Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head (H2H) Comparison, Records

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head
Argentina vs Brazil H2H All Match

Which is the biggest rivalry in football? One may name El Clasico, well that is. But which is the biggest rivalry in international football? In that case, one must answer Argentina vs Brazil. It’s the rivalry that is one of the oldest but the taste of it never gets old and never dies. Generations come & go, and legendary players live their dreams & perish, but this iconic battle standstill with all its glory. From the generation-gap battles of Pele & Maradona to the recent friendships of Messi & Neymar, nothing has decreased the intensity of this fixture. In the last 100+ years, the 2 sides have played more than a hundred game and still, the football war between the 2 Latin soccer giants go on. Here we come with Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head comparison and records.

Argentina vs Brazil Head-to-Head (H2H) Comparison, Records

Find the answers to how many times Argentina and Brazil played each other, how many times Argentina defeated Brazil, how many times Brazil wins against Argentina, and much more.

Argentina vs Brazil Football Rivalry:

Known As Superclásico de las Américas or Superclássico das Américas, Clásico del Atlántico or Clássico do Atlântico
Total Games 109 (Recognized Matches) with 16 or 17 More Unrecognized Matches
First Meeting Argentina 3–0 Brazil, Friendly, 20 September 1914
Last Meeting Argentina 0–0 Brazil, 2022 World Cup Qualification, 16 November 2021
Upcoming Meeting TBC
Most Wins (Official Matches) Argentina (20 Victories)
Most Wins (Overall) Brazil (43 Victories)
Most Wins in FIFA WC Brazil (2 Victories)
Largest Win Argentina 6–1 Brazil, Roca Cup, 5 March 1940
Top Scorer Pele (Brazil, 8)
Most Player Appearances Javier Zanetti (Argentina, 16)
Major Senior Titles Argentina 21, Brazil 20
Famous Individual Battle Pele – Maradona
Location/Confederation CONMEBOL

Brazil vs Argentina Head to Head All Match:

Here are the overall h2h records and stats for Argentina vs Brazil football rivalry. In fact, it’s the compressed chart of ARG vs BRA Football H2H.

Fixture Type Number of Games Brazil Wins Argentina Wins Draws
Official Matches 52 Games 18 Wins (69 Goals) 20 Wins (71 Goals) 14 Draws
Unofficial Matches 57 Games 25 Wins (96 Goals) 20 Wins (92 Goals) 12 Draws
Overall 109 Games 43 Wins (165 Goals) 40 Wins (163 Goals) 26 Draws

Argentina vs Brazil Official Matches Record:

ARG and BRA have so far taken on each other in 52 official games. Argentina holds the upper hand in these meetings with 20 victories in exchange for 18 defeats. Albicelestes registered 71 goals to date while conceding 69 nettings.

Competition Name No of Games Brazil Wins Argentina Wins Draws
FIFA World Cup 4 Games 2 Wins (5 Goals) 1 Win (3 Goals) 1 Draw
Copa America 34 Games 10 Wins (40 Goals) 16 Wins (53 Goals) 8 Draws
FIFA Confederations Cup 1 Game 1 Win (4 Goals) 0 Win (1 Goal) 0 Draw
FIFA World Cup Qualification 9 Games 4 Wins (15 Goals) 2 Wins (9 Goals) 3 Draws
Mundialito 1 Game 0 Win (1 Goal) 0 Win (1 Goal) 1 Draw
Panamerican Championship 3 Games 1 Win (4 Goals) 1 Win (4 Goals) 0 Draw
Total 52 Games 18 Wins (69 Goals) 20 Wins (71 Goals) 13 Draws

ARG vs BRA Records in Unofficial Games:

In unofficial games which are not official but recognized by the governing body of football, Brazil won 25 times in reply to Argentina’s 20 victories. 12 more games ended in draws.

