Al Nassr Players Salary Cap 2023 (Weekly, Yearly)

Al Nassr Players Salary 2023
Al Nassr Players Weekly Wages

Al-Nassr Football Club is a Saudi Arabian football club that competes in the Saudi Pro League. The club has 27 official trophies in its cabinet including nine Pro League titles, six King’s Cups, three Crown Prince’s Cups, three Federation Cups, and two Saudi Super Cups. However, it was recognized worldwide after signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Here Sportsnile will reveal Al Nassr Players Salary Cap in 2023. Check out Al Nassr Players List with the weekly wage fees and yearly earnings of each player. PSG Players Salary 2022-23 (Weekly, Annual Wage, Contract).

Al Nassr Players Salary 2023

Prior to taking a look at the salary chart, see the complete Al Nassr Players List for 2023.

Al Nassr Players List

Most of the Al Nassr players belong to the club’s country of origin, Saudi Arabia. A few belong to the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Uzbekistan, etc.

Player Name Country Position
David Ospina Colombia Goalkeeper
Agustin Rossi Argentina Goalkeeper
Nawaf Al Aqidi Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Waleed Abdullah Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Amin Al Bukhari Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Abdul Aziz Rahma Saudi Arabia Goalkeeper
Nawaf Boushal Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdulelah Al Amri Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdul Aziz Al Faraj Saudi Arabia Defender
Mohammed Al Fatil Saudi Arabia Defender
Sultan Al Ghanam Saudi Arabia Defender
Hamed Al Mansour Saudi Arabia Defender
Mohammed Qassem Al Nakhli Saudi Arabia Defender
Alvaro Gonzalez Spain Defender
Yousef Haqawi Saudi Arabia Defender
Aser Hwswai Saudi Arabia Defender
Ghislain Konan Cote d’Ivoire Defender
Ali Alawjami Saudi Arabia Defender
Abdullah Madu Saudi Arabia Defender
Majed Mohammed Saudi Arabia Defender
Ayman Yahya Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdulaziz Al Aliwa Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Ali Al Hassan Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdullah Al Khaibari Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Sami Al Naji Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Abdulmajeed Al Sulaiheem Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Luiz Gustavo Brazil Midfielder
Abdulfattah Asiri Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Khalid Kaabi Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Gonzalo Martinez Argentina Midfielder
Talisca Brazil Midfielder
Muhammad Sahlouli Saudi Arabia Midfielder
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Forward
Muhammad Abdullah Saudi Arabia Forward
Meshari Al Nemer Saudi Arabia Forward
Fahad Zubaidi Saudi Arabia Forward
Abdulrahman Ghareeb Saudi Arabia Forward
Mohammed Maran Saudi Arabia Forward
Jaloliddin Masharipov Uzbekistan Forward

Al Nassr FC Players Salary

Here is the Al Nassr FC Players Salary Cap for 2023. See the players’ wage fees per week & year.

Al Nassr Players Weekly Wages

Footballer Name Weekly Wage Fee Yearly Salary
Cristiano Ronaldo 3.3 Million GBP 173 Million GBP
Luiz Gustavo 73.8k GBP 3.85 Million GBP
Talisca 53.5k GBP 2.78 Million GBP
David Ospina 45k GBP 2.34 Million GBP
Gonzalo Martinez 23k GBP 1.2 Million GBP
Ghislain Konan 23k GBP 1.2 Million GBP
Abdulfattah Asiri 20k GBP 1.04 Million GBP
Abdullah Madu 19k GBP 988k GBP
Ayman Yahya 18k GBP 936k GBP
Abdulmajeed Al Sulaiheem 18k GBP 936k GBP
Abdullah Al Khaibari 17k GBP 884k GBP
Sultan Al Ghanam 14k GBP 728k GBP
Waleed Abdullah 12k GBP 624k GBP
Sami Al Naji 11k GBP 572k GBP
Alvaro Gonzalez 10.65k GBP 554k GBP
Abdulelah Al Amri 9.5k GBP 494k GBP
Ali Al Hassan 9.5k GBP 494k GBP
Hamed Al Mansour 7.2k GBP 374k GBP
Abdul Aziz Rahma N/A N/A
Nawaf Al Aqidi N/A N/A
Amin Al Bukhari N/A N/A
Agustin Rossi N/A N/A
Nawaf Boushal N/A N/A
Abdul Aziz Al Faraj N/A N/A
Mohammed Al Fatil N/A N/A
Mohammed Qassem Al Nakhli N/A N/A
Yousef Haqawi N/A N/A
Aser Hwswai N/A N/A
Ali Alawjami N/A N/A
Majed Mohammed N/A N/A
Abdulaziz Al Aliwa N/A N/A
Muhammad Sahlouli N/A N/A
Muhammad Abdullah N/A N/A
Meshari Al Nemer N/A N/A
Fahad Zubaidi N/A N/A
Abdulrahman Ghareeb N/A N/A
Mohammed Maran N/A N/A
Jaloliddin Masharipov N/A N/A

