World Cup 2022 Winner Prediction.

Famous Footballers’ Birthday List (Month by Month Basis)

The list will not only contain all the famous soccer players’ birthdays but also represent those on month by month basis. Find Famous Footballers’ Birthday below. Famous Footballers Favorite Foods.

Famous footballers who were born in January:

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos the German midfield star who currently plays for Real Madrid is a world cup winner and 4 times UCL champion. His birthday is on 4th January.

Eden Hazard

One of the most talented Belgian footballers ever and current Los Blancos number 7, Eden Hazard’s birthday is on 7th January.

Jan Oblak

Slovenian goal stopper Jan Oblak who is one of the best keepers in the Spanish top-flight also has the same birthday as Eden Hazard (7th January).

David Silva

Former Manchester City sensation David Silva was born on 8th January. His compatriot Koke also celebrates his birthday on the very same date.

Leroy Sane

German young sensation and the Bayern Munich winger Leroy Sane’s birthday is on 11th January. Spanish side-back Dani Carvajal also has the same birthday.

Nicklas Bendtner

The footballer who is more popular as the “Lord Bendtner” rather than his original name, Nicklas Bendtner the former Arsenal forward celebrates his birthday on 16th January.

Pep Guardiola

Former Spain and FC Barcelona footballer and the current Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was born on 18th January. Find out the Top 10 Football Managers in the World.

Arjen Robben

The legendary dutch winger Arjen Robben’s birthday is on 23rd January.

Luis Suarez

The highest ever goal scorer for Uruguay national team Luis Suarez celebrates his birthday on the 24th of January.


The current FC Barcelona manager’s birthday is on 25th January, just a day after his former teammate Suarez’s birthday.

Jose Mourinho

One of the greatest soccer managers of all-time Jose Mourinho the special one’s birthday is on the 26th of January.

Gianluigi Buffon

The January list is too long and it also contains the Italian legendary goalie Gigi Buffon whose birthday is on the 28th of January.

Footballers who were born in February:

Gerard Pique

The FC Barcelona center-back who also is the better-half of famous singer Shakira celebrates his birthday on 2nd February.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the greatest ever players to ever play the game of football, Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5th February.

Cristiano Ronaldo Birthday
Players born on 5th February


Many of the fans already know that Neymar shares the very same birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and so does Carlos Tevez, Adnan Januzaj, and more.

Angel Di Maria

14th February, Valentine’s day is also the birthday of Angel Di Maria, Edinson Cavani as well as Christian Eriksen. 

Gary Neville

Former Manchester United skipper and current Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville along with former EPL star Claude Makelele celebrate their birthdays on 18th February.

Riyad Mahrez

Algerian superstar Riyad Mahrez was born on the date of the International Mother Language Day (21st February) and so was Phil Jones.


Brazil and Real Madrid defensive midfielder’s birthday is on 23rd February.

Footballers who were born in March:

Landon Donovan

Popular US soccer star London Donovan’s birthday is on the 4th of March while his compatriot Clint Dempsey celebrates his one on the 9th March.

Paul Pogba

The world cup winning French midfielder celebrates his birthday on the 15th of March.

Antoine Griezmann

21st March is the birthday of a number of soccer stars including Antoine Griezmann, Jordi Alba as well as Ronaldinho. Interestingly. all 3 of them played for FC Barcelona at one stage of their career.

Manuel Neuer

The German world cup winning goalie celebrates his birthday on the 27th of March.

Sergio Ramos

The Real Madrid great’s birthday is on 30th March.

Footballers who were born in April:

Franck Ribery

Former France and Bayern Munich winger was born on 7th April.

Sadio Mane

Two high-class Premier League stars Sadio Mane and Vincent Kompany share the very same birthday (10th April).

Carles Puyol

Former Barca center-back Puyol’s birthday is on 13th April.


Kaka, one of the most popular soccer players ever was born on 22nd April. It’s also the birthday of David Luiz. So, Brazilian fans you must mark this date on the calendar.

Marc Andre Ter Stegen

The Barca keeper’s birthday is on 30th April.

Famous footballers who were born in May:

David Beckham

David Beckham the most handsome soccer player celebrates his birthday on 2nd May.

Cesc Fabregas

Former Arsenal midfield star Cesc Fabregas was born on the 4th of May.

Dani Alves

The wing-back’s birthday is on 6th May.