Tournament No of Games Brazil Wins Argentina Wins Draws
Roca Cup 21 Games 9 Wins (45 Goals) 9 Wins (50 Goals) 3 Draws
Superclásico de las Américas 8 Games 4 Wins (8 Goals) 3 Wins (5 Goals) 1 Draw
Friendly Matches 16 Games 6 Wins (24 Goals) 6 Wins (23 Goals) 4 Draws
Taça do Atlântico 4 Games 3 Wins (9 Goals) 0 Win (2 Goals) 1 Draw
Copa ZH 35th Anniversary 2 Games 1 Win (4 Goals) 1 Win (4 Goals) 0 Draw
Copa Roberto Chery 1 Game 0 Win (3 Goals) 0 Win (3 Goals) 1 Draw
Copa Confraternidad 1 Game 1 Win (2 Goals) 0 Win (0 Goal) 0 Draw
Taça das Nações 1 Game 0 Win (0 Goal) 1 Win (3 Goals) 0 Draw
Australia Bicentenary Gold Cup 1 Game 0 Win (0 Goal) 0 Win (0 Goal) 1 Draw
Copa Centenario de la AFA 1 Game 0 Win (1 Goal) 0 Win (1 Goal) 1 Draw
Copa 50imo Aniversario de Clarín 1 Game 1 Win (1 Goal) 0 Win (0 Goal) 0 Draw
Total 57 Games 25 Wins 20 Wins 12 Draws

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head in World Cup:

As you can see from the above chart, Argentina and Brazil met 4 times in the FIFA World Cup. The Penta champions are ahead with 2 wins on the other hand the men in White and Sky Blues won once. The other game ended in a draw.

Date Fixture/Stage Match Result
Jun 30th, 1974 2nd Round, Group A Brazil beat Argentina by 2-1
Jun 18th, 1978 2nd Round, Group B Match ended in a 0-0 Draw
Jul 2nd, 1982 2nd Round, Group 3 Brazil beat Argentina by 3-1
Jun 24th, 1990 Round of 16 Argentina beat Brazil by 1-0

Now Let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Argentina vs Brazil Head to Head
Argentina vs Brazil H2H All Match

“How many Match played Brazil vs Argentina?”

Brazil vs Argentina game has taken place a total of 109 times officially or non-officially. 17 or 18 more games were played but those aren’t recognized by the governing body. So we can say the total number of ARG vs BRA games to date is 109.

“How many times Argentina beat Brazil?”

Argentina has beaten Brazil a total of 40 times. Among those Albicelestes prevailed on 20 occasions in the official h2h while other 20 wins came in unofficial meetings.

“How many times did Brazil beat Argentina?”

Brazil has beaten Argentina on 43 occasions. The Selecao has won official games on 18 occasions but has dominated the unofficial games with 25 victories.

Argentina vs Brazil Last 10 Match Result:

In the very last 10 meetings, Brazil and Argentina each side has managed to grab 4 victories for themselves. While the other 2 games ended without result. There were 2 Copa America games among the last 10 meetings and 3 FIFA WC qualification fixtures. Brazil defeated Argentina in the 2019 Copa America semifinal thanks to the nettings of Gabriel Jesus and Firmino. While Scaloni’s side had its revenge right in the Copa America 2021 final when a tremendous Angel Di Maria goal handed them a trophy after 28 long years. Lionel Scaloni Net Worth, Salary, Contract.

Date Result Venue Competition
16th Nov 2021 Match ended in 0-0 Draw Bicentenario, San Juan World Cup Qualification 2022
10th Jul 2021 Arg Beat Bra by 1-0 Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro Copa América 2021
15th Nov 2019 Arg Beat Bra by 1-0 King Saud, Riyadh Superclásico 2019
2nd Jul 2019 Bra beat Arg by 2-0 Mineirão, Belo Horizonte Copa América 2019
16th Oct 2018 Bra beat Arg by 1-0 King Abdullah, Jeddah Superclásico 2018
9th Jun 2017 Arg Beat Bra by 1-0 Cricket Ground, Melbourne Superclásico 2017
10th Nov 2016 Bra beat Arg by 3-0 Mineirão, Belo Horizonte World Cup Qualification 2018
13th Nov 2015 Match ended in 1-1 Draw Monumental, Buenos Aires World Cup Qualification 2018
11th Oct 2014 Bra beat Arg by 2-0 National Stadium, Beijing Superclásico 2014
21st Nov 2012 Arg Beat Bra by 2-1 La Bombonera, Buenos Aires Superclásico 2012


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