Burnley Players Salaries 2022-23 [Weekly/ Yearly Wages & Contract Confirmed]

Burnley Football Club is an expert English football club and they’re taking part in the competition of English Premier League on a regular basis. The crew is likewise called Burnley without a doubt. Even though it has a nickname and that’s The Clarets. The crew made their journey on 18th May 1882 which become nearly 136 years in the past. And from when the pinnacle tournament of England modified their title in 1992, FC Burnley was not capable of win any unmarried name of it. However, presently, we’re just speaking about the crew Burnley players salaries based on their current weekly and yearly statistics. 

Burnley Players Salaries [Weekly/ Yearly Wages & Contract Confirmed]

If we look at the last season of Burnley, we are able to see that the club sold a number of players and to be exact, the 20 players as we speak. And amongst them, a great number have taken leave as the free agent and a couple of in exchange for free.

But the paid deals have become undisclosed. They additionally bought 14 gamers before starting the new season. Six of them have come in exchange for a good deal of money and the rest are in for free of cost. So, plainly the crew is complete of amateur gamers even though they are quite experienced but wearing the new jersey, we can call them newbie. 

We have supplied underneath the overall information of Burnley players salaries and we see that crew Burnley includes 22 players in their regular squad. English defender Ben Mee is the current captain of the crew. When the reality has come to learn the salaries, we need to look who’s receiving the best quantity from the club. Let’s see the Burnley player salaries and highest-paid stars information below.

# Burnley Players Salaries 2022-23

S/N Player Name Nation Current Age Pos Weekly Wage Yearly Wages
1. Matthew Lowton Eng 31 DF £29,000 £1,508,000
2. Charlie Taylor Eng 27 DF £37,000 £1,924,000
3. Jack Cork Eng 31 MF £38,000 £1,976,000
4. Nick Pope Eng 29 GK £34,000 £1,768,000
5. James Tarkowski Eng 28 DF £50,000 £2,600,000
6. Ben Mee (Cap) Eng 30 DF £58,000 £3,016,000
7. Ashley Barnes Eng 30 FW £48,000 £2,496,000
8. Chris Wood New 28 FW £57,000 £2,964,000
9. Robbie Brady Ire 28 MF £33,000 £1,716,000
10. Ashley Westwood Eng 30 MF £34,000 £1,768,000
11. Johann Berg Guomundsson Ice 29 MF £35,000 £1,820,000
12. Phil Bardsley Sco 35 DF £24,000 £1,248,000
13. Matej Vydra Cze 28 FW £34,000 £1,768,000
14. Kevin Long Ire 29 DF £25,000 £1,300,000
15. Dwight McNeil Eng 20 MF £47,000 £2,444,000
16. Jay Rodriguez Eng 30 FW £50,000 £2,600,000
17. Dale Stephens Eng 31 MF £37,000 £1,924,000
18. Josh Brownhill Eng 24 MF £35,000 £1,820,000
19. Erik Pieters NED 31 DF £27,000 £1,404,000
20 Bailey Peacock N. Ire 23 GK £18,000 £936,000
21. Will Norris Eng 26 GK £4,400 £228,800
22. Jimmy Dunne Ire 22 DF £3,100 £161,200
Salary Chart

# Highest-Paid Players:

As said with the aid of using the above-indexed data, we are able to analyze the Burnley players salaries in the current time. Let’s see the best-paid players of the club. When the subject comes to the best-paid footballers, we have to admit the call of Ben Mee. He is an English national crew participant and presently 30 years of age. Mee is playing as a defender in the club and national team. 

He commenced his expert profession in 2008 with the Premier League membership Manchester City and performed for 4 seasons. Though he did not get the chance of wearing their jersey but spent a couple of loan season. Later in 2012, he joined the FC Burnley in change for an undisclosed fee. Mee is spending an extended profession with the membership and performed 308 appearances. At the same time, he scored 9 tims so far. And know that Ben Mee is earning £58,000 as the weekly and £3,016,000 as his yearlt salary from the club.

Now, if we recollect the 2d highest paid footballers withinside the membership Burnley, we have to say the call of New Zealand forward Chris Wood. His current weekly wages is  £57,000 as we speak.

According to the above-indexed Burnley players salaries statistics, there are some of the footballers who’re earning an awesome quantity from the membership.

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