Andreas Iniesta

One of the finest ever midfielders Andreas Iniesta’s birthday is on 11th May. And yes, it’s also the birthday of Belgium and Real Madrid gloveman Thibaut Courtois.

Iker Casillas

Legendary goalkeeping duo Iker Casillas, as well as Petr Cech, share the very same birthday of 20th May.

Marco Reus

The smart and dashing Borussia Dortmund captain’s birthday is on 31st May, just a day after Steven Gerrard’s one.

Famous footballers who were born in June:

Sergio Aguero

EPL great Sergio Aguero celebrates his birthday on 2nd June.

Miroslav Klose

The highest ever goalscorer in the FIFA WC history, Miroslav Klose’s birthday is on 9th June.

Mohamed Salah

The Liverpool and Egypt soccer superstar Mohamed Salah shares the very same birthday as German legend Oliver Kahn (15th June).

Zinedine Zidane

The star midfielder cum coach celebrates his birthday on 23rd June.

Famous Footballers Birthday
Soccer Players Birthday List

Leo Messi

24th June is perhaps the football day according to many of the Messi fans because it’s the day when one of the Greatest Of All Time, Leo Messi came into the world. Messi News: Why the Argentine Football Star Struggling in Ligue 1

Famous footballers who were born in July:

Ruud van Nistelrooy

The Dutch goal machine was born on the very 1st day of July.

Son Heung-Min

Probably the most popular Asian football star of the generation Son Heung-Min came into the world on 8th July.

Lewandowski Birthday
Gareth Bale Birthday

Gareth Bale

Although Gareth Bale and Sergio Busquets play for the rival sides, they share the very same birthday (16th July).

Famous footballers who were born in August:

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Nemanja Matic didn’t only play for the same club but also share the very same birthday (1st August).

Robin Van Persie

One of the greatest strikers in EPL history RVP celebrates his birthday on 6th August.

Robert Lewandowski

Generation’s one of the best strikers Lewandowski shares the same birthday along with Mario Balotelli (21st August).

Famous footballers who were born in September:

Luka Modric

WC Golden Ball and Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric was born on September 9.

Franz Beckenbauer

One of the greatest ever defenders Franz Beckenbauer celebrates his birthday on 11th September which is also the birthday of Eric Abidal.


Truly One of the greatest ever strikers the world has ever witnessed, Ronaldo was born on 18th September.

Andriy Shevchenko

The most iconic footballer ever produced by Ukrain Shevchenko was born on 29th September.

Famous footballers who were born in October:

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

“Birthday celebrates Zlatan on the 3rd October”. Does the sentence look odd? But you’ve read it right, haha. In fact, Zlatan celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of October but we arranged the sentence in a Zlatan manner. Well, just like the famous footballers’ birthday list (month by month basis), we will bring you the famous birthday list of other sports stars.

Mesut Ozil

The assist king, as well as France’s world cup winning captain and coach Didier Deschamps both, celebrate their birthdays on 15th October.


The King of Football was born on 23rd October. Hence, true football fans can never forget this date.

Wayne Rooney

The legendary Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney celebrates his birthday on 24th October.

Diego Maradona

Yes, October is the most precious month for football fans. Because it’s the month on which both Pele and Maradona came into the earth. Diego who has recently passed away used to celebrate his birthday on the 30th of October.

Famous footballers who were born in November:

David De Gea

Manchester United duo David De Gea and Rio Ferdinand didn’t only represent the same club but also share the very same birthday (7th November).

Paulo Dybala

The Argentine forward’s birthday is on 15th November.

Peter Schmeichel

Dad and son duo both celebrate their birthdays in November. Father Peter’s birthday is on the 18th while son Kasper’s birthday is on the 5th of November.

Gary Lineker

The former soccer star who currently plays the role of an analyst celebrates his birthday on 30th November.

Famous footballers who were born in December:

John Terry

Former Blues’ skipper’s birthday is on 7th December.

Karim Benzema

One of the best strikers of the generation, Karim Benzema came into the earth on the 19th of December.

Kylian Mbappe

The young soccer sensation celebrates his birthday on the 20th of December.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Now the Famous Footballers Birthday list will end with history’s greatest manager’s date of birth. The greatest football manager was born on the very last day of the year (31st December).

Hope this content will help you find the famous footballers’ birthdays and as it presents the list on month by month basis, it will make things easier for you.

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