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Copa America is the football championship of South America. It is also the oldest international continental competition. The tournament started it’s journey in 1916. The 47th edition of this competition will take place in June and July of the next year. Latin countries Argentina, as well as Colombia, will host the tournament on this occasion. In addition to this, it will be a special event as well. The football festival will begin on 12th June 2021 and the month lengthy carnival will say it’s goodbye on the 12th July of the very same year. In this article, we will reveal you the 2021 Copa America fixtures along with the complete time table.


# 2021 Copa America Fixtures:

Date Time Participating Teams
12th June                   Vs

[As soon as the 2021 Copa America fixtures will be revealed, we will update here]

Firstly, 12 teams will feature in this warfare. 10 Latin American countries along with 2 invited countries from Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will play here. CONMEBOL has ensured that Australia, as well as Qatar, will appear as the invited nations. As usual, there will be no qualification stage. So the sides will directly appear in the main tournament. In fact, there is no such chance for qualification stage. You may have understood it by now. There is just only 10 nations on this continent. So they have to invite other countries from different confederations to make the number a round figure for grouping.

Unlike the previous edition, where 3 groups existed, this times there will be no more than 2 groups. Moreover, on the last occasion, each group contained 4 teams but this time there will be as many as 6 teams. The two groups will be the North Zone and South Zone. In the North Zone, the featuring teams will be Brazil, Colombia (co-hosts), Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela as well as invited team-1. On the contrary, the teams in the South zone group are Argentina (co-hosts), Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia along with the invited team-2.

In each group, every team will come face to face with their other 5 counterparts. So there will be 5 group stage games for every side. That means there will be a total of 15 group games for a zone and a total of 30 group stage matches by combining the two zones’ game. In addition to this, there will be 8 more knock out phase fixtures as well. Let’s talk about the process. After the end of the very first round, 4 top teams from each zone will qualify for the quarter-finals. Moreover, among the 8 quarter-finalists, 4 will qualify for the semifinals. Then by the same process, 2 will be knocked out and play in the 3rd place playoff. Meanwhile, the winners of the semifinals will reach the final and will play for the title.

Besides, CONMEBOL has brought in a few changes to the rules as well. There will be no extra time applicable for the quarter-final fixtures on this occasion. If a quarter-final ends as a tie, the penalty shoots out will be directly applied to decide the winner. Meanwhile, extra time (30 minutes, if the 90 minutes clash ends as a tie) will be applicable for the semifinals, 3rd place playoff as well as the final. Furthermore, there will be a system of 4th substitution in the case of extra time. The authority has also ensured that the final will be held in Colombia.

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