Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022

Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022
Top 10 Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022

Lionel Messi has produced astonishing moments on the football field uncountable times throughout his career. The left-footed magician is highly appreciated for his supernatural skills and abilities. Commentators have labeled his moments of brilliance on the soccer fields as “Messi moments”. Here we will reveal the top 10 best Messi moments in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Leo Messi Net Worth (2023).

Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Messi moments from the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Top 10 Messi Moments World Cup 2022

Here are the Top 10 Messi Moments in World Cup 2022. Who is the Greatest Footballer of All Time (GOAT of Football)?

Scoring his First-Ever World Cup Final Goal vs France:

Messi has played in the World Cup final before. In that 2014 final, he missed quite an easy chance while watching his teammates miss a lot against the Germans. Gonzalo Higuain and Rodrigo Palacio missed chances which the fans could never forgive until the 2022 final glory. And then in the 2021 Copa America final, Argentina got the better of Brazil but Messi was definitely haunted by all 3 previous final defeats in 2014, 2015, and 2016 (he also lost the 2007 Copa America final). But putting all those pressures aside the Argentine skipper this time made no mistake as he provided Argentina with a lead. He drew the first blood by beating Lloris to score a wonderful penalty.

Maradona-alike run by Messi vs Australia World Cup 2022:

Messi became the first player ever to score in every round of the FIFA World Cup. He had an amazing game against Australia. Messi scored a brilliant goal which was talked about a thousand times. But another piece of brilliance the fans rarely mentioned was his Maradon-alike run which he made against the Socceroos. Messi went past a number of Aussie defenders who were huge in size by looks but persons of such little caliber by the performance against this soccer sensation. However, Messi did everything right apart from finishing and the masterpiece run lost its chance to become a story for a hundred more years.

Brilliant Penalty vs In-form Livakovic:

Dominik Livakovic was flying high after eliminating Japan and Brazil almost single-handedly by saving 4 penalties in 2 matches. The Croats made a good start against Albicelestes as well. But Messi had some other plan. Julian Alvarez was fouled inside the box by Livakovic who was full of confidence but the incident made the ref blow the whistle to award Argentina a penalty. Leo Messi made no mistake as he went top right corner to make a tremendous penalty goal and give Argentina a lead. Since then Croatia could never make their way back to the game.

Slight Little Touch vs France:

In number 7, we’ve placed another piece of art. The 2nd goal vs France was scored by Angel Di Maria while Alexis Mac Allister will be registered as the assist provider. But the scorecard won’t show you a thing a beauty that only you can see while taking a look at the match highlights. Messi touched a piece of butter on Argentina’s run on this counter-attack. That slight little pass proved so much vital when Di Maria finished from a Mac Allister assist and made the score line 2-0 for the Latin nation.

Topo Gigio Celebration vs Netherlands:

Messi had yet another game of superiority against the Netherlands. In this game, he assisted once while scoring as many. This match features the 2 best Messi moments from the World Cup 2022. Among those 2, one came when Messi scored the 2nd goal for his team. It was a clinical penalty kick against the Dutch goalkeeper who had no chance at all. But above the goal, it was the celebration that captured all the attention. His Topo Gigio Celebration gave his former teammate Riquelme a silent but valiant tribute. It was actually against the rudeness of Louis Van Gaal the Dutch boss in that match who made Riquelme suffer during his time at Barca.

Top 5 Messi Moments FIFA 2022

Take a look at the top 5 Messi moments from FIFA 2022 in Qatar.

Messi Final Goal against France:

Leo Messi’s final goal in the world cup against France was a huge goal. Although the goal eventually couldn’t be the winner as Mbappe scored yet another goal later this goal was something that provided Argentina a lifeline. It was Messi’s first-ever World Cup final goal from the open play. In a situation of immense pressure, Messi made a very good run off the ball and used his chance to score from a reflection of Hugo Lloris from a Lautaro Martinez shot.

Messi Goal vs France
Messi Final Goal against France

Delightful Goal vs Australia:

Messi scored his best-ever knockout stage goals against Australia. Indeed, it was his first-ever FIFA World Cup knockout stage goal as well. This goal put the Socceroos in the backfoot and gave Argentina a lead that Australia could never have uncaptured since then. A superb piece of Argentine attack let the ball get by Nicolas Otamendi who just slowed the ball. Leo Messi took it right there in an instant and converted it for a delightful piece of goal. Oh, it was a treat for the eyes.

Out Of This World Through-Pass vs Netherlands:

The Argentina-Netherlands match made a number of headline moments during its more than 2-hour happening time. But perhaps one of the most iconic and unforgettable moments of this game would be Leo Messi’s through-pass to Nahuel Molina who eventually scored that to give Argentina a lead. Emi Martinez captured the spotlight at the end of the game, but that Messi pass was some inhuman-like that one would mention it even years later.

Frenkie De Jong revealed his and Virgil Van Djik’s thoughts on that pass weeks after that game has taken place. The Barca midfielder informed that he and VVD had a talk after the game where VVD mentioned that Messi is not normal and has something hidden inside him. Because one normal man can’t pass like that. Yeah, he is not wrong, how can a normal man pass like that? There was no existing angle to provide a successful pass, science says.

Messi Gvardiol Goal GIF
Messi vs Jasko Gvardiol

Destroying Jasko Gvardiol in the Semifinal:

Jasko Gvardiol was one of the best defenders in the Qatar World Cup until he faced Messi. No, all his brilliance wouldn’t be dispelled by one horrific moment against an alien-like performer. But it was something Jasko would never stop seeing in his dreams for sure. Argentina was already 2-0 up thanks to Messi and Alvarez’s brilliance. But then happened this epic moment which we have placed as the 2nd best Messi moment in the World Cup 2022. Messi cut the young Croat center half in pieces when he nutmegged him a number of times during a single-piece of run toward attack. And yes Gvardiol failed to hold Messi who eventually managed to assist Alvarez and the young number 9 had the easiest of chances to finish from there.

Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022
Top 10 Best Messi Moments World Cup 2022

What was the Best Messi Moment in World Cup 2022?

Guess it. Can’t you? Yes, you can. Messi scored loads of goals and provided multiple assists. But it was his epic and iconic goal against Mexico in the group stage which was the best Messi moment from the Qatar World Cup 2022. Why? Well, it was a goal that was scored out of nowhere, and to be honest, it was the strike that gave Argentina the real booster after that defeat against Saudi Arabia and a goalless first half against Mexico. It was perhaps the moment that turned Argentina’s entire fortune in the World Cup on its head. FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money.

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