Al Hilal Players Salary 2023/24 (Per Week, Per Month in Saudi Arabia)

Al Hilal Players Salary
Al Hilal Players Salary Per Week in Saudi Arabia

Al Hilal has one of the most expensive squads and team budgets in the Saudi Pro League. In fact, their wage bill is way more than many European giant clubs. Hilal has Neymar Jr in their squad who is one of the 3 highest-earning footballers in the world right now. Sportsnile reveals the Al Hilal Players Salary Chart for the 2023-24 campaign. Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers in Saudi Arabia 2023 (Top 20, 50).

Al Hilal Players Salary

Who is the highest-paid player in Al Hilal? How much does Neymar make in the Saudi Pro League? Who is Al-Hilal captain? Who is the best player in Al Hilal? Find answers to all these questions. Check out Al Hilal Players’ Salary Per Year, Per Month, and Per Week in Saudi Arabia.

Al Hilal Players Salary Per Week in Saudi Arabia

Player Name (Position) Country Weekly Salary
Neymar (LW) Brazil 1.92 Million Euros
Kalidou Koulibaly (CB) Senegal 667.3k Euros
Aleksandar Mitrovic (CF) Serbia 480.7k Euros
Sergei-Milenkovic Savic (CM) Serbia 480.7k Euros
Malcolm (RW) Brazil 346.2k Euros
Ruben Neves (DM) Portugal 332.6k Euros
Yassine Bounou (GK) Morocco 192.3k Euros
Michael (LW) Brazil 89.2k Euros
Hyun-Soo Jang (CB) South Korea 28.8k Euros
Hassan Tambakti (CB) Saudi Arabia 27.8k Euros
Salem Al Dawsari (LW) Saudi Arabia 22.3k Euros
Mohamed Kanno (CM) Saudi Arabia 22.3k Euros
Abdulelah Al Malki (DM) Saudi Arabia 19.2k Euros
Yasser Al Shahrani (LB) Saudi Arabia 19k Euros
Saleh Al Shehri (CF) Saudi Arabia 16.7k Euros
Mohammed Al Owais (GK) Saudi Arabia 16.7k Euros
Saud Abdulhamid (RB) Saudi Arabia 15.5k Euros
Mohammed Al Burayk (RB) Saudi Arabia 15.5k Euros
Mohammed Al Rubaie (GK) Saudi Arabia 14.4k Euros
Salman Al Faraj (CM) Saudi Arabia 11.2k Euros
Nasser Al Dawsari (LB) Saudi Arabia 11.2k Euros
Abdullah Al Hamdan (CF) Saudi Arabia 8.8k Euros
Muteb Al Mufarrij (CB) Saudi Arabia 8.8k Euros
Khalifah Al Dawsari (CB) Saudi Arabia 8.4k Euros
Ali Al Boleahi (CB) Saudi Arabia 7.8k Euros
Mohammed Jahfali (CB) Saudi Arabia 4.5k Euros
Musab Al Juwair (CM) Saudi Arabia 3.2k Euros
Abdulrahman Al Obaid (LB) Saudi Arabia 3.2k Euros
Mohammed Al Qahtani (LW) Saudi Arabia 2.3k Euros
Habib Al Wutaian (GK) Saudi Arabia 2.3k Euros
Al Hilal Players Salary
Al Hilal Players Salary Per Week in Saudi Arabia

