6 Best Pool Balls in 2023 – Pick the Best One


How pool balls differ from one brand to another? Does the quality of pool balls matter in enhancing your gameplay?

These type of questions bothers almost all pool/snooker table owners. There are numerous brands offering pool balls, but you will notice that the price difference is huge in some cases.

In this post, we will help you to analyze the quality of pool balls. For sure, it will also help you to pick the best-suited pool balls set for your pool table.

Types of Pool Balls

 In general, there the main two types of Pool balls which includes:

  1. Standard Balls
  2. Aramith Balls

Standard Balls – According to the name, these balls are suitable for all types of pool tables—no matter whether you use an expensive pool table or an affordable one. A standard pool ball set is best for an individual who wants to start a pool game.

Most of the standard pool ball sets are made up of hard plastic. The plastic build reduces the pool ball set’s cost and makes it one of the best affordable options to pick. These balls are used in commercial pool table setups. Hard plastic generates higher friction on the table’s fabric which degrades the life of the fabric faster.

Aramith Balls – These pool ball sets are mainly used by professionals. The quality of the balls is super tough, which offers a better collision effect than that of plastic balls. The superior quality balls are made up of high-grade synthetic resins. Resins help in reducing the frictional force on top of the pool table. The material used also offers a spotless, shiny texture with bright colors.

Apart from its superior built quality, Aramith balls are precisely crafted to roll uniformly on top of a pool table. Brands focus on their roundness for delivering the best playing experience. If you consider affordable plastic balls, you might have to compromise with roundness and uniformity.

Check out some of the best available pool balls for the best playing experience.

Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set

 The Aramith Pure billiards ball set is excellently crafted with the highest quality phenolic resin. The resin provides excellent stability to withstand all types of impact and scratches. The brand ensures its consumers with premium balls with smooth finish without any rolling issues.

The pool ball set is one of the valuable products because of its 5 times longer life span. The phenolic resin is always better than ordinary polymer balls, which lose its shine and smoothness just after few pool games. The Aramith Premium billiard balls utilize the innovative Vitrotech technology.

The above technology helps in offers a perfect roundness with balanced hardness levels and uniform weight distribution. The manufacturer also guarantees that their balls can bear a load up to 5 Ton.

The unique resilience calibration of Aramith pool balls offers consistent and optimal rebounding capabilities. It not only provides free rolling of balls but also increases the consistency of the shots.

Inside the package

The complete set includes a set of 16 balls. It offers 8 solids, 7 stripes, and one cue ball.

 Key features

  • Crafted with the highest quality phenolic resin
  • Resin built delivers superior scratch and impact resistance
  • Phenolic resin balls will last up to 5 times longer than polymers
  • Aramith Premium billiard balls utilize Vitrotech technology
  • Balls with perfect roundness and balance, hardness, and uniform weight
  • The high load-bearing capacity of 5T


  • Impact and scratch resistance
  • Superior durable
  • Uniform weight and hardness
  • Precise roundness
  • Frictionless rolling


  • Nonpremium set of balls.

SuperPro Aramith Pool Balls – VALUE PACK

In the super Pro Aramith Pool balls package, you will get one of the most delicate made phenolic resin balls. The resin ensures smoothest rolling with no shot error. The phenolic resin is best known for its rigid construction with long life playing stability.

Most of us prefer to have a complete set of pool balls with all features. Not a single player prefers to compromise with a premium feel as it enhances your performance in a tournament. The pool set comes with a Jim Rempe training ball and Aramith cleaning cloth and cleaner.

The resin used offers exceptional scratch and impact resistance which enhances the life span of the balls. The smooth surface reduces the risk of pool table fabric wear; thus, you get friction less smooth rolling.

High-quality gameplay is only possible if you clean the palls with a soft cloth.  Cleaning improves the dirt-free surface of balls which is essential for a pool tournament. Also, you will get a chance to use the Jim Rempe training ball to improve your shot placement and control.

Inside the package

Inside the package set it includes a pro cup cue ball, a complete set of super Aramith pro balls, Jim Rempe training ball, Aramith Cleaning Cloth, and Aramith Balls cleaner.

