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Apps and widgets, in general, play an increasingly important role in our lives. Nowadays, there seems to be one for every aspect of our lives, from the not-so-popular stuff like health, training, and work,  to well-known activities like social media and gambling, which in turn covers everything from fun online bingo games to sports betting worldwide.

The good news for sports fans is this explosion in apps is also taking place in news and sports entertainment-oriented Sports apps. Thanks to these, avid fans can follow sports news,  sports events, game scores, live matches, player-oriented news, and more. The best apps in this genre are all customisable, making it easy to follow your favourite teams or players with live updates and notifications for news, matches, etc. So if you want to keep informed while on the go, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 sports apps.

1. Bleacher Report:

This free app, available for download at Google Play and Apple App Stores, is easily customisable. You can personalise it to follow your favourite sports, leagues, and teams. News and score updates are delivered in real time, and users can bookmark stories and receive notifications of developments. The carousels feature on the homepage makes it easy to navigate through groups. 


One of the best sports apps for multiple sports updates, TheScore allows you to follow football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, among others. A built-in sports calendar feature keeps track of upcoming matches. The dashboard can be set to display real-time score updates from your favourite sports, and the customisable news feed delivers real-time news stories and sports analysis. There’s also a group chat function.

3.Sofa Score

The Sofa Score, which is compatible with Android Wear smartwatches, is the ideal app if you want to follow international soccer. Updated lists of live matches allow you to follow the latest league action around the world. Live match updates, with commentary in both English and Spanish, cover all details of the game including team lineups and substitutions. You can connect with other fans through the Chat tool and take part in quizzes thanks to the  “Battle Draft” game integration.

4. BBC Sports: Best Sporting Apps

The UK’s BBC Sport is among the best sports apps for fans of Football, Formula One, cricket, tennis, rugby, and golf. It provides match streaming in real-time and frequent highlights, and you can also watch other important international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. Personalisation features allow you to follow a particular sport, team or player, and the live streams are compatible with Chromecast.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports provides live coverage of  NBA and NFL games, major football leagues, cricket, golf, tennis, boxing, cycling, and other sports. Using your geolocation, the app provides personalised sports news with curated content from blogs and news stories. The UI is simple and straightforward, and the expanded search functionality allows you to easily find videos and articles.

6. CBS Score

The CBS Score app lets sports fans listen to CBS Sports Radio and watch the CBS Sports HQ channel, as well as providing live game coverage from a range of sports and leagues. You can also get personalised updates on scores and stats from your favourite sports and favourite teams. Highlights from your favourite matches are available on demand.

7. Live Score

Live Score has been around since 1998, delivering real-time game scores from tennis, basketball, football matches, soccer, and hockey to fans on the move. You can also receive optional live commentary for each match. You can follow multiple matches simultaneously, and the Explore icon tracks hundreds of competitions worldwide. The calendar feature helps you keep track of upcoming matches.

8.Flash Score

The FlashScore sports app is an excellent live score app bringing you the latest results from more than 38 sports and 6000 competitions worldwide. All sporting events can be followed with live text commentary. You can also access statistics and rankings of favourite teams and sports, plus in-depth match previews and recaps. The Team News function will provide real-time updates for all events and news from your favourite teams. 

9. 365Scores

This platform covers ten sports, including football, basketball, cricket, and volleyball. 365Scores allows you to select your favourite teams, sport, and athletes and follow them with live notifications for all news and events.   The live game tracker provides real-time updates on over 2000 competitions, including Wimbledon, FIFA, NFL, NHL, IPL, and others.

10. ESPN

US Sports lovers’ favourite cable TV channel, ESPN, has moved into the mobile streaming field in response to increased demand. This app for sports keeps you updated in real-time

 on the latest sports scores, videos, game previews, etc, from football, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and other sports. The premium option, ESPN+, allows you to watch live sports and PPV content, as well ESPN+ Originals and studio shows.

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