Al Hilal Players Salary per Month

Player Name Monthly Wage Fee Yearly Salary
Neymar 8.5 Million Euros 100 Million Euros
Kalidou Koulibaly 2.89 Million Euros 34.7 Million Euros
Aleksandar Mitrovic 2.08 Million Euros 25 Million Euros
Sergei-Milenkovic Savic 2.08 Million Euros 25 Million Euros
Malcom 1.5 Million Euros 18 Million Euros
Ruben Neves 1.44 Million Euros 17.3 Million Euros
Yassine Bounou 833k Euros 10 Million Euros
Michael 387k Euros 4.64 Million Euros
Hyun-Soo Jang 125k Euros 1.5 Million Euros
Hassan Tambakti 120k Euros 1.45 Million Euros
Salem Al Dawsari 97k Euros 1.16 Million Euros
Mohamed Kanno 97k Euros 1.16 Million Euros
Abdulelah Al Malki 83k Euros 1 Million Euros
Yasser Al Shahrani 82.5k Euros 990k Euros
Saleh Al Shehri 72.5k Euros 870k Euros
Mohammed Al Owais 72.5k Euros 870k Euros
Saud Abdulhamid 67.5k Euros 810k Euros
Mohammed Al Burayk 67.5k Euros 810k Euros
Mohammed Al Rubaie 62.5k Euros 750k Euros
Salman Al Faraj 48k Euros 580k Euros
Nasser Al Dawsari 48k Euros 580k Euros
Abdullah Al Hamdan 38k Euros 460k Euros
Muteb Al Mufarrij 38k Euros 460k Euros
Khalifah Al Dawsari 37k Euros 440k Euros
Ali Al Boleahi 34k Euros 410k Euros
Mohammed Jahfali 19k Euros 230k Euros
Musab Al Juwair 14k Euros 170k Euros
Abdulrahman Al Obaid 14k Euros 170k Euros
Mohammed Al Qahtani 10k Euros 120k Euros
Habib Al Wutaian 10k Euros 120k Euros

Al Hilal Players Wages

From the above chart, we can see, at least 13 Hilal players bag no less than a million Euros per year. 6 players receive a million euros or more per month. Meanwhile, one of their players charges more than a million Euros per week! And we know that you can who that player is.

Highest Paid Player in Al Hilal

It’s definitely Neymar Jr. The Brazilian is one of the 3 highest-earning footballers in the world at the moment. In fact, all the top 3 earners belong to the Saudi League. The winger finished his part at the French capital and joined Nassr’s rival side to follow CR7 and many more European superstars. No doubt, money has been a big deal to lure the Brazilian to the Middle East.

Kalidou Koulibaly is 2nd highest-earning footballer in the side with a weekly wage fee of 667.3k Euros. The Senegalese centreback’s yearly earnings from the Hilal contract crossed the 34m Euro mark. Serbian center forward Aleksandar Mitrovic shares the 3rd spot with his compatriot midfielder Sergei Milenkovic Savic. Both the Serbian internationals bag 25 million Euros as their annual earnings from the club contract. Each of them receives a weekly salary of 480.7k Euros. Brazilian right winger Malcom follows the Serbians with a weekly wage fee of 346.2k Euros that helps him bag a massive 18 million Euros at the end of the year. 2 more stars earn at least 10 million Euros or more per year. They are Portuguese Defensive midfielder Ruben Neves and Moroccan goalkeeper Y Bono. Their annual incomes are 17.3m & 10m Euros respectively. While their weekly wages are 332.6k Euros & 192.3k Euros.

Among the local players, Hassan Tambakti & Salem Al Dawsari are the highest earners. The aforementioned footballer’s yearly salary is 1.45 Million Euros while Dawsari follows him with an annual wage fee of 1.16m Euros.

How much does Neymar make in the Saudi Pro League?

Club’s top-earner Neymar earns more than twice the club’s 2nd earner and his weekly wage fee is more than many of the club players’ yearly earnings. The former Barca sensation takes 1.92 Million Euros per week. In Saudi Arabia, the Al Hilal contract will see Neymar earning an immense 100 million Euros per year! And per month basis, the winger will get 8.5 Million Euros.

Who is Al-Hilal captain?

Midfielder Salman Al Faraj is the skipper of Al Hilal. He is from Saudi Arabia and ages 34 as of 2023.

Who is the best player in Al Hilal?

On paper, Neymar Jr is the best player in Al Hilal. There are some other good players including Koulibaly, Mitrovic, Savic, Malcom, Neves, Bono, etc. Al Nassr Players Salary Cap 2023 (Weekly, Yearly).

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