Key features

  • Made up of finest quality phenolic resin to ensure quality
  • Exceptional impact and scratch resistance outer surface
  • Highly durable smooth surface reduces the risk of pool table cloth wear
  • Ships with high-quality Aramith ball cleaner with a microfiber cloth
  • Jim Rempe training ball for better control


  • Durable and rigid form factor
  • Phenolic resin offers higher self-life
  • The highly durable frictionless surface
  • Uniform balance built improves better rolling
  • Aramith ball cleaner for better maintenance


  • Suffers from cleaner leaking issues

Aramith Billiard Balls – Premier Belgian

It is not always possible for bigger pool players to invest a huge amount in pool ball sets. For their convenience, the brand Aramith billiards balls offer a premium range of pool balls without breaking your bank.

For brilliant gameplay, you must consider a pool made up of superior phenolic resin. The resin is best in delivering higher scratch resistivity with stable impact bearing capacity.

The polished surface of the Aramith phenolic resin ships with a smooth surface. It ensures frictionless rolling with no compromise with the gaming experience. Playing with rough pool balls spoils the gameplay and degrades the pool table cloth too.

The best quality of the brand is that it offers its consumers precisely rounded balls. The pool’s balls satisfy all standards and regulations. The weight of the balls is uniformly distributed, which offers stable shot placement. You will not face any gameplay issue with the size of the balls.

Inside the package

The pool ball package offers 16 complete sets of balls with 8 solid-colored balls, 7 striped balls, and one white cue ball.

Key features

  • Phenolic resin offers superior strength and hardness
  • The resin helps in providing exceptional impact and scratch resistance
  • A smooth surface ensures free rolling with no friction
  • Brand ensure Aramith balls with precise roundness, weight, and size
  • Premium billiard balls made up of Vitrotech technology


  • Perfect roundness
  • Balanced weight and size
  • The highly durable and long self-life
  • Smooth-rolling with zero friction
  • Bright colors with a brilliant performance


  • No Aramith logo on the cue ball

Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set

 Suppose you are someone who wants to experience premium pool gameplay with standard Aramith-regulated balls. The complete pool ball set ships beautifully polished with bright colors. The number printed on their balls are bold, which delivers superior visibility.

The brand also ensures that the manufacturing process utilizes high-quality resin. The formulation behind the innovation is high in technology which delivers enhanced gameplay.

When you compare the balls with the rivals, you will see a clear difference in material. The resin used by the brand guarantees offers 8 times more life than ordinary polyester balls or phenolic balls.

It is imperative to prefer balls with superior shine and smoothness. However, if the balls lack uniform density, hardness, roundness, and weight, it can spoil the gameplay experience.

So, it offers best-in-class pool play. The Aramith balls ensure higher impact and scratch resistance. The property helps in smooth rolling on the pool table without hampering the quality of the cloth.

Inside the package

The complete package of pool balls contains 16 balls. 15 pool balls are beautiful colored with bright colors and 1 Aramith logo cue ball.

Key features

  • Satisfies standard regulated pool ball size
  • Bright colors pool balls with big numbers for best visibility
  • Made up of long-lasting resin with high tech formulation
  • It offers 8 times the life of ordinary polyester or phenolic resin balls
  • Balances hardness, roundness, and weight


  • Heavy-duty 100% Aramith resin
  • Extended life and durability
  • Perfectly valid with accurate roll
  • High impact and scratch resistance
  • Polished surface with no cloth wear


  • Suffers from chipping issues

Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set

When you don’t want to compromise with your performance, then the super Aramith Pro cup pool ball set is perfect for you. It is a brand that professional pool players around the world mainly prefer.

The manufacturer precisely monitors and analyses every single ball and its composition of phenolic resins. The brand also challenges the users that no one can offer superior Aramith balls at this price range.

The grade of the balls satisfies all standards pool balls norms, conditions, and regulations. That is why the Aramith Phenolic resin balls are used in almost all worldwide tournaments.

The cue ball within the pool ball set is of superior grade for all types of shots. The hard-vitrified surface of the balls ensures higher impact resistance with zero scratching issues. In most cases, players suffer from poor performances due to unpolished balls.

So, it is always essential to have superior quality balls with a polished surface. It helps in frictionless rollability and longevity.

Inside the package

In total, the Aramith pool ball set contains 16 phenolic resin balls. It includes 8 solid-colored balls, 7 striped balls, and one white pro cue ball.