Al Nassr Salary, Ronaldo

Now let’s take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary at Al Nassr. In fact, he’s the only reason behind all these searches about the Al Nassr Players’ Salaries. Ronaldo is definitely the highest-paid player in his current club and the entire Saudi Pro League.

Al Nassr Players Salary 2023
Al Nassr Players Weekly Wages

Ronaldo Al Nassr Salary per Week

CR7 bags a whopping 4.1 million US Dollars per week for the services he’s providing his Saudi club. If you convert, it’ll be as much as 3.3 million British Pounds per week. Or, in European Currency, the sum is equivalent to 3.76 million Euros. In Indian Rupees, Ronaldo pockets an immense 33.63 Crore INR every 7 days.

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary Per Week 4.1 Million US Dollars
Cr7 Weekly Salary Al Nassr 3.3 Million British Pounds
Cristiano Ronaldo Weekly Wage Fee 3.76 Million Euros
CR7 Wage Fee per Week 33.63 Crore Indian Rupees

How much did Ronaldo get paid for Al Nassr?

Cristiano’s mega contract with Al Nassr will provide him with an unmatchable 213 million US Dollars every year. His weekly sum has been already revealed and his monthly earnings from this contract would be 17.75 million US Dollars. Indeed, the Portuguese sensation’s bank account will receive a ridiculous 583k US Dollars every day. His hourly income will be 24.29k US Dollars while each passing minute will make his account grow to 405 USD. You’ll be wondered to know that Ronaldo’s new contract is such ludicrous that with every passing second, he will get 6.75 US Dollars!

Who is the highest paid soccer player in the world 2023?

Who else but Cristiano Ronaldo? He might have to leave the European football arena and UCL but his newest deal has made him grab another record. CR7 has not only become the highest-paid footballer in the world but also unlocked the highest-ever salary ever paid in world football. He is also the highest-paid sportsperson of all time with such a deal. No player had ever received a sporting contract prior to Ronaldo’s signing with Al Nassr.

Talisca Al Nassr Salary

Talisca is a crucial squad member of Al Nassr. The Brazilian midfielder is one of the highest-paid stars in the Saudi Pro League. Although Ronaldo’s wage fee is way beyond any other star’s salary, Talisca still bags a good sum. The Latin star pockets 53.5k British Pounds or 66.5k US Dollars per week. While his annual income from the contract is no less than 2.78 million British Pounds or 3.45 million US Dollars. Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, only Luiz Gustavo earns more than Talisca at the Mrsool Park or KSU Stadium.

Highest Paid Al Nassr Players

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the chart while he is followed by the below-mentioned stars.

Luiz Gustavo is the 2nd top earner at Al Nassr Football Club. Talisca sits in 3rd place among the highest earners at the club. The next 2 spots are also booked by the Latin stars. David Ospina is the 3rd highest-paid footballer at Al Nassr and the Colombian goal-stopper is then followed by Argentine star Alvaro Gonzalez. Manchester United Players Salary 2022-23 (Weekly, Annual Wage, Contract).

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (1st)
  • Luiz Gustavo (2nd)
  • Talisca (3rd)
  • David Ospina (4th)
  • Alvaro Gonzalez (5th)

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