Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators in the World 2023

Best Cricket Commentators in the World
Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators in the World 2023

Commentary is the voice of any game. You can’t enjoy the sport at its best without proper commentary. With the charming voice, analysis, and explanation, the commentators make the games more interesting for the fans. No doubt, fans eagerly wait for the best commentators to speak with the microphone in hand. Here we will reveal the list of Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators in the World Today in 2023. Know “Who is India’s No 1 commentator?” Also, find out who is the best commentary man in cricket. Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keeper Batsman of All Time (Best Ever).

Best Cricket Commentators in the World

Many commentators have spoken cricket and are still going good but here we will bring you the list featuring the very best ones in this business.

Best Cricket Commentators Today

Just to make sure, the below-alluded list features the commentators who are active in 2023. So, it’s not a list of all time.

10. Mike Haysman

Michael Donald Haysman shortly known as Mike Haysman. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and started his playing career there. But the veteran became famous for his commentary and has actually been the voice of South African cricket for the last 3 decades. Mike who has sheer insightful knowledge about the game also brings an element of energy, and vibrancy to the commentary box. He can provide technical analysis while also having the ability to engage the fans as well.

9. Michael Holding

Not a good guy to face as a batsman during his bowling days for sure. But the West Indian is definitely a man to hear with the microphone in front of his mouth. No doubt, the Jamaican used to act in hostile ways while he used to deliver bowls but he brings a calm environment nowadays while delivering speeches on the game. The Whispering Death is unbiased, honest, a humble student of the game and no doubt has the ability to dissect the fast bowling part of the game better than anybody else.

8. Simon Doull

Mr. Simon is not only among the best commentators but also one of the most handsome commentators in the world. The former Kiwi international has deep knowledge about the game of cricket and the most fascinating fact of his commentary is that he is straight-talking, erudite, and unbiased. He is an analyst who is also a top-level mass commentator.

7. Ian Bishop

A 6 feet 5 inch tall massive guy with a very humble personality. This guy is very much a favorite of the fans. The former West Indian right-arm fast delivers cricketing speeches in a unique way. One may never forget this iconic piece of commentary of the big tall Trinidadian, “Carlos Brathwaiteeeee, Carlos Brathwaite, REMEMBER THE NAME”. Bishop is thoroughly professional with in-depth knowledge & straightforward talking style.

6. Mark Nicholas

This guy who makes the top 10 list of cricket commentators, has never played in international cricket! Indeed, the former Hampshire skipper is highly recognized for his commentary skills and is one of the best commentators of the modern era if not of all time. The English batters got no answer of Johnson during the 2013 Ashes and the commentary box & the fans had the privilege to hear the best of Nicholas during those moments. “The crowd are with Johnson, this is like the days of Lille and Thompson, in comes Mitchell Johnson now. Ooooooooh How about it!? How about it!?”

Best Cricket Commentators in the World
Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators in the World 2023

5. Michael Atherton

The Failsworth, Lancashire-born has a decent average in both formats of the game he has played especially in test cricket where he has above 7000 runs. But as a commentator, he seems to be even much more perfect and successful. He does the dissection of batting aspects & strategies in a perfect way while also explaining properly the mental side of things. The former batsman who used to open the batting has a reputation for being a humble, articulate, and unbiased pundit.

4. Ravi Shastri

A very well-known name to Indian fans for sure. People know Shastri for the different roles he has played throughout his life & career. Shastri used to be a pretty good batsman and was part of India’s World Cup-winning side in 1983. He has played the role of the head coach, and team director, and people may remember him for all these roles as well. But the place where he seems to be the best is the commentary section. No doubt, he has one of the very best voices in world cricket. Ravi is definitely one of the 2 best cricket commentators in India.

3. Ian Smith

Who is your favorite commentator, the host asked the current England white-ball skipper and he replied, “Ian Smith for sure”. This man can give you goosebumps while speaking cricket and yes that too like nobody can give you. This sheerly passionate commentator has provided some best pieces of commentaries throughout his career. Top 10 Best Wicket-Keepers in the World in 2023.

One of his best pieces of commentary came during the very best game in cricket history, the 2019 ICC CWC final between England vs New Zealand. “England have won the World Cup by the barest of margins, by the barest of all margins. Absolute ecstasy for England, agony, AGONY for New Zealand”.

Who is India’s No 1 commentator?

There comes our 2nd best commentator in the list among the active commentators in 2023. And he is from India and is the number 1 commentator of the sub-continental country. It’s none other than the great Harsha Bhogle.

How come a man who has never played cricket at the highest level, features among the top 3 commentators in the world and probably among the top 10 cricket commentators of all time? Bhogle who is an IIT and IIM alumni is labeled as the voice of Indian cricket. Not only does he keep a deep understanding of the game but also has the ability to mention things while he can also engaging the fans in the game. Maybe we can make a different content featuring the list of top Harsha Commentary sentences!

Who is the best commentary man in cricket?

Well, maybe you can guess the name. A former England cricket team captain who used to be feisty and aggressive as a skipper. No other commentator can describe the game better than this guy who keeps a sheer understanding of the game with the ability to describe the scenarios in poetic ways with the best selection of words & tremendous rhythm. He can dissect the absolute momentum of the game prior to after its happening and can entertain fans with the ridiculous pick of the words.

The name might not need a mention but yet to clarify, we are alluding to the best commentator in the world today in 2023, Mr. Nasser Hussain.

Top 10 Cricket Commentators 2023

Ranking Commentator Name Country
1st Nasser Hussain England
2nd Harsha Bhogle India
3rd Ian Smith New Zealand
4th Ravi Shastri India
5th Michael Atherton England
6th Mark Nicholas England
7th Ian Bishop West Indies
8th Simon Doull New Zealand
9th Michael Holding West Indies
10th Mike Haysman Australia/South Africa

Best Cricket Commentators Of All Time

We will bring you the list of the Best Cricket Commentators Of All Time right here, stay tuned.

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