2021 Copa America Stadiums List

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Estadio Alberto J. Armando SportsNile

Copa America is the South American Football Championship. It is the oldest international football tournament. The competition started it’s journey back in 1916. The upcoming 2021 Copa will be the 47th edition in history. The 46th edition recently took place in 2019. Brazil hosted it alone. The Selecao also won their 9th title in the competition history. But the upcoming edition will be hosted by both Argentina and Colombia. The month-long event will start in June and will last till July. Moreover, it is going to be a special edition. 9 venues from 9 different cities of these two different countries will host the 38 matches of this event. Among the 9 venues, 5 of them belong to Argentina. Meanwhile, the other 4 venues belong to Colombia. In this article, we will inform you about the 2021 Copa America Stadiums List.


# 2021 Copa America Stadiums List [Argentina Based Venues]:

#El Cilindro:

2020 Copa America Stadiums List El Cilindro SportsNile

Located in the city of Avellaneda. This ground has a seating capacity of 61 thousand. Furthermore, it is the largest venue of this tournament. The ground is set to host some crucial matches of this fest. It is the home venue of Racing Club.

#Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes:

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes SportsNile

Named after legendary Mario Kempes the one who guided the Albicelestes to their first-ever world cup glory. The Cordoba based venue has a capacity of 57 thousand. It is the 2nd largest venue in Argentina. It is also a venue for athletics along with football.

#Estadio Malvinas Argentinas:

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Estadio Malvinas Argentinas SportsNile

Located at the Mendoza. It has the capacity to touch shorter than 50 thousand. It is the westernmost venue in this country as well. The ground started it’s journey in 1978.

#Estadio Alberto J. Armando:

Estadio Alberto J. Armando SportsNile

Situated at the capital city, Buenos Aires. The arena has a retention of 49 thousand. Nevertheless, it is the easternmost venue in this Latin country. It has the nickname “La Bombonera” which means the Chocolate Box. The name is due to it’s shape. It has one flat stand as well as 3 steep stands on the other sides.

#Estadio Unico: 

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Estadio Unico SportsNile

Located at the Santiago del Estero. It has a retention of 28 thousand. Besides, it is the smallest ground of this warfare. It is also the northernmost field of the country as well. I must add that, it’s still Under Construction.


# 2021 CA Grounds List [Colombia Based Venues]:

#Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez:

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez SportsNile

The biggest Colombian venue of this carnival. It is located in the city of Barranquilla. In addition to this, the ground has a capacity of 60 thousand. Furthermore, it is the northernmost ground among the mentioned 4 venues in Colombia. Atletico Junior uses it as the home venue as well.

#Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex:

2020 Copa America Stadiums List Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex SportsNile

Situated in the Medellin. The arena has a retention of 46 thousand. Both Atletico Nacional as well as Independiente Medellin uses it as their home ground.

#Estadio El Campin:

Estadio El Campin SportsNile

Situated at the city of Bogota. The field has a receptivity of 40 thousand. It belongs to the central part of the state as well. Two different clubs use it as their home.

#Estadio Olimpico Pasqual Gurrero:

Estadio Olimpico Pasqual Gurrero SportsNile

The smallest venue among the 4 selected Colombian grounds. It has a capacity of only 36 thousand. Located at the Cali. Mainly belong to the South-Western part of the Colombian territory.

There will be actually a total of 38 games in this competition. In addition to this, there will be two groups. Besides, each group will contain 6 teams. All the teams will take on each of the 5 other sides in the group. So there will be 15 matches will play in one group. That means, there will be 30 group stage matches. At the end of the first stage, 4 top teams from each group will qualify for the quarter-finals. And then at the end of the quarter-final phase, the semifinal stage will come. And by the very same process, eventually the final will arrive as well. All these 38 fixtures will be played in those 9 venues.

But the final will be held in Colombia. The Andean country’s president Ivan Duque has revealed in the late June 2019 that his country will have the privilege to host the grand finale of the upcoming tournament.

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