5 Best NHL Players of the Last Decade

NHL fans all throughout the world have enjoyed the past ten years. We have witnessed astounding feats of agility, talent, and pure hockey prowess that have astounded us. In this article, we’re going back in time to remember the top NHL players from the previous ten years. 

The Stanley Cup winner will be selected in the coming weeks as the current NHL season has reached its pinnacle. The Florida Panthers have stunned everyone to reach their first Stanley Cup finals in 27 years. They qualified for the postseason as a wildcard however, they have stunned the top-seeded Boston Bruins, the 13-time champion Toronto Maple Leafs, and routed the reigning champion Colorado Avalanche en route to the finals. 

In said finals, they will meet either the Las Vegas Golden Knights or Dallas Stars. The former currently leads the series by three games to two, the latest NHL Stanley Cup odds make them the even-money favorite to lift the trophy this season. If you fancy the Panthers’ heroic underdog story to take them all the way to a maiden championship, they can be backed at the odds of +105. 

Whether they’re seasoned veterans who continue to dazzle us with heroic feats or fresh rookies whose future is glowing bright, every player has their own style and allure that makes them special. From skilled forwards and defensemen to savvy goalies that guard opposing shots with relentless determination, these are truly elite players that could be considered among hockey’s all-time best. Here’s an overview of our top picks for ultimate MVPs within the NHL. 

Connor McDavid

Hockey players and fans agree that McDavid has changed the game. He’s managed to score an absurd 850 points in only 569 games since making his rink debut in 2015, garnering him recognition in the league. Five Art Ross Trophies, including the last three on the bounce, three Ted Lindsay Awards, and two Hart Memorial Trophy have been won by this NHL MVP, establishing his place among the all-time greats despite being just 26 years of age. 

The Edmonton Oilers forward is frequently praised as one of the best in the league due to his tremendous list of accomplishments. But more than simply the accolades contribute to his dominance. He stands out due to his speed, agility, and capacity for game visualization. McDavid consistently demonstrates his status as a true legend and his ability to have a lasting impact on the NHL.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is hands down one of the greatest ice hockey players of the last decade and of all time. This Canada international was the youngest captain ever to lift the coveted Stanley Cup in 2009 and has since won two more championships, which he claimed in back-to-back years in 2016 and 2017. 

He has amassed over a thousand points throughout the course of his career, and for his exceptional work, he has won various honors like as the Hart Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, and Art Ross Trophy. His peers hold him in high regard for his leadership qualities and tenacity both on and off the rink. The top overall pick from 2005 has repeatedly recovered from injuries throughout his career and produced outstanding performances. 

Alexander Ovechkin

Few players throughout history can match the sheer dominance and consistent greatness of Alexander Ovechkin. With over 1,500 points racked up as well as three Hart Memorial Trophies awarded for being the league’s  Most Valuable Player, it is clear that he is one of the most dynamic and impactful players in the league’s history. The Russian’s combination of power, speed, and unparalleled shooting ability make him a force to be reckoned with on the ice. 

Patrick Kane

One of the top NHL players over the past ten years is without a question Patrick Kane. Kane established himself as a crucial member of the Chicago Blackhawks, winning him multiple awards along the way with his unmatched talent and superior work ethic. The 34-year-old was once again in the news this season when he was traded from his beloved United Center to the New York Rangers. 

Kane is an absolute beast on the ice, using his killer scoring ability, slick moves, and sharp reflexes to outsmart defenders and set up his fellow players for killer plays. He’s always striving to better himself, making him a true inspiration for budding hockey talents out there. With all that talent and drive, he’s a surefire bet to bring the Stanley Cup back to Madison Square Garden after nearly thirty long years.

Carey Price

In the NHL, offensive players frequently overshadow goaltenders, but Carey Price’s talent speaks for itself. Price has been a pillar for a Montreal Canadiens team that made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 2021, and his amazing saves have stunned both supporters and rivals. He has won the Ted Lindsay Award, the Hart Memorial Trophy, and the Vezina Trophy. Price is a key member of every squad because of his great career stats and his propensity for delivering when its crunch time.

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