Can India Win World Cup 2023? (Astrology Prediction)

Can India Win World Cup 2023
India Win 2023 World Cup Astrology

India is the 2 times winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup. The last time the Men in Blue lifted the ICC WC trophy was back on their home soil in 2011. Once again the hosting privilege is back to the Indians. Now the question is, Can India Win World Cup 2023? Will India Win World Cup 2023? What does astrology say? We will discuss all these questions and will try to reach a conclusion. ICC Cricket World Cup All Match Winning Prediction 2023.

Can India Win World Cup 2023?

Before answering directly such a question we must consider some facts. The direct answer is, Yes, India Can win World Cup 2023. But why and how? Let’s find out.

(1) Home Advantage

The biggest reason why India can win the 2023 Cricket World Cup, will be the home advantage. India is simply too good at home and all other sides will feel pressure when they face India in their own backyards. The conditions will be familiar to the Indians and you must consider such an advantage at such a high level of competition.

(2) Strongly Balanced Squad & Squad Depth

India has one of the most balanced, strongest, and consistent squads in world cricket. Their squad depth is almost unmatchable except England’s squad depth. With such a strong squad on home soil, India will take tough tests of all their opponents.

(3) Home Record

India’s home record has been very good. The record has been sublime not only in recent times but also throughout the last decade. You may point out their series defeat against the Aussies in the ODIs. But the Men in Blue have won most of their home series and especially in the mega events their home records have been pretty good except for that 2016 T20 WC semifinal defeat against the Caribbeans.

(4) Recent Results

Recent results will show, very few sides can match India’s capability to win the big games and mega-events. In this case, England & Australia will be the major threats perhaps.

(5) Outsiders’ Weakness

The main contenders for the ICC CWC are India, England, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, etc. But if you take a look at the outsider teams like Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, etc, you will find out that all these sides have struggled in the sub-continental regions. They are less fluent in the sub-continental conditions than in other parts of the world. So the rivals’ cons turn into India’s pros.

(6) Big Game Players

India has got a number of big game players in its squad. The likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc have been the world’s most famous big game players, and the youngsters and newly included squad members also proved that they can perform at such a high level. So, count them in as the hot favorites for the 2023 CWC.

(7) Solid Batting Line-Up

The Indian batting lineup seems highly solid. The fans will be relying highly on this batting lineup and would be dreaming about lifting the trophy. We also think that their batting lineup could make the difference.

(8) Cheering Fans

This is one of those reasons you can’t put aside. The Indian fans are the craziest ones in the entire cricket world and they can cheer their team towards glory for sure. A home tournament means there will be much more cheering. The fanbase that makes Australia or England look like home can turn the Indian Stadiums into Blue Heavens for the cricketers. There will be pressure on the umpires and the fans factor might help the Indian team being favored in all 50-50 decisions.

Can India Win World Cup 2023
India Win 2023 World Cup Astrology

Now let’s check out why India may not win the World Cup.

(1) No MS Dhoni

For the first time in the last 16 years, there will be no MS Dhoni for India in the Cricket World Cup. The man who led India to all its successes in recent years will be badly missed. It will be the biggest leakage on their wheel and might cause them to glide.

(2) Poor Captaincy

Sorry to say, but neither Rohit nor Kohli seems to be enough good captains for such a high level. Rohit might have won the IPL 5 times but he always seemed mediocre at international level. And their disastrous semifinal performance against England showed how vulnerable they can be! The same scenario goes for VK as well.

(3) Bumrah’s Fitness Issue

The country gets back its premium fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. But after a long absentee, it’s a huge question whether he will be able to perform at his typical fashion.

(4) Choking at Big Stage

Since the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy Glory, India kept choking in all the big knockout stages. They started well in the competitions but couldn’t capitalize especially at the knockouts. Take a look at India’s choking stage in different editions:

Event Year Elimination or Heartbreak
ICC T20 World Cup 2014 Defeat vs Sri Lanka in the Final
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Defeat vs Australia in the Semifinal
ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Defeat vs West Indies in the Semifinal
ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Defeat vs Pakistan in the Final
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Defeat vs New Zealand in the Semifinal
ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Eliminated from Group Stage
ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Defeat vs England in the Semifinal

So there are reasons why the other sides may believe that they can beat India at their own backyard.

India World Cup 2023 Results

  • 1st Match, Win vs Aus.
  • 2nd Match, Win vs Afg.
  • 3rd Match, Win vs Pak.

Will India Win World Cup 2023?

Well, it’s a massive call to give such early. But surely India can win the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup. They are the biggest hot favorites for the competition. Indeed, India has the most favorable odds to win the World Cup. So, there is high chance for India to win the World Cup.

India Win 2023 World Cup Astrology

Indian fans often believe the astrological estimation and predictions. The astrology says that in their own backyard during October-November, India will win the world cup 2023. Dr. Brahmachari, one of the best astrologers in India, predicted his country to lift its 3rd ever ICC CWC title.

Who will captain India in World Cup 2023?

Rohit Sharma is the current captain of the Indian ODI Team. So if no accident or injury occurs, the Hitman is going to captain India in World Cup 2023.

How many World Cup India won
Who will captain India in World Cup 2023

How many World Cup India won?

India has so far won the ICC Cricket World Cup twice. They won their first-ever title in 1983 and then repeated the success in 2011. The side also won the ICC T20 World Cup once in 2007.

Which World Cup India won in 2011?

India won the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. MS Dhoni led the Indians to their 2nd CWC title in their own backyard.

Was Virat Kohli in 2011 World Cup?

Yes, Virat Kohli was in 2011 World Cup. He won the competition in which he played all the games for India. VK used to bat at number 4 for India in that competition. The 2023 ICC CWC is gonna be his 4th ICC World Cup.

India Team Squad for 2023 World Cup

Check it here. Team India Squad for ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 (Confirmed).

Will Ashwin Play 2023 World Cup

Yes, Ashwin is playing in the 2023 World Cup.

Will Pakistan go to India for World Cup 2023?

You can find the answer to whether Pakistan will go to India for World Cup 2023 or not in the following link.

Who is likely to win World Cup 2023?

Here are Sportsnile’s ICC World Cup 2023 Winner Predictions & Odds.

Who will win 2023 Cricket World Cup Astrology?

Astrology suggests that India will win the 2023 Cricket World Cup at home. So according to the renowned astrologers, India is going to lift their 3rd ICC title in history.

India World Cup Results

Fixture Opposition Result
1st Match in Round-Robin Stage Australia Won by 6 Wickets
2nd Match in Round-Robin Stage Afghanistan Won by 8 Wickets
3rd Match in Round-Robin Stage Pakistan Won by 7 Wickets
4th Match in Round-Robin Stage Bangladesh Won by 7 Wickets
5th Match in Round-Robin Stage New Zealand Won by 4 Wickets
6th Match in Round-Robin Stage England Won by 100 Runs
7th Match in Round-Robin Stage Sri Lanka
8th Match in Round-Robin Stage South Africa
9th Match in Round-Robin Stage Netherlands

Can India Win WC 2023?

Why not! Of course, they can. Currently, the odds for India to win the WC against all other 9 participants is 2.10 or 11/10 or +110.

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