What channel is Eredivisie on and Eredivisie Live Streaming

Eredivisie Live Streaming Streaming
Where can I Watch Eredivisie Live on TV

Dutch highest-tier soccer competition Eredivisie is ranked out of Europe’s top 5 leagues but is certainly among the 10 European soccer leagues. A handsome number of fans still admire Dutch football highly. Dutch Eredivisie used to be streamed live through ESPN+ in the US while Mola TV used to show the matches in the UK. But the scenario has changed with the commencement of the Eredivisie 2022-23 campaign. A common question has risen among the fans, What channel is Eredivisie on? or How to Watch Eredivisie Live Streaming? Well, here we will try to answer the questions. Where to Watch Soccer Live on US TV.

What channel is Eredivisie on and Eredivisie Live Streaming

Find the Eredivisie broadcasting channels and live streaming platforms to catch the Dutch soccer league from anywhere.

Is the Eredivisie on ESPN+?

ESPN gained the US broadcasting rights of the Eredivisie in August 2018 and provided live coverage till May 2022. Matches were broadcasted through the network’s paid streaming platform ESPN+. So ESPN+ was the US home for Dutch Eredivisie broadcasting. Live streaming of 3-5 matches was available every match week during that period. But, the 2022-23 campaign brought in some sour news for the US-based Dutch soccer enthusiasts. ESPN+ will no longer serve as the broadcasting home for this competition. So the answer to this question is a big fat “NO”. Eredivisie 2022-23 will not be shown on ESPN+.

How can I watch Eredivisie in the USA?

Well, now head to the next chapter, and let’s find out the solution for such a scenario. Eredivisie 2022-23 can’t be watched legally in the US. That means viewers will have to find something different. However, we’re making the task easy for you. As no legal broadcaster is yet to show the matches live in America, one needs to use a VPN to catch Eredivisie live streaming. Subscribe to a well-reputed VPN service and use the Netherlands-based broadcasters to watch the games live.

ESPN holds broadcasting rights in the Netherlands. The network possibly shows every Eredivise match live inside the host nation. Matches are generally televised on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 on Dutch TV. Eredivisie live streaming is available via WatchESPN. Although the service is available in the Netherlands only, a VPN should give you the desired access to catch the match live. Another option to get access is ZiggoGO.tv. It’s another Netherlands or Europe-based streaming service to catch plenty of TV channels. This service is also not available in the US. But VPN subscribers can gain access and stream the matches live.

Eredivisie Live Streaming Streaming
Where can I Watch Eredivisie Live on TV

Where can I stream Eredivisie in the UK?

In the UK, viewers can stream Eredivisie live through Mola TV. Check details by visiting Mola.tv and learn details about everything you need to know. Or you may also catch the Eredivisie live streaming via ZiggoGO.tv or WatchESPN by using a Dutch server by subscribing to a VPN service.

How can I watch Eredivisie in Germany?

Dutch Eredivisie live streaming is also available through DAZN in multiple countries. The list is not long though but the highly popular OTT platform will show actions from the Dutch highest-tier soccer competition in Germany and Austria. So, the Germany-based viewers can stream Eredivisie live through DAZN by subscribing to the service. The standard subscription charges 29.99 euros per month in Germany and Austria. It is the newly increased price for the Standard plan. Users can also go with the Premium plan which comes at 39.99 euros for a month. Sportdigital also shows the matches live in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

What channel is Eredivisie on in Different Countries?

Astro SuperSport will show the Dutch Eredivisie matches in Malaysia and Brunei. Setanta Sports will have the privilege in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Moldova. On the contrary, Sport Klub will enjoy the rights in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as North Macedonia. V Sport will show the matches in Finland, Norway, and Sweden with TV3 Sport showing in Denmark. MolaTV will stream the games also in Italy, Ireland, and San Marino apart from the UK.

How can I watch Eredivisie in India?

If you are to catch Eredivisie live on TV from India and the subcontinental countries then Eurosport will be your bet. So the Indian viewers can enjoy the Eredivisie live through Eurosport while they can stream the games live through Jio TV.

How can I watch Eredivisie Live for Free?

Are you searching for an option that will help you stream Eredivisie for free? If you’re not willing to pay a penny to watch Eredivisie live then you can go with the following instructions.

One may head to Totalsportekt.com or yalla–live.tv website to enjoy the Eredivisie matches live for free. Yalla provides the Arabic commentary only while Totalsportek will bring in the English language commentary version.

Apart from these, you can download different live streaming apps and enjoy the Eredivisie matches and other football competitions live. The list includes different apps including Football TV HD, Lepto Sports App, All Football TV, Yacine TV, Live Football TV, and other apps. All these apps are available right on google. However, the users may require a VPN to download some of these apps but then they can run these apps without a VPN. You also may use free VPNs to download these apps. But a note to remind you, free VPNs might be harmful to your device. Where to watch EPL in the USA?

Dutch Eredivisie 2022-23 Broadcasters List and Live Streaming Platforms

Country/Region Broadcasters
Netherlands ESPN (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, WatchESPN, ZiggoGO.tv)
UK, Italy, Ireland, San Marino Mola TV
Germany, Austria, Switzerland DAZN, Sportdigital
Sweden, Finland, Norway V Sport
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova Setanta Sports
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia Sport Klub
Malaysia, Brunei Astro SuperSport
India Eurosport, Jio TV
USA No Legal Broadcasters for 2022-23 Season

Where can I watch KNVB Cup live in the USA?

Well now let’s find out where to watch the most prestigious Dutch soccer cup competition live on US TV. GolTV will continue as the US home for the KNVB Beker. Selected matches will be shown with English and Spanish commentary versions. Viewers need to switch their TV on and press their remote to find GolTV and GolTV Espanol. The network will have the broadcasting privilege not only in the US but also in Central and South America.

Sportdigital shows the KNVB Cup matches live in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Match TV has Russian rights while NENT will broadcast the games in the Nordic countries. And yes, Mola TV will be the broadcaster in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

KNVB Beker Cup Live Streaming:

In the US, viewers can get access to the alluded networks and can stream KNVB Beker live through cord-cutting service fuboTV and YouTube TV. The general fuboTV and YouTube monthly subscriptions come at 69.99 USD per month and 64.99 USD per month respectively. By the way, access to GolTV requires add-ons on both services. For the FuboTV users, International Sports Plus needs to be added while the YouTube TV users need to add the Sports Plus pack. The fubo’s add-on charges an additional $6 per month while the YouTube TV’s add-on will cost $11 per month. So, the overall pricing will be the very same for both service users.

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