Key features

  • Precise calibration for maximum consistent performance
  • Professional grade Aramith Phenolic resin best for worldwide tournament
  • Pro resin cue ball for precise shots and ball repositioning
  • Hard vitrified surface with high scratch and impact resistance
  • A smooth surface enhances both cloth and ball longevity


  • High density with balanced size
  • Perfect roundness for smooth roll
  • Stunning glossiness
  • High-quality phenolic resin
  • Pro cue ball for better shots


  • Requires regular cleaning

CUPPA Professional Pool Balls/Billiard Balls Set, Complete 16 Balls for Pool Tables

The brand Cuppa is known for its unique marble design pool balls. The best quality about the manufacturer is that it never compromises the quality of the balls. The high-grade poly resin ensures the player to have a smooth playing experience with no rolling issues.

The innovative approach behind the manufacturing monitors and calibrates the surface of the balls precisely. The polished surface can bear all types of impacts with no scratching issues.

Being a beginner, you should always prefer to have scratch-resistant pool balls to support your pool skills. Every precise measure the brand uses in its manufacturing process substantially increases durability and playability.

The resin used in the manufacturing process facilities the consumers with perfect hardness with zero error in roundness. An authentic balance of density, weight, and size boosts your performance in gameplay. The resin also enhances the self-life of the product and ranks as the best value for money pool ball set.

Inside the package

The complete set of balls contains 16 uniquely designed pool balls. 15 of them are solid, and the last one is the cue ball.

Key features

  • Made up of high-grade poly resin for superior performance
  • Calibrated and polished surface delivers superior impact and scratch resistance
  • Precision manufacturing ensures superior playability and durability
  • Uniform hardness with precise roundness
  • Perfect roundness avails the player of excellent gameplay.


  • Uniform balanced density
  • Polyresin with high scratch resistance
  • Bright and uniform colors
  • A marble finish with durability
  • Long-lasting self-life


  • Nonstandard color design

Here are the primary factors which create a considerable price gap between pool ball sets.

  • The material of The Balls

Mainly pool balls are made up of synthetic resins and crafted perfectly. Some ordinary and low-quality pool balls are made up of acrylic and polyester to cut down the cost.

For experiencing high-quality performance and durable play life, always consider balls made up of synthetic resin. The use of synthetic resins helps in delivering lightweight construction.

These balls and their material maintain a uniform density. It allows the player to hit straight shots with balanced elasticity for better placement of a range of stop shots.

  • Size and Weight of The Balls

As per regulation, the standard size of the billiard ball is 2.25 inches. Apart from the size, the weight of the balls matters a lot in your game performance. It is vital to use pool balls with consistent weight as it offers both players an even ground start.

The standard weight of the balls should be approximately 5 to 6 oz. But make sure that all the balls in a set must be of the same weight.

  • Elasticity and Its Importance

A perfect elasticity transfers the cue ball’s optimal energy to the object ball. Non-elastic balls are not effective in communicating the whole energy of cue balls to the next ball. Low-quality cue balls continue to move in the same direction even after hitting the object ball. This is not a good sign in a pool game.

In total, a cue ball must offer appropriate elasticity for better movement and trajectory move on top of your pool table. Some elastic collisions also end up with objects sticking together even after the collision. Such ineffective elasticity spoils the game and the performance of the player.

In the case of perfectly elastic collisions, the objects get automatically separate just after the collision.

For Example – When a cue ball is inelastic, it poorly delivers the force to the object. The impact is also ineffective in transferring the energy.  So, playing with elastic pool balls is best for placing a targeted strike. These balls also allow the player to hit more than one object and grab maximum points on the table.

Final Strike

The game of billiards is one of the famous and demanding gameplays across the globe. Over the past few years, it grabs a huge number of supporters. The pool table is not only a professional game but only serves as a great option for fun.

When you want to spend time with your family and friends, a table or pool is the perfect one to have.

We gave our best to guide you will the best possible techniques and ways to choose a perfect pool ball set for your pool table. However, the decision differs from your proficiency level and budget.

We suggest you include all the essential features and considerations before finalizing the deal. For a premium and high-quality gaming experience, always pick pool balls made up of phenolic resins.

Always buy pool balls from certified brands which satisfy pool ball size and weight regulations. Brands like Aramith, Cyclop, Iszy, and Brunswick serve the best quality pool ball sets with all essential